Project Weekly|Tesla’s total Bitcoin holdings are worth US$1.26 billion


Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto enters the list of the world’s top 20 richest people

Golden Finance reported that in mid-April, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the Bitcoin network, entered the list of the top 20 richest billionaires in the world, but after the price of Bitcoin fell, the inventor’s wealth plummeted. This week, Bitcoin has soared above $60,000 and hit a high of $62,945 on Friday. Using today’s exchange rate and the number of bitcoins reportedly owned by Satoshi Nakamoto, Satoshi Nakamoto once again joined the ranks of the 20 richest people on the planet. Last time, Satoshi Nakamoto ranked 19th, and this time, the inventor of Bitcoin is now the 20th richest person on the planet.

Statistics: Bitcoin mining in the United States and Kazakhstan account for the top two in the world

On October 18th, Reuters quoted data from the Cambridge Alternative Finance Center in the United Kingdom as saying that the United States has the largest share of world mining, accounting for approximately 35.45 of the global hash rate as of the end of August, followed by Kazakhstan and Russia. Miners elsewhere have also begun to fill the vacancies, turning their attention to North America and Central Asia.

Grayscale CEO comments on Bitcoin futures ETF: product structure will affect investors

On October 18th, Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein published his views on Bitcoin ETFs in CNBC’s Squawk Box column. He expressed his excitement to see that the regulatory authorities will finally allow Bitcoin ETFs to be launched on the national securities exchange platform. At the same time, he said , The product structure of Bitcoin futures ETF can have an impact on investors. Earlier, according to the New York Times, the ProShares Bitcoin futures ETF will be launched on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE on Tuesday.

Icahn, the wolf of Wall Street: Bitcoin may be useful against inflation, but I didn’t invest

Golden Finance reported that billionaire Karl Icahn, known as a “Wall Street Raider,” said on Monday that Bitcoin may be useful in fighting inflation in an environment where prices are soaring in the United States. But Icahn said that he did not understand Bitcoin, and his Icahn Enterprise Company did not invest in this cryptocurrency. Icahn said: “If inflation becomes rampant, I think it has value. But will inflation become rampant? Or will the government intervene to stop this?” Icahn added, “In my opinion, (Bitcoin) has so many variables that it is difficult to invest.”

Governor of El Salvador’s Central Bank: The adoption of Bitcoin will not affect El Salvador’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund

On October 19, the President of the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador, Douglas Rodriguez, dismissed concerns that the country’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender would undermine the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) US$1.3 billion loan program. According to a Bloomberg report on Tuesday, Rodriguez said that even if the central bank is preparing to obtain a deferred loan from the International Monetary Fund, the central bank has not seen any risks related to the Bitcoin law. In fact, the central bank described El Salvador’s Bitcoin law as having only “upside risks” and Rodriguez stated that the Bitcoin bull market could help the country’s economic growth exceed the original forecast by more than 9%. According to Rodriguez, the central bank has explained to the International Monetary Fund that “Bitcoin is just a method of payment.”

SEC Chairman: Bitcoin is still a highly speculative asset class

SEC Chairman Gensler: Bitcoin is still a highly speculative asset class, and Bitcoin futures benefited from many years of US regulation.

Fed Governor Waller: Bitcoin will never become a payment tool

Fed Governor Waller said that Bitcoin is like electronic gold, a store of value with no intrinsic value. Bitcoin will never become a payment tool. Stablecoins may be competitors in the payment field, but regulatory work needs to be done to ensure that they are safe payment tools. 

U.S. first Bitcoin futures ETF’s first-day turnover hits record second-highest

On October 20th, the first Bitcoin-related exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States was listed, and the turnover on the first day hit a record for the second time in history. The data shows that the ETF changed hands more than 24 million units, and the first day’s turnover was close to 1 billion US dollars. Athanasios Psarofagis of Bloomberg Industry Research said that this scale is second only to BlackRock’s carbon neutral ETF. The higher the deal is because of the pre-seed investment. At the same time, Bitcoin is advancing to record highs, only a stone’s throw away from $65,000.

Peter Thiel, founder of Pay Pal: Bitcoin’s return to $60,000 is a “very promising sign”

On October 20th, at a meeting organized by the Stanford Federalist Society, billionaire Peter Thiel said that Bitcoin’s return to $60,000 is a “very promising sign.” The famous venture capitalist who co-founded PayPal with Elon Musk claims that Bitcoin is the “most honest” market. Thiel described the rise of Bitcoin as a “canary in the coal mine” and believes this may indicate that the current “old” system is about to collapse.

