Practicing the “National Standardization Development Outline” to promote the healthy development of blockchain ecology

The reporter was informed that at present, international standardization organizations such as ISO, ITU, IEEE, and W3C have established blockchain-related standard committees and working groups, and more than 20 international blockchain standards and technical reports have been released. Recently, the National Standardization Technical Committee for Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology (TC590) was formally established, marking that the research and development of China’s blockchain standardization has entered a new stage, accelerating communication and exchanges with international standardization agencies, and more Well practice the requirements of internationalization in the overall requirements of the “National Standardization Development Program”, and promote the coordinated development of domestic and international blockchain standardization.

It is reported that among a number of national standards committees, there are more than 10 national blockchain standards that are being approved and have been approved, covering basic technology, security and application, etc. The release and application promotion of national standards can be better Guide and standardize the development of blockchain technology and application ecology. The blockchain industry alliance is also developing and cultivating a large number of group standards, such as the “Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan” initiated by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and 158 companies , and the China Electronics Standardization Institute and a number of industry leaders are taking the lead. The establishment of China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum and other alliances has better condensed the strength and consensus of the blockchain industry, and promoted the growth of the entire blockchain ecology. At the same time, Internet companies such as Tencent and Huawei, and blockchain startups such as FunChain Technology have actively transformed the innovative achievements of blockchain into international standards. They have successfully established a number of international standards in international standardization institutions such as ITU and IEEE. The voice and plan of China’s blockchain are shown on the forum. Through the efforts of the entire blockchain industry, we can better fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the blockchain in the “National Standardization Development Program”.

A few days ago, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the “National Standardization Development Program” and issued a notice requiring all regions and departments to conscientiously implement it in light of actual conditions.

As a programmatic document guiding the medium and long-term development of China’s standardization, the “Outline” is an important milestone for the development of my country’s standardization cause, and points out the direction and path for the development of my country’s blockchain standardization and blockchain ecology.

Among the seven major tasks of the “Outline”, one of them is to promote the interactive development of standardization and technological innovation, and emphasizes the need to strengthen standard research in key technical fields-“in artificial intelligence, quantum information, biotechnology and other fields, standardization research. Convergence, next-generation information technology, big data, blockchain, health, new energy, new materials and other technical fields with broad application prospects, simultaneous deployment of technology research and development, standard development and industrial promotion, and accelerate the pace of industrialization of new technologies.”

Blockchain technology was born out of Bitcoin . After more than ten years of development, from public chains to alliance chains, China is gradually embarking on a path of development of blockchain technology and applications with Chinese characteristics. Restrict public chains and mining, focus on alliance chains, and position them as information infrastructure and emerging digital industries in new infrastructure. Blockchain is accelerating its deep integration with other new technologies such as AI, IoT, and The breadth of integration of energy and other industries will better serve the construction and development of the real economy and the digital economy.

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