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Bitcoin mining in Tennessee sued for generating high noise

Golden Finance reported that a Bitcoin mine in Tennessee was sued by neighbors because of the high level of noise generated by the facility. The lawsuit was filed in August, requiring the mining operator Red Dog to close its business, pay personal damages, and compensate the owner for the decline in the value of the property. The current case may lead to the closure of Bitcoin mining facilities. Now the county’s planning committee has voted unanimously to close the mine. If the company fails to comply, legal action will be taken against the operator.

Pantera Capital CEO: Bitcoin price has doubled in the latest bull market

On October 16th, Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, a crypto asset management company, tweeted, “The price of Bitcoin is $61,000, which is twice the price at the beginning of the new bull market in July. The median bull market cycle has risen 15 times in 300 days. .” Dan Morehead shared comprehensive statistics on Bitcoin’s recent six bull markets. According to its chart, the price of Bitcoin on December 17, 2017 was 106 times the price on January 14, 2015. In other words, the median price of Bitcoin’s bull market lasts for 300 days and increases its price by 15 times.

The first domestic Bitcoin ransomware producer was arrested, involving more than 5 million yuan

According to news on October 16th, the police of the Public Security Bureau of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, in the “Net Net 2020” special operation, successfully detected a case of extraordinarily large-scale production and the use of blackmail viruses to implement online extortion supervised by the Ministry of Public Security. Ju and other three suspects were suspected. People arrested. The police found that Ju had implanted blackmail viruses into more than 400 websites and computer systems. The victim units involved enterprises, medical, financial and other industries. .

Bitcoin base: the United States should establish a new cryptocurrency regulator

On October 16th, the Bitcoin Base stated in a new policy proposal released on October 14 that the United States should establish a new regulatory agency to supervise the digital asset market. It warned that if it is not properly regulated, it may further “lag behind” other countries. The day before the proposal was put forward, one of its investors, the venture capital firm Andresen Horowitz, announced how to regulate the next generation of Internet services including blockchain and digital assets. As we all know, a16z executives plan to meet with leaders of various departments of the US government this week.

President of El Salvador: Salvadorans convert more U.S. dollars into Bitcoin

Golden Finance reports that mainstream Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador is gaining momentum in the ongoing bull market as more and more citizens convert their dollar savings into Bitcoin. The country’s President Nayib Bukele shared the progress on Twitter based on data obtained from Salvador’s internal wallet service Chivo. President Bukele said: “People put in US dollars (used to buy BTC) far more than they withdraw from Chivo ATMs.” He also urged the media to visit ATMs to independently verify the above information. He further stated that Chivo has reported 24,076 remittance requests, “a total of 3,609,761.05 US dollars in one day.”

Former UFC Champion: Blockchain and Bitcoin will become the world’s main payment system

Golden Finance reported that former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has reached a sponsorship agreement with cryptocurrency mining company GoMining. Nurmagomedov said that he believes that in the near future, blockchain and Bitcoin will replace our accustomed financial institutions and become the world’s main payment system.

Valkyrie submits key forms to the US SEC, Bitcoin futures ETF is approved or just around the corner

Golden Financial Report, October 15 news, just as people are speculating whether the US SEC will approve an ETF based on Bitcoin futures, Valkyrie submitted a document early on Friday morning, indicating that its fund may soon start trading. Valkyrie first applied for its Bitcoin strategy ETF in August and submitted the Form 8-A registration documents of Valkyrie ETF Trust II to the SEC on October 15. Usually the company must fill out this form before issuing securities on the exchange. People familiar with the matter said that this move is likely to mean that the approval of the Bitcoin futures ETF is coming.

Russia’s central bank tries to assess investors’ Bitcoin holdings

Golden Financial reported that the Central Bank of Russia is trying to assess the Bitcoin holdings of local investors because a large amount of funds have not returned to the bank after the withdrawal caused by the new crown pneumonia. According to Elizaveta Danilova, head of the Financial Stability Department of the Central Bank of Russia, the Bank of Russia is conducting a poll of local cryptocurrency investors to estimate the amount of cryptocurrency investment in Russia. Danilova said in an interview with Reuters, “We need to work on both data and raising public awareness of the risks of such investments. These investments have no basis. Danilova argues that the cryptocurrency market lacks transparency not only in Russia, but also in other jurisdictions. The same is true for jurisdictions, noting that crypto-derivative products such as Bitcoin futures or ETFs are more risky.

The City of Miami is exploring the use of Bitcoin to pay employees’ salaries

According to Bloomberg News, the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, recently issued a statement stating that Miami’s “first task” is to create an overflow state that allows the city government to use Bitcoin to pay employees’ salaries. Suarez said that they look forward to becoming the “cryptocurrency capital of the United States” and that this goal will be achieved through the gradual adoption of Bitcoin. The city will issue a proposal to help introduce terms that can be paid in Bitcoin. The mayor also stated that the government will advance a plan to allow residents to use digital currency to pay for fees and taxes.