DCG announces plans to increase the purchase of shares in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

On October 20th, Grayscale Investment’s parent company, Digital Currency Group, Inc. (“DCG”), has authorized DCG to purchase Grayscale Shares Bitcoin Trust (OTCQX: GBTC) worth up to $1 billion. This increased DCG’s prior authorization to purchase GBTC shares worth up to US$750 million by US$250 million. As of October 19, 2021, DCG has purchased $388 million worth of GBTC stock. DCG plans to use cash on hand to fund purchases, and will make purchases on the open market at the discretion of management in accordance with Rule 10b-18 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (“Exchange Act”).

VanEck’s Bitcoin futures ETF has been approved by the SEC or will start trading next week

On October 20th, the Bitcoin futures ETF launched by VanEck, an asset management company, has been approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC has allowed the company to launch the fund after October 23, and trading will begin as soon as possible after the effective date. , Or will start trading next week. This ETF is the second Bitcoin futures ETF approved for listing by the SEC after the Bitcoin futures ETF launched by ProShares.

Tesla’s Bitcoin holdings are worth 1.26 billion U.S. dollars

Golden Finance reported that Tesla’s third-quarter revenue was $13.76 billion. According to its third-quarter earnings report, the company reported no new digital asset sales or purchases. The total value of its bitcoin holdings is US$1.26 billion, and it has recorded an impairment charge of US$51 million.

JP Morgan Chase: Bitcoin is a better inflation hedge tool than gold

Golden Finance reports that strategists at JPMorgan Chase believe that it is inflation concerns that are driving Bitcoin to a record high, not the enthusiasm of the first Bitcoin futures ETF. JP Morgan Chase’s strategist headed by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou wrote: “On its own, the launch of BITO is unlikely to trigger a new phase of more new capital entering Bitcoin. On the contrary, we believe that Bitcoin is better than gold. Inflation hedging tool, which is the main reason for the current rise, has triggered the trend of switching from gold ETFs to Bitcoin funds since September.” They said: “The initial hype for BITO may also subside in a week.” These strategies of JPMorgan Chase The view of the division is different from that of the bank’s CEO Jamie Dimon. Dimon just said recently that he believes that Bitcoin is worthless and questioned whether the supply limit of Bitcoin is really only 21 million.

Binance claims that the error in Bitcoin quotes is due to a trader’s algorithm error

According to news on October 22, at 19:34 p.m. Beijing time on Thursday, the bitcoin quotation of trading platform Binance plummeted 87%, from $65,000 to $8,200, and then immediately rebounded to its original level. On other platforms, Bitcoin prices did not show such extreme trends. The verification found that the bitcoin quotations of other platforms dropped by nearly $2,000 at 19:34, or that they were affected by the incident. Binance USA stated in an email that one of our institutional traders said that their trading algorithm had loopholes, which seemed to be the cause of Bitcoin’s plunge. We are continuing to investigate the matter and learned from the dealer that they have now fixed the vulnerability and the problem seems to have been resolved.

Walmart starts operating Bitcoin ATMs

Golden Finance reports that the retail giant has partnered with crypto ATM company Coinme to provide bitcoin through its 200 Coinstar kiosks, and shoppers can buy cryptocurrencies on Coinstar machines in the retailers’ huge large stores. Coinstar partnered with Coinme to launch a pilot that allows its customers to use cash to buy bitcoin,” said Walmart Communications Director Molly Blakeman. There are 200 Coinstar kiosks in Walmart stores across the United States as part of the pilot.

Governor of the Central Bank of Russia: Not yet ready to allow Bitcoin ETF trading in Russia

Russia’s central bank governor Nabi Urina: Not yet ready to allow Bitcoin ETFs to trade in Russia.

Five Star Bank and UNI FY will provide Bitcoin services to customers through NYDIG

Golden Finance reported that digital banking company Q2 Holdings said on Friday that Five Star Bank and UNIFY Financial Credit Union will take the lead in providing its customers with the ability to buy, sell and hold bitcoin through cooperation with institutional-level bitcoin broker NYDIG. This partnership will allow daily bank and credit union customers to trade and hold bitcoins, while avoiding the use of exchanges. It is reported that Five Star Bank has approximately 50 branches in western New York. Headquartered in California, UNIFY has approximately 50 branches in the United States, assets of more than 3 billion U.S. dollars, and more than 250,000 members.

Futu and Tiger Securities could not search the market data of two Bitcoin ETFs

According to news on October 23, the US stock trading platform Futu Niuniu and Tiger Securities has been unable to search for the market data of two Bitcoin ETFs, including Valkyrie’s Bitcoin futures ETF (BTF) and ProShares’s Bitcoin futures ETF (BITO). . On the first day of BITO’s listing, the code was once the number one hot stock in the Tiger Securities app. Prior to this, both Futu Securities and Tiger Securities have stated that they will suspend the trading of Bitcoin futures contracts and virtual currency fund products in response to regulatory requirements.


