Power shortage curbs crypto mining Kosovo law enforcement officers confiscate hundreds of miners

According to news.bitcoin, law enforcement officers in Kosovo confiscated hundreds of mining machines as part of efforts to curb crypto mining activities amid power shortages.

Authorities seized 272 devices used for crypto mining in the city of Leposavic, according to a statement issued by Kosovo police, AFP reported.

In addition, Ministry of Interior figures show that the total number of newly seized miners has reached 342 since raids against miners began earlier this week. The crackdown came after Pristina’s government halted all mining operations, citing growing power shortages in the cold winter.

The Republic of Kosovo will ban cryptocurrency mining as a means to solve the energy crisis. The government reportedly declared a state of emergency in December for 60 days. The move is similar to Iran’s Dec. 28 move to ban cryptocurrency mining until March 6 to save electricity and avoid winter blackouts.

Insufficient local power generation and rising import prices have exacerbated the current energy crisis, bringing the issue into focus. The crypto mining ban is an emergency measure proposed by Economy Minister Artane Rizvanolli, along with other measures proposed by a parliamentary select committee. Critics, however, have questioned its legality, as current legislation does not prohibit the minting of digital currencies. Draft cryptocurrency regulations submitted to Congress in October have yet to pass.

It is worth mentioning that relations between the central government of Kosovo and the Serbian nation have been very tense amid the government’s offensive against mining facilities. Kosovo’s central government is dominated by ethnic Albanians, while Serbs make up the majority in four cities in the northern part of the partially recognized republic of Southeastern Europe. Serbs do not accept Pristina’s authority and have not paid their electricity bills for more than 20 years. .

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