Preview: Exploring NFT2.0+ E-commerce New Model Diamond 3D Series Digital Collections Limited Release on Qixi Festival


In the West, diamonds represent love, with diamonds as promises, promises of loyalty, promises forever, and hope that love can be as lasting and sparkling as diamonds.

In the East, diamonds are more like you and me with every effort. After being sharpened and carved again and again, they have shining facets, and they only need a little bit of light to emit a dazzling light.


This Qixi Festival, Shangyi Media and VOAINO Diamond will jointly explore the new model of NFT2.0+ e-commerce, and launch the diamond 3D series of digital collections. While collecting the collections, you can also get multiple discounts and surprises from the e-commerce platform. Share benefits!

The four collections launched this time have their own meanings. Whether it is a romantic lover who has already held hands or a self who is shining independently, you can feel a lot from it, from the profound wisdom of ancient people, to the profound understanding of modern people, from the East The subtle romance of the diamonds, to the exquisite beauty of the West, are all in this diamond 3D series of digital collections.


Hope Star (Princess Square)

In ancient times, the ring symbolized the sun god, implying warm protection and eternal faith. The four edges and corners represent petting, beloved, cherishing and love. The princess combines the two. and cherish.


Adam’s Smile (heart)

The heart shape has always been the first choice for expressing love. It not only implies the romance of love, but also symbolizes the purity of love. When a little dazzling light shines across the face, it is carefully carved and finally converges into a heart shape. Who can not be moved?

At the same time, does the crystal clear heart-shaped diamond resemble the original self again? I hope that you have experienced countless polishing, and your heart is still as pure as ever.


0 Eyes of the Moon (Water Drop)

In ancient times, people knew that although water droplets were inconspicuous, they could not only pierce through stones, but also meant perseverance and tenacity. In terms of shape, the water droplets are like the tears of the god of love, and those who see it can be blessed, promise and love, eternal and happy.

At the same time, the water droplets are very spiritual, integrating the warmth of the water with the firmness of the fall, just like the self who is still gentle in life and works silently after going through thousands of trials.


4   Ice flame (pillow cushion)

The overall look is square but has no edges and corners, just like two people who love each other take away the edges and corners for each other, but do not forget their original intentions, protect each other and adhere to the principles, it is a sensible but not cold, firm protection without losing warmth and tolerance.

At the same time, the outer circle and inner square of the pillow are reminding you who are working hard: you can’t forget the principles when you are shrewd in life, and you must not lose the bottom line of being a mellow person.

Airdrop diamond ring


“As a Constant” diamond ring

The overall design of the European-style wide ring arm is matched with the waistcoat design on the ring arm, which protects the main diamond while highlighting its texture and luster. For love, it symbolizes persistence and protection, for family, it symbolizes loyalty and responsibility, and for individuals It symbolizes strength and independence, and is of great collection significance.


The “Ruyi Constant” diamond ring adopts the best loose diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America: GIA code tail number 520999, which means a long time, this code is the only one in the world!

Sale information

Release time: August 3-August 4, 2022 13:00

Release platform: Hi Miniu APP

Quantity on sale: 3000 copies of each model, a total of four models, a total of 12000 copies

Sale price: 19.9 yuan / copy


Empowerment and Equity

For every four different 3D diamond digital collections of “Eye of the Moon”, “Flame of Ice”, “Star of Hope” and “Adam’s Smile”, you can get an airdrop of the “Ruyi” 3D digital collection of the Vino diamond ring.