Bitcoin of America adds Ethereum to its Bitcoin ATM machine

On October 18th, the US Bitcoin ATM operator BitcoinofAmerica announced that it will add Ethereum to the company’s Bitcoin ATM (BTM). Now, users can deposit or withdraw Ethereum in Bitcoin of America’s Bitcoin ATM. It is reported that Bitcoin of America currently has more than 1,300 Bitcoin ATMs in 31 states in the United States.

Grayscale CEO: The SEC may approve the Ethereum ETF after it approves the first Bitcoin futures ETF

According to Golden Financial Report, Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein stated on CNBC that after approving the first Bitcoin futures ETF, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is likely to bring Ethereum-based ETFs to the market. Sonnenshein believes that the approval of the first Bitcoin futures ETF is likely to attract more funds and more investors into the ecosystem. He also said that the launch of the first Bitcoin ETF will be very positive for Bitcoin.

The Ethereum Foundation and other teams launched the website to track the progress of “Sign-In with Ethereum”

On October 19th, the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Domain Name System ENS, and digital identity authentication company Spruce jointly launched the website to track the progress of “Sign-In with Ethereum”. The website has everything needed to follow the standardization process of Ethereum login, such as the recently submitted EIP 4361 specification draft on the Ethereum login standard. It also contains an introduction to “Sign-In with Ethereum” and how to sign up for the next community conference call. , Videos and notes of past community conference calls, a list of early projects supporting the standard, and other updates.

Ethereum founder Vitalik buys UBI worth 50ETH and burns it

On October 20th, according to the data on the chain, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin wallet purchased UBI worth 50ETH and destroyed it. It is reported that Proof of Humanity is a DAO that introduces the demonstration of humanity. It uses a social verification registration system, a public participation and truly democratic one-person-one-vote governance system. $UBI is the token of Proof of Humanity.

Brazilian asset management company Kinea makes exploratory investment in Ethereum

Golden Finance reported that Kinea, one of Brazil’s largest asset management companies, revealed that it has made an exploratory investment in Ethereum. Marco Aurélio Freire, Kinea’s fund manager, said that the company has invested a small amount of its shares in Ethereum since two months ago. Banco Itau’s investment arm Kinea has assets under management of more than 56 billion reais (approximately USD 10.2). Freire said that he believes that cryptocurrency is a necessary asset for diversified investment portfolios. I think that cryptocurrency is a long-term trend worth trying. Although Bitcoin is the initiator of the decentralized financial world, there are many interesting things that other currencies can provide, which proves that this choice is reasonable. People usually confuse cryptocurrency with Bitcoin, but the cryptocurrency market is more than just Bitcoin.

Report: The Polygon ecosystem is becoming more and more independent of Ethereum

Golden Finance reports that a new report released by the blockchain development platform Alchemy on Wednesday shows that the Polygon ecosystem is expanding rapidly and becoming more and more independent of Ethereum. According to the report, there are now 3,000 applications on the chain, compared with only 30 last year. In addition, the number of teams established by Alchemy on the Polygon chain has increased by 145% from the previous month. According to the report, of the new applications deployed to Polygon, only 38% are built on Polygon and Ethereum, and 62% are deployed only on Polygon.

NEW ERA cross-chain bridge has been officially launched, which can bridge the ecology of Ethereum and Binance smart chain

According to news on October 21, the new ERA cross-chain bridge of the second-tier Ethereum project has been officially launched, which can bridge the ecology of the Ethereum and the Binance smart chain, and improve the interoperability of the two parties and the liquidity of the token. At present, its second phase has also begun, when users can realize cross-layer asset transfer through the asset bridge, and there is no need to wait for the challenge period of the native bridge. In the Beta phase, NEC will provide the community with cross-layer asset services in a preferential fee.

Allfunds and ConsenSys collaborate to enhance the privacy of enterprise Ethereum

News on October 21, starting on October 21, 2021, ConsenSys will provide Quorum subscriptions through Allfunds Privacy, a new commercial product that allows companies to take advantage of the privacy features developed for the Allfunds blockchain platform.

Data: Total NFT sales on the Ethereum chain exceeded USD 8 billion, a record high

According to the Golden Financial Report, according to the latest data, the total NFT sales on the Ethereum chain exceeded US$8 billion, a record high. At the time of writing this article was US$8,041,063,403, and the number of on-chain transactions was 3,575,620. In addition, the total sales on the NFT chain exceeded 12 billion U.S. dollars, and the current value is 12,146,606,738 U.S. dollars, which is also a record high. Among them, the NFT sales on the Ethereum chain are the highest, and the NFT sales on the Ronin chain rank second at 2,587,527,511 U.S. dollars.

other projects

Midwest Tungsten Service will auction tungsten cube NFT on OpenSea on Friday

On October 22, it was reported that Midwest Tungsten Service, an American tungsten company, was auctioning an NFT connected to the largest tungsten cube in the company’s history. This tungsten cube is about 14 inches long and weighs about 1,784 pounds. OpenSea’s bidding will begin on Friday. According to OpenSea’s introduction, the NFT grants its holders annual access to the hyper-density cube.

