Preview: “Monkey Ticket One Hundred” series NFR will be officially launched on the You Copyright platform on November 12


“Journey to the West”, as one of my country’s four great masterpieces, is also a treasure of Chinese traditional culture. Over the years, many characters in the well-known and world-famous “Journey to the West” have been artistically processed and recreated, forming a series of art forms with distinctive themes and unique characteristics. Among them, the full-character and heroic “Monkey King Monkey” is a classic IP, and many art collections with this theme have become enduring popular collections. On the occasion of Double 11, the art collection market continues to be hot, and the monkey play ink painting series of Wang Hui, a contracted artist of hundreds of millions of media, launched the “Monkey Ticket One Hundred” NFR series collection, which will be officially launched on the You Copyright platform at 15:00 on November 12 On sale. Its unparalleled art collection value, interoperability and diversified rights and interests will become another highlight of the art collection market this year.


This time, the “Monkey Ticket Yibai-Monkey King” series contains 10 models, each with 100 copies, and a total of 1,000 NFRs. In the synthesis task, the Monkey King series can synthesize the Monkey King NFR, and there is one type of Monkey King, totaling 100 copies. Among the theme works of Monkey King series, the theme works such as Phoenix Crown Xia Gu, Three Borrow Banana Fan, Qun Xian Opera Monkey King, Huaguo Mountain Monkey King, Wukong Promotion, Wukong Fighting Qun Xian and other theme works, will be a series of classics from “Journey to the West” The story is perfectly reproduced.


The “Monkey Ticket One Hundred” series of NFR topics comes from the monkey play ink painting series by the artist Wang Hui. Focusing on the creation of ink and opera figure paintings, he advocates the creative concept of “Heaven and earth live side by side with me, and everything is one with me”. His works have participated in various calligraphy and painting exhibitions held across the country for many times. Especially the ink and wash paintings, his works are humorous and interesting. They are based on one of the famous Chinese mythological figures, Monkey King, as the prototype, through the stubborn monkey to reflect the “human nature”, and express the unique monkey shape in the form of freehand ink painting. In his view, Journey to the West is also life, and life is also a Journey to the West. Everyone is a Monkey King, and everyone struggles and grows through experience. All stories are condensed in a square inch monkey ticket, waiting for you to touch the millennium temperature and find the true meaning of life.


The combination of traditional ink painting art and blockchain NFR technology is also a major feature of the “Monkey Ticket Yibai” series. NFR is a digital asset or a digital representative with unique asset ownership. It uses blockchain technology and is created on the basis of computer code to record the digital ownership of basic physical or digital assets and constitute a unique certificate of authenticity. To put it simply, both intangible and tangible assets can be used as the basic assets of NFR. It also creates new distribution, authorization, and commercialization channels for valuable assets such as works of art. For the “Monkey Ticket One Hundred-Monkey King” series, a total of 10 models are included, each with 100 copies, and a total of 1000 NFRs. Each NFR work corresponds to a digital card, and each NFR has a unique identification number. , Has a unique collection value.


The “Monkey Ticket One Hundred” series released this time by Shanghai Billion Media, chose to cooperate with You Copyright. As a professional copyright value service platform, You Copyright has been committed to using blockchain technology to protect copyright, especially in the promotion and distribution of digital art collections. You Copyright has a professional and mature mechanism. The “Monkey Ticket One Hundred-Monkey King” series of NFR topics adopts the issuance mechanism of blind box purchase and random allocation of NFR, and uses the transaction method of real-time transaction.


Because each account is limited to 3 purchases, each NFR has a unique identification number, and there are innovative modes such as airdrop and synthesis, which further reflects the interoperability and collection value of the “Monkey Ticket Yibai” series. It is worth mentioning that the billions of media also simultaneously launched a series of “Easter Egg Innovation Models” to further broadcast benefits to collectors. Among them, “Monkey Ticket One Hundred-Monkey King” NFR holders can get 1 random NFR airdrop from “Monkey Ticket One Hundred-Wukong Learning Art”, and 2 sets of NFR airdrops will get 2 airdrops, and so on, “Monkey Ticket” There are 100 styles of “Yibai-Wukong Xueyi”, each with 1 copy. (The data collection time for holders is 12 o’clock noon on November 19th, and the airdrop will be issued to eligible accounts after the special issue is completed). Hold the following special number NFR (#10, #20, #30, #40, #50, #60, #70, #80, #90, #100) in the NFR of “Monkey Ticket One Hundred-Monkey King”, A physical original painting signed by Mr. Wang Hui can be obtained.


Billion Media reminds collectors that the NFR topic of the “Monkey Ticket One Hundred-Monkey King” series will be released from November 12 to November 19. The system will randomly allocate NFR to the purchased account at the end of the release. Successful collectors can open the blind box to view the NFR in the U copyright platform [My Blind Box]. Follow-up details about the rights and interests of synthesis, airdrops, physical paintings, etc. will continue to be released on You Copyright and the public account of Shangyi Media, so stay tuned!

the way of buying

1. Enter the homepage of the “Youth Copyright” official account and click on “Hot Topics” to enter the sale site;

2. Download the “You Copyright” APP and enter the sale site.

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