Projects such as Ethermon will soon enter the primary market

Ethermon (EMON) it is a pioneer of blockchain gaming on Ether, originally launched in 2017, becoming one of the oldest NFT projects.

NFT game project Ethermon

Brief Introduction

Ethermon (EMON) it is a pioneer of blockchain gaming on Ethermon, originally launched in 2017, becoming one of the oldest NFT projects. With a variety of games that have formed a robust gaming ecosystem, each game allows users to earn EMON with their Mon NFT (game character).

Projects such as Ethermon will soon enter the primary market

Ethermon Official Website
It simulates a world of Ethermon, the Ether Elf, where you can catch, trade and evolve Ethermon to battle others.

The total number of Ethermon players is currently up to 44,186, with a total EMON distribution of 400 million, and 30% of the total supply will be reserved for community game rewards.


Ethermon (EMON) will be IDO on Polkastarter on May 18th Beijing time with a pre-sale price of 0.1$,pre-sale volume of 2 million units worth 200,000 USD.
Polkastarter is a cross-chain financing platform, this time users need to apply for whitelist before May 15, the platform will randomly select 1125 users, these selected users to participate in IDO, if you hold more than 250 POLS tokens, you will be able to go POLS exclusive application channel, there will be increased probability of getting IDO quota.

Shield, the “no risk” perpetual contract on the chain

Shield (SLD) is a decentralized derivatives trading platform, the first Layer1-based “risk-free” perpetual contract on the framework of existing derivatives trading products.

Projects such as Ethermon will soon enter the primary market

Shield official website
Shield’s risk-free perpetual contracts, based on the existing perpetual contracts, have been innovated to hedge the risk of position loss of traditional derivatives through position fees, so that traders will not “blow up” their positions due to adverse price movements, and in extreme cases the maximum loss is only the sum of the small capital fees paid during the process of opening and holding positions.
Shield has two types of liquidity providers, LP1 (public pool), which is open to all users, and LP2 (private pool), which is usually an institutional liquidity provider because of its higher requirements for capital strength, quoting ability and position management. Market makers. In other words, professional market makers will bear the main counterparty risk in the private pool during the entire trading process, while ordinary users participating in the public pool are more of a final “insurance” for the private pool and therefore less risky.
Currently the perpetual contract supports six trading pairs including ETH/DAI, ETH/USDT, ETH/USDC, WBTC/DAI, WBTC/DAI and WBTC/DAI.
The total SLD issuance is 1 billion, and users can trade through the Metamask wallet, and a portion of the SLD will be generated through liquidity mining.

SLD will be IDO on Ignition Launchpad on May 19, after which it will go live on Uniswap. IgnitionLaunchpad (PAID Network) is a paid platform, users need to pay a certain amount of platform tokens PAID to use this platform, in addition to grabbing SLD needs to be within the Platform regulations within the whitelist, specific IDO details, as of press time has not been announced, please keep an eye on the official information.

Algorand Eco-DeFi Protocol Yieldly


YieldlyFinance (YDLY) is the first DeFi product on Algorand, an open source public blockchain based on pure proof of stake (PPoS), and a DeFi project incubated by the Algorand Accelerator, a decentralized, “shop-and-pay” model that allows users to purchase goods and services at retail using A decentralized platform that allows users to use a “shop first, pay later” model for retail purchases of goods and services.

Projects such as Ethermon will soon enter the primary market


YieldlyFinance official website
Once users sign up for the platform, they can use their Yieldy wallet to make purchases online and then pay for installments with billing periods, and if they pledge token assets backed by the platform, they can also use the proceeds from the pledged assets to pay for future payments. yieldly plans to launch its first set of DeFi products on Algorand in early June.

Yieldly (YDLY) will open its IDO on TrustSwap from May 21-May 26. The project will open with a fully diluted market cap of $20 million, plus officials say Yieldly liquidity is expected to be listed on other trading platforms in the first week of June. TrustSwap is a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem of smart contract services on Ether, including smart hosting, smart trading, smart locking and more. To participate in IDO, TrustSwap users need to lock a minimum of 4,000 SWAP or have a 2,500 SwapScore (a score based on the size and length of the locked position) before the snapshot to receive a guaranteed allocation. Stay tuned to the platform officials for details.

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