Price may be the core competency of AirPods 3

Price is the threshold that AirPods can’t step up.

Price may be the core competency of AirPods 3

We have to admit that Apple is very good at making products once launched by other brands into global breakout hits. Take Apple Watch as an example, before Apple’s entry, once the wearable market only Jawbone and Fitbit’s products took off, and the audience was only outdoor enthusiasts in the traditional sense. But since Apple Watch wind out, Apple has not only succeeded in creating a series of new products, surrounded users with three models of Edition and Aluminum, but also succeeded in setting off a new chapter in the wearable market, leading a large number of mobile phone-related brands to come down to do watches.

According to recent news, Apple seems to want to re-stage the success of Apple Watch on AirPods.

The new evolution of AirPods Pro
Looking at the product layout, it seems that Apple will launch the AirPods series, including the new entry AirPods and the next generation (second generation) AirPods Pro true wireless noise-cancelling headphones, in reference to the Apple Watch model that is so well-received at this stage.

Let’s start with the new generation AirPods Pro, which is positioned at a higher end. Even if the next-generation AirPods Pro really shortens the “handle” of the headphones like the previously revealed pictures, it is unlikely that Apple will remove the noise canceling function of AirPods Pro for the sake of battery life.

Next is the wearing style. As things stand now, the new design of the next-generation AirPods Pro shortens the length of the headphone stalk, while the body of the headphones has become more rounded. The change in shape on the one hand reduces the space for storing the battery in the headphone handle, and on the other hand also expands the space on the back of the headphone “head”, allowing the headphones to put down more components on the side in contact with the user. From the perspective of Apple’s product development in recent years, this extra space is likely to be used to place more health-related sensors.

As early as 2020, there have been reports online that Apple will add more health sensors to the new generation of AirPods, allowing Apple’s health services to reach more users outside the confines of the Apple Watch with the power of AirPods. Although the iPhone already has a built-in health-related App, it is apparently difficult to collect information on physical signs with actual representation by looking at the iPhone, and external health devices are still needed. Compared to the Apple Watch, which starts at $2,000, the AirPods, which are priced at $1,000, seem more “approachable”.

Price may be the core competency of AirPods 3

Back to the AirPods Pro, if Apple really intends to launch the AirPods in the Apple Watch model, such health-related features will definitely appear on the most flagship AirPods Pro. The change in shape has had a negative impact on how firmly the AirPods Pro can be worn. As compensation, Apple also needs to improve the contact area between the headphones and the user while wearing them, and if the extra space is used for health monitoring, it will be a great opportunity for Apple to do more than one thing.

AirPods also want to SE
As for the relatively cheaper “entry version of AirPods”, in my opinion, it is likely to become an entry leader like the Apple Watch SE. Take Apple Watch for example, just like AirPods, Apple Watch has been released to become another sales myth for Apple, and its extremely high market share and user loyalty have made other brands of smartwatches envious. But before the Apple Watch SE was released, Apple Watch had an inherent “problem” – it was too expensive.

Other brands’ entry-level smartwatches are often priced below $2,000, and only the flagship version of the Honeycomb with special craftsmanship and materials can be sold at a price of $4,000. But for Apple Watch, because the product layout did not consider the possibility of entry-level products, even the cheapest small-dial aluminum GPS version of the current season’s products, the price has caught up with the “mid-range” models of other brands.

Price may be the core competency of AirPods 3

Just like the iPhone in the past, Apple has been treating the previous generation, or even the previous generation, as the entry version to fill the low-cost product vacancy by cutting the price. This approach may work on the iPhone, after all, there is no core breakthrough in the features of each generation. But for Apple Watch, almost every generation of Apple Watch has indispensable core features, ECG, LTPO screen, blood oxygen and other features artificially introduced a gap for Apple Watch, but also weakened the competitiveness of the old products to reduce prices.

It was not until the Apple Watch Series 6 was officially released that Apple released the new Apple Watch SE as if it were a dream, and from the very beginning, it launched a step-down Apple Watch product with the goal of reducing the price. Only at this point did Apple really pay attention to the low-cost market that was once “out of sight”. And the market performance of Apple Watch SE has brought Apple good market feedback. This is also the main reason why I think AirPods should also be SEized.

Price may be the core competency of AirPods 3

For example, although we all know that AirPods can be seamlessly integrated into the circle of Apple devices, and e-commerce platforms can often find channels to buy them for less than the official price, even the cheapest AirPods are flooded with high imitation products on the Internet. The reason is no other than the high price. The lack of a headphone hole makes wireless headphones a necessity for cell phones, but the relatively high price will drive users to other brands of products. Car in fact can not blame the user, after all, the same price in other brands have been able to buy noise cancellation headphones, AirPods but only to buy the most basic style. Users will naturally patronize other brands.


If Apple really launches AirPods SE with reference to the Apple Watch model, it will give Apple’s wearable products a great opportunity. The AirPods SE, with some of the features of AirPods Pro, will be Apple’s lead into the low-cost TWS market and will open up a whole new market for Apple that it has never set foot in before.

Price may be the core competency of AirPods 3

AirPods are good, I believe those who have used them know. This explosive single product has also contributed huge revenue for Apple, occupying half of the TWS headphone market. For it, it is inevitable to improve and update the existing superior product line and continue to expand its advantage in this field. However, the high price still dissuades many potential users. If the next generation of AirPods can follow the Apple Watch model to launch a stepped product, it should be able to attract many new users to buy them, which will be a shining star for Apple in next year’s earnings report.

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