Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym

Private tuition classes are not discounted private tuition classes.

“It requires everyone to be happy, but it also needs to be small and refined.”

This is the most direct description of small group classes for private training. As a fitness product popular in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, its price is lower than private classes, the guidance is more refined than group exercises, and to a certain extent than overseas ones. OTF and F45 have more “services” required by local users.

There are reasons for private group lessons to radiate a wider range of people, so that it became the first starting point for large clubs to make group lessons into profitable items.

Welsh launched the PRE-HIT private group class at the end of last year . The content is based on gadgets + circuit training. Almost the same is that PURE launched the boutique small group class FUZE in the form of “shop-in-shop”, which will be further joined in the future. Form single store operation. 

Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym

■Wells PRE-HIT private teaching small group class, in the refining conference 2020 

Of course, a larger proportion is still in the studio, and they are all actively exploring private group lessons.

Hangzhou’s MYFIT opened more than ten stores based on the “social private training group class”; Beijing’s Gravity Workshop used its own equipment advantages to create a private training group class model; a DP with a personal training background Group lessons are used as a tool to enhance the relationship between members; Facebody, which initially aimed at the private education small group lesson market, has developed a set of private education small group lesson operations and coach training models. 

If traditional private education is the consumption need of a small number of people, then there is a reason for private training small group classes to become a big business for the gym in the future.

Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym

■ MYFIT Fitness 

This is an almost “shared” personal education service, while taking into account the fun and competitive nature of group lessons. The pricing of private group lessons is usually higher than group lessons and lower than private lessons, which is also an effective way for businesses to increase conversion rates. 

However, it is necessary to do a good job in small group lessons for private education, which involves the quality training of coaches, the arrangement of courses and venues, and the underlying logic of gym operations. 

A typical private tuition class has two characteristics:

Based on the characteristics of one-to-one teaching in private education, the use of limited equipment allows students to gain the ability to understand muscle function, train independently, and achieve training goals;

Take small groups as a unit to conduct fitness/sports activities during the course time.

Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym

■GYMSQUARE CLUB “HIIT Small Group Class Evolution Theory” 

GymSquare conducted interviews with several practitioners who have operational experience in private training small group classes, and talked about their original intentions and understanding of private small group classes.

Several practitioners have said that private training of small group classes will undoubtedly be an important part of the gym business in the future. However, private tuition classes cannot be accomplished overnight . Only by carefully polishing the three aspects of people, goods, and markets can this sword be made. 

The ideal small group class for private education: let the coach make more money and the students spend less money

When it comes to the original intention of doing a small group class for private education, the stories of Gravity Workshop, DP Fitness and Facebody are all different. 

Liu Xiaojin, the founder of Gravitation Workshop, said that it was not until she began to plan for the second store of Gravitation Workshop that she began to consider adding private tuition classes. On the one hand, the fitness equipment of Gravity Workshop constitutes a natural personal training group class attribute, and on the other hand, it is to prevent the loss of members caused by the loss of personal training coaches.

For DP fitness, which focuses on personal training, private training is not their main business direction, but more as a way to increase the connection between members, and at the same time allow members to try different coaches.

Facebody’s focus on private tuition classes is consistent. The founder, Kimi, was inspired by his experience of asking personal trainers to instruct and train, and created the Facebody brand to solve the pain points of consumers who “cannot practice, don’t want to practice, and can’t afford to practice”.

Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym

■Gravity Workshop 

The three studio brands were able to try private group lessons because they all met the basic teaching requirements. 

First of all, under the one-to-many nature of coaches and students, it is unrealistic to use traditional equipment for teaching. Personal training group classes generally use the method of standing, using small tools or their own weight to complete the training. This is actually similar to OTF, F45, and Barry’s Bootcamp’s point loop method. The difference is that fewer people allow the coach to evenly distribute more attention to each participant. 

Secondly, in terms of consumer pricing and coach salary structure, private tuition classes also have their own strategies. 

On the consumer side, pricing needs to find a balance between exclusive private courses and group courses; on the coach side, it needs to achieve more income than private courses and group courses, and a subtle balance of profit margins for the gym. 

Eric is from the business development department of ClassPass and has been in contact with a large number of fitness studios in the market. According to his observations, most studios use stored-value card consumption for the settlement of small fitness group classes. The last class settles a fee. Although it is also prepaid, it avoids the “liability” of the coach.

Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym


Ideally, the advantages of private tutoring in small group classes are obvious: operators have high profit margins, coaching income increases, and consumer costs are reduced.

Although each brand has different percentages for private group lessons, the unit price of group lessons is higher than the number of people, which greatly increases the benefits of operators and coaches. For consumers, this may be more cost-effective than private education. 

In terms of training methods, the methods that can be adopted in private group lessons tend to be diversified.