Former Brave Chief Scientist Ben Livshits joins Zilliqa as CEO

Golden Finance reported that the blockchain platform Zilliqa has hired former Brave chief scientist Ben Livshits as its chief executive officer. Livshits has worked at Brave for the past four years, and the company built Brave, a privacy browser. He established the company’s research department, which focuses on privacy, scalability, and performance. Zilliqa is a blockchain that focuses on using sharding to achieve a large number of transactions per second. The network is divided into fragments. These divide the data storage of the blockchain into multiple groups of nodes. Livshits will encourage Ziliqa to become more data-oriented and pay more attention to recruitment from the fourth quarter of this year.

Kusama passed the Motion377 proposal to open regular and continuous slot auctions

On October 19th, the Kusama Council passed the Motion377 proposal, which opened regular and continuous auctions on the Kusama network. The proposal plans to arrange a slot auction every week for the next 8 lease periods (48 weeks). The winning project will not be immediately connected to the Kusama network, but will be connected during the next lease period. It is reported that the current lease term is 16, and each lease term is 6 weeks, and the current lease term can still be auctioned 5 times. The 5 successful auctions will start at the beginning of the 17th lease term (November 27). All access to the Kusama network.

The judge ordered the U.S. SEC to answer Ripple’s question to determine whether the plaintiff’s argument is based on facts

On October 22, the District Judge Sarah Netburn has ordered the US SEC to answer Ripple’s fierce inquiries, which are intended to determine whether the plaintiff’s arguments are based on facts. The agency must explain why the company’s XRP sale is an investment contract: “The SEC’s legal theory is not an excuse for evading the factual investigation of the defendant. This is not the basis for answering the question.” In addition, the SEC must also state whether it considers Ripple’s efforts. Is the key to increasing the price of XRP. However, Ripple’s question on whether XRP Ledger was fully functioning before the so-called securities issuance was denied because it was too vague: “The court agreed to this question to obtain relevant information. But for the reasons pointed out by the SEC, the defendant’s The question is too vague.”

Ripple and UAE foreign exchange company Al Ansari Exchange reached a partnership

Golden Finance reported that according to Wednesday’s announcement, Ripple has established a partnership with Dubai-based remittance and foreign exchange company Al Ansari Exchange. The latter will use RippleNet Cloud to establish a remittance corridor between the UAE and Malaysia. Payments sent through Al Ansari Exchange will be received by MoneyMatch, a Malaysian fintech startup. Thanks to Ripple’s cloud solution, Malaysian workers living in the UAE will be able to send money back home almost instantly. Al Ansari Exchange will initially allow remittances to Malaysian ringgits. After that, it also plans to join the Australian dollar and Brunei dollar.

dYdX’s total lock-up volume is close to USD 1 billion, a record high

On October 18, according to data from DefiLlama, the decentralized trading platform dYdX had a total lock-up volume of US$992 million, a record high, and temporarily ranked 25th on the ETH chain.

Chronicle announced that it has joined the NEAR-based Ethereum expansion solution Aurora as an early ecosystem partner

On October 21st, official news, Chronicle announced that as an early ecosystem partner, it has joined the NEAR-based Ethereum expansion solution Aurora. Chronicle currently uses Aurora EVM (based on the NEAR protocol) as its preferred blockchain solution for managing NFT collectibles on its platform.

Robot Sophia enters the Algorand ecosystem and will produce NFT artworks every year

According to official information, on October 18, David Hanson, CEO of Hansen Robotics and robotics expert, announced that at Sotheby’s Autumn Contemporary Art Auction on October 10, a new artwork by Robot Sophia, named “Sophia Facing the Singularity.” This is not only a physical artwork, but also a digital work that has evolved over time. A digital painting NFT will be generated once a year. The starting price of the artwork was 3.8 million Hong Kong dollars, and Capital Without Borders finally sold the work for 5.015 million Hong Kong dollars. All proceeds will continue to be used for Sophia’s artificial intelligence and creative development, as well as community and education promotion. Hanson added, “We are particularly pleased that this artwork will eventually be spent on Capital Without Borders, and we look forward to casting Sophia NFT on Algorand. The integration of Algorand blockchain technology with Sophia will have a positive effect on the development of digital art and artificial intelligence. Impact. As the only carbon-negative blockchain today, Algorand is consistent with our environmental values. This is an important step for Sophia’s external development and the launch of SophiaDao, allowing the public to access Sophia and bringing new technologies, artificial intelligence, and the art community. Combining. Through Sophia Art and Science, we will continue to support great ideas and emerging technologies that help solve the challenges of our time and improve our lives today and in the future.”

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