Bank of Spain: El Salvador lacks transparency and consensus in the implementation of Bitcoin as a legal currency

On October 13th, the Bank of Spain recently released a report entitled “The Role of Crypto Assets as Legal Treasury: The Example of El Salvador”, which reviewed and reflected on El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender. The report was written by Sergio Gorjón of the Directorate General of Operations, Marketing and Payment Systems. The report pointed out that as a pioneer, El Salvador has made many mistakes in implementing Bitcoin as a legal tender, and the project lacked transparency and consensus in the implementation process. Therefore, major global rating agencies agreed to downgrade El Salvador’s sovereign credit rating.

European Central Bank Payments Director-General: Bitcoin’s cross-border payment advantage only stems from regulatory arbitrage

On October 13th, Ulrich Bindseil, Director-General of Market Infrastructure and Payments of the European Central Bank, stated at the SIBOS Banking Conference that Bitcoin’s cross-border payment advantage stems only from regulatory arbitrage and is therefore unsustainable. The public sector should study this issue and eliminate this regulatory arbitrage space as soon as possible. By then, this illusion of using Bitcoin as an efficient cross-border payment method will soon disappear. Georges Elhedery, co-CEO of HSBC Banking and Marketing, also urged action: Decentralized finance has become a reality. As a regulated entity, we have no intention of entering a completely unregulated field. So we do call on central banks and regulators to ensure that these stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies are subject to regulation commensurate with the risks.

Bitfarms is building a super bitcoin mine in Argentina

On October 12, the Canadian Bitcoin mining company Bitfarms announced that a large Bitcoin mine in Argentina is under construction. The facility is designed to accommodate 55,000 miners and will be completed next year. Bitfarms said the facility will provide Bitfarms with more than 210 megawatts of infrastructure capacity, helping the company achieve its goal of 8 exahash per second by the end of next year. This is a signal that mining companies are looking for new areas with favorable conditions and cheap energy to migrate, including places such as Texas and El Salvador.

El Salvador’s president plans to use bitcoin profits to build animal hospitals

Golden Finance reported that El Salvador’s President Naib Bukler said in a series of tweets on Saturday that El Salvador will use part of its $4 million in Bitcoin profits to build a modern-looking pet hospital. President Bukele explained how the trust works and why there is a surplus. The amount of funds in this trust called FIDEBITCOIN is determined by law in U.S. dollars. The trust’s balance sheet includes U.S. dollars and Bitcoin. Chivo, the state-owned company that runs the trust, must pay this amount in U.S. dollars to Bandesal, a development bank in El Salvador.


Ethereum core developers: The arrow-shaped glacier upgrade with EIP-4345 will be carried out on December 8, and the difficulty bomb plan will be postponed to June next year

On October 16th, Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko tweeted that according to the latest Ethereum conference call discussion, the Ethereum Arrow Glacier network upgrade including the improvement proposal EIP-4345 will be at block height 13773000 (Approximately December 8), the difficulty bomb project was postponed to June next year. At the same time, Tim Beiko said that if the merger (The Merge) has been prepared before, it can be done before then, and a decision will be made through a conference call again in February next year. In addition, the difficulty bomb is based on the current network computing power. If the computing power drops rapidly before the merger, it may accelerate the emergence of the difficulty bomb.


Mark Cuban: Dogecoin is “fun” and Ethereum has the biggest advantage

According to Golden Financial News, NBA Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban said that as an investment, Ethereum has the greatest advantage. In addition, Cuban also recommends buying Dogecoin because it is “interesting”.

Multi-signature wallet Gnosis Safe launches Arbitrum, the second-tier Ethereum solution

On October 13th, Arbitrum, the second-tier Ethereum solution, announced that the multi-signature wallet Gnosis Safe was launched on Arbitrum One. Gnosis Safe currently supports the Ethereum mainnet, xDai, Polygon , Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Energy Web Chain, and testnets Rinkeby and Volta.

Ethereum Layer 2 network zkEVM has been connected to UniswapV2 port

On October 13th, the Ethereum Layer 2 network zkEVM issued a document announcing that it has completed the development of Web3API with additional Layer 2 specific functions, and has shown smart contracts and front-end ports on UniswapV2. According to the official introduction, this is the first EVM fully compatible zkRollup. The user now links to the wallet through the page to receive part of the test token. UniSync is a port code and front end of UniswapV2 launched by MatterLabs, and is not affiliated with UniswapLabs.

V God: Ethereum can surpass Bitcoin as a store of value asset

Golden Finance reported that Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, was asked in an interview recently if he could see that Ethereum not only surpassed Bitcoin in price value, but also as a store of value asset. He simply Answered “it can” and said: “I think the biggest difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is a platform. The value of the ecosystem comes from the value of currency, while in Ethereum, the value of currency comes from The value of the ecosystem. Especially after EIP1559, when the cost is burned, this will become a reality in a more direct economic sense.