  • The top 50 users who own four different 3D diamond digital collections of “Eye of the Moon”, “Flame of Ice”, “Star of Hope”, and “Adam’s Smile” can get a pair of silver jewelry rings of the Weino brand 1 Pieces (physical commodity, market price 159/piece).
  • The top 3 users who own four different 3D diamond digital collections of “Eye of the Moon”, “Flame of Ice”, “Star of Hope” and “Adam’s Smile” can get the [ Shanghai Sheshan Helicopter Air Tour] once.
  • Users who own “Eye of the Moon”, “Flame of Ice”, “Star of Hope”, and “Adam’s Smile” with the number “1314” in any of the 3D diamond digital collections can get 30 points from the Vino brand A limited edition loose diamond (physical product, one loose diamond with a GIA auspicious number waist size of 30 points, market price 9999/piece), a limited edition of 4 pieces.
  • Users who own any 3D diamond digital collection from “Eye of the Moon”, “Flame of Ice”, “Star of Hope”, and “Adam’s Smile” (including the airdrop diamond ring “Ruyi”) can directly upgrade to the Weino brand VIP exclusive member, and enjoy the following rights and interests when purchasing diamonds through the official channel of VINO:
  • Users who buy 30-49 points of loose diamonds can get 599 yuan / piece;
  • Users who buy loose diamonds with 50-99 points can get 1599 yuan/piece;
  • Users who buy 1.00-1.99 loose diamonds can get 3599 yuan / piece;
  • Users who purchase loose diamonds of 2 carats and above can get a credit of 6599 yuan per piece.

Tips: Weino diamonds are mined directly from global sources, sold authoritatively by China (Shanghai) Diamond Trading Center, and imported under the supervision of national customs. The sales price is 33%-47% lower than the market price.

  • Users who have 3D digital collections of “Eye of the Moon”, “Flame of Ice”, “Star of Hope” and “Adam’s Smile” (including the airdrop diamond ring “Ruyi”) can purchase real diamonds on the Himiniu platform. Member prices are available.
  • For every four different 3D diamond digital collections of “Eye of the Moon”, “Flame of Ice”, “Star of Hope” and “Adam’s Smile”, you can enjoy a lucky draw once, and the first prize is a 3-day, 2-night sun tour , the second and third prizes are 2 days and 1 night of sun travel (excluding large transportation; including landing transportation, accommodation and catering). The tourism project is sponsored by [Phoenix·Shanshui Shangjing] (Honorary Sponsor of Phoenix Wentou Yangsu Project)!

The above rights and interests exchange and airdrops are subject to the platform announcement!

Creator: Vino Diamond


Brand Proposition: Digital Witness of Eternal Commitment

Brand core value: Based on blockchain technology, record every promise and oath!

VOAINO diamonds combine classical and modern aesthetic design, hand-made custom diamond rings,

Each diamond is the only emotional memory linking each other, to you, to him!

Master Craftsmanship;

A Heartful commitment;

Engraved in the stars!


Main body of operation: Light of Love (Shanghai) Diamond Co., Ltd.

Member of China (Shanghai) Diamond Exchange

Member of Shanghai Diamond Industry Association

Release platform: Hi Miniu


Hi Miniu APP is a membership shopping platform based on a high-quality supply chain system. It uses a new self-operated model to ensure the quality and direct traceability of each product, and adheres to the operation strategy of zero profit on products. The ex-factory price is not only sales price.

The slogan of the Hi Miniu APP is “Really, save a lot”, which means genuine products, money saving, good service, and more products. Serving every member well is the constant purpose of Himiniu APP.

The era of Web3.0 is coming, and the Himiniu APP will launch the first domestic diamond digital collection, and explore the new model of NFT2.0+ e-commerce.


Publisher: Billion Media

Shanghai Shangyi Media Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. The company adheres to the concept of “content is king, quality is the most important”, focusing on the field of film and television media and digital art. The company is committed to developing the combination of digital art and technology and culture, the distribution and promotion of digital economy, the operation of original IP, and exploring the diversified development of digitalization such as cultural blogs, cultural tourism, and intangible cultural heritage. Through digitization, it will help to rejuvenate China’s outstanding traditional cultural works of art, add the wings of technology to high-quality cultural content, open up infinite possibilities in the field of digital art, and provide young people around the world with a highly interactive and highly applicable digital art world.

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