In a group exercise course of 10-30 people, the tools that the trainees can use are usually limited to benches, barbells, and elastic bands; in private one-on-one training, in addition to physical training courses, conventional strength classes are mainly traditional equipment . Private training group classes require coaches to use different equipment to design a training plan that can achieve the same goals of private training. As a result, students can use elastic bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, TRX or self-weight, etc., to complete movements that require higher overall muscle coordination. 

Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym

■ DP fitness 

Private lessons for small groups, not discounted private lessons

“Private small group lessons are not as simple as letting the coach teach several students at the same time. The operator must first examine the underlying logic of the charging mechanism, the scheduling mechanism, and the marketing strategy.” 

Liu Xiaojin believes that private small group courses should never be discounted private courses. In Gravity Workshop, private group lessons are a way for consumers to enjoy private lessons more easily and happily. This is not only a concept that operators should instill in consumers, but also a mentality that operators should always maintain.

The concept of DP Fitness and Facebody is similar to Gravity Workshop. 

DP private courses are usually taught in small groups convened by the members of the coach in the morning on Saturday and Sunday they will gather together to hold Rehan party. Facebody takes the construction of the community to the extreme. The team day every Friday, the game day at the end of each month, the community activities held from time to time and the annual internal competitions are all for members to enjoy the fun of socializing while exercising. . 

Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym

■Facebody Annual FBG 

This also puts forward new requirements for coaches : How to realize the training expectations of trainees without traditional equipment and one-on-one talk time, and maintain the renewal rate of more people. 

Wang Hao, Director of Faculty and Research of Facebody, gave their experience: Personal training group classes with different training bases for personnel mobility should be met for each trainee’s training goals and obtain a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. The coach also needs On the basis of basic professional ability and professional image, strengthen the one-to-many teaching ability of public expression, field control, and flexible adjustment of advanced and retreat training programs.

“The coach must first be able to give a clear command to let the students know where they should stand and what actions they should do; secondly, the coach must be able to mobilize the emotions of the students through expressions, words, body movements, etc., to inspire them to break through themselves, and The excitement and satisfaction brought about by progress in the training process; most importantly, the coach needs to be able to recognize the training basis and physical level of the trainees, and use advanced and retreat methods to ensure that the movements performed by the trainees match their abilities.” Say. 

Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym

■GYMSQUARE CLUB “HIIT Small Group Class Evolution Theory” 

To maintain a sustained single rate, the coach’s ability to control the emotions of team members is also crucial. Liu Xiaojin pointed out that it is more difficult for the students to renew the order for the private tutoring group class than for the private tutoring members, because the attention of the coaches they get is greatly reduced. Although members of private group lessons do not need the blood of a group exercise coach, they must be sensitive enough to be able to motivate students when they complete their goals and encourage them to challenge themselves.

The arrangement and quality of courses can be improved by improving the level of coaches, but the uncertainty of multi-person composition and the scattered “sense of exclusivity” are still the unavoidable flaws in private tuition classes. In this regard, Kimi expressed his own views: “The business strategy of private teaching small group lessons is destined to capture some of the users who are looking for cost-effective private lessons, but also lose those high value-added users who enjoy exclusive services. It depends on the operator’s choice.” 

How to do a good job in private tuition class ?

In the interview, several interviewees believed that it is an inevitable trend to hold the most active young people in the fitness consumer group and to set up small group classes for personal education.

At present, the prices of domestic private education courses remain high, and the proportion of consumers who can pay high private education fees at one time is very low. To have the ability to compete on the same stage with the increasingly popular boutique group classes, gyms and studios must adopt some adaptation methods. 

Also in the United States, where the industry is relatively developed, even the condescending luxury fitness brand Equinox provides consumers with a cheap choice of personal training courses, sharing private training courses with another member at a discounted price. 

Private group lessons: the future big business of the gym

■Source: Equinox 

ClassPass, where Eric is located, will also give suggestions for setting up private group lessons during the process of contacting fitness merchants. After all, the feasibility premise of the platform’s drainage function is that the merchant has the possibility of giving a bookable location.

The form of private tuition class is still in the exploratory stage no matter at home or abroad. For this kind of course model with infinite possibilities, we give the following suggestions based on the case: 

Start with a small volume, verify the operation concept of the course, and then apply it to a larger volume of courses;

Coaches must have sufficient knowledge of their professional field of expertise, and be able to achieve a degree of precision that can move forward and retreat freely in this field;

Set a limit on the number of people. Regardless of whether it is a single coaching system or a double coaching group class, the coach’s attention is limited. The premise of increasing the capacity of the course is that the coach can be based on enough attention from each person;

Establish a standardized curriculum system. Once a more successful curriculum model is explored, coaches and coach trainers can establish standardized templates to improve coach training efficiency;

Making full use of online teaching, such as online live broadcast and course recording, etc., the modern teaching methods used in home fitness can also be used by private tutoring groups to increase teaching efficiency.

As with all fitness products, the core and foundation of private tuition classes are still content quality and customer experience. Without these two things, no matter how novel the form is, the rootless wood and the water without a source are in the end.

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