Ethereum market value surpasses Alibaba

Golden Finance reports that according to the latest data from 8marketcap, the current market value of Ethereum has surpassed Alibaba, becoming the 14th largest asset in the world. At the time of writing this article, the market value of Ethereum is approximately US$455.49 billion, and the market value of Alibaba is approximately US$455.43 billion.

other projects

O3 Swap, a cross-chain aggregation protocol, goes live on the Arbitrum network, opening glacier mining

On October 15th, the cross-chain aggregation protocol O3 Swap has been officially launched on the Arbitrum network, supporting cross-chain transactions between mainstream assets of the Arbitrum network and other networks such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). At the same time, O3 Hub added the USDT cross-chain transaction pool of the Arbitrum network, and users can participate in USDT liquidity single currency mining and Icing Sugar #5 single currency lossless mining.

EOS Foundation announced the second batch of funding list, 11 projects received a total of 1.1 million US dollars

On October 16th, the EOS Foundation announced the second batch of funding lists, donating US$100,000 of EOS to 11 projects each, totaling US$1.1 million to support the EOS DeFi ecosystem. These projects are: Defibox, EOSDT, SOVDEX.IO, Vigor Protocol, DeFis.Network, Newdex, Organix Protocol, Pizza-EOS ProFi, DAPP Network, pNetwork, DAPP Account DAO. The EOS Foundation officially expressed its gratitude to these projects for persisting in the EOS ecosystem and making certain achievements.

Interlay first network Kintsugi Kusama won the 11th parallel chains took to sell

On October 13, the auction of the 11th parachain slot on the Kusama network ended, followed by a random “rolling of the dice” for about 35 minutes to determine the final winner. At about 16:28, Kintsugi, the pioneer network of Interlay, locked 199,999.9. KSM successfully won the 11th slot of Kusama. At this point, Kusama’s second round of slot auctions have all ended. Next, the Kusama network will suspend the auction to observe the stability of the network, and then open the third round of Auction.

Ripple executives leave and join Fireblock

Golden Finance reported that Cassie Craddock, the head of Ripple’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), has left and joined the digital hosting provider Fireblock as its sales director. It is reported that Craddock became a member of Ripple in August 2017 as the company’s new business development manager, was later promoted to Ripple’s European sales director, and finally served as the company’s ERG leader. It is worth noting that Jay Clayton, former chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, joined Fireblock in August as an advisor.

The US SEC seeks a court to postpone the expert’s discovery report, Ripple is afraid of missing the bull market and raises its objection

On October 16, the US SEC filed a letter seeking the court to extend the deadline for expert rebuttal reports to November 12, 2021, and to extend the deadline for expert discovery reports from November 12, 2021 to 2022. January 14th of the year. The plaintiff pointed out that the extension will allocate sufficient time for both parties to prepare the counter report and at least 14 expert witnesses to testify. Ripple agreed to extend the deadline for rebuttal reports to November 12, but opposed extending the deadline for testimony on January 14 to avoid prolonging the case and causing XRP to completely miss the bull market.

dYdX daily trading volume has exceeded Uniswap daily trading volume for 22 consecutive days

On October 15th, according to KingData data monitoring, dYdX daily transaction volume has exceeded Uniswap daily transaction volume for 22 consecutive days. Among them, dYdX daily transaction volume exceeded Uniswap for the first time on August 29, and dYdX daily transaction volume exceeded $9.1 billion on September 27. , Which is 5.8 times the daily trading volume of Uniswap on that day.

Algorand’s first phase of community governance officially started

According to official sources, at midnight on October 15th, the registration window for the first phase of the Algorand Community Governance Plan was closed, and the first governance period officially began. It should be noted that as of the end of 2021, all Algo holders will continue to receive participation rewards, which will be directly distributed to their accounts as before. On the other hand, governance rewards will be open for application after the end of the first governance period. Please note that the governor must ensure that the balance of his governance account is not less than the amount of Algo he originally promised, otherwise he will lose his governance qualifications for the period and receive no corresponding rewards. In the next two weeks, the Algorand Foundation will share ecological progress and governance voting-related content, and provide comprehensive information for governors, so that governors can vote for the next step with a full understanding.

Acala announces the launch of lcDOT, Polkadot crowd loan participants can continue to obtain DOT liquidity

On October 14th, according to Acala official news, Acala, as an Ethereum-compatible DeFi and Polkadot liquidity center, launched LiquidCrowdloanDOT (lcDOT) before the upcoming crowdfunding event. This product joins Acala’s derivative product suite, including its recently launched KSMLiquidStaking product (LKSM), which is now available on Karura, and DOTLiquidStaking (LDOT), which will be launched on Acala.

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