Positive Hiring Sign: Will Apple Finally Enter the Cryptocurrency Space?

Apple’s support of the crypto space in some way would be a boon to the adoption and use of crypto assets.

Positive Hiring Sign: Will Apple Finally Enter the Cryptocurrency Space?

Apple is currently one of the most valuable companies in the world, thanks to the brand’s dominance in the smartphone space. But is the giant Cupertino-based company also considering entering the crypto space in some way?

A recent new job announcement from Apple suggests that the company may be increasingly interested in crypto assets.

That doesn’t mean the tech company will suddenly embrace bitcoin, however, but we’re going to discuss what could happen if the company enters the crypto space.

Apple has posted a job listing seeking staff with experience in the crypto space, and the job announcement shows that it is looking for a business development leader for their Apple Wallet, Payments and Commerce team. The position requires “5+ years of experience working with payment providers such as Digital Wallet, BNPL, Quick Payments, Cryptocurrency, etc.”

Meanwhile the Apple Wallet, Payments and Commerce (WPC) team states in the job posting, “We are looking for a professional in global alternative and emerging payment solutions. We need your help in defining implementation models for forming partnerships and business models, identifying key players and managing relationships with alternative payment partners, and developing related strategies. This position will be responsible for ultimate business development, including screening partners, negotiating and concluding commercial agreements, and launching new projects. “

Speculators discuss crypto assets around iPhone and Mac producers, who are doing everything they can to do what they are good at. However, the news could also be a bummer when it comes to any crypto worth noting.

Apple hires simply require experience in crypto, there is no mention of cryptocurrencies anywhere else on the list, and bitcoin or ethereum are definitely not mentioned by name. In fact, the role appears to be more geared toward servicing the Apple Wallet app, including Apple Pay Cash and other payment options.

Positive Hiring Sign: Will Apple Finally Enter the Cryptocurrency Space?

So, will the Cupertino-based tech giant back Bitcoin?

The impact of Apple making crypto software would be huge, but it would likely be met with as much resistance as Facebook has faced. Apple supports the crypto space to some extent, especially possibly in its wallet system, which in itself would be a boon to the adoption and use of crypto assets.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any indication from this list of hiring requirements that Apple is proposing such a plan, but the mere mention of the crypto space by Apple could get the market revved up.

Instead of being overly supportive of crypto, Apple has taken a wait-and-see approach after competitors like Samsung offered crypto wallets in the business not too long ago.

However, Apple’s plans can be changed and it is well known that they came late to the game at the beginning and in order to break with the previous approach, Apple introduced something very simple and effective. When Apple adopts crypto, they may accept crypto assets faster than ever before, but now is not the time.

Positive Hiring Sign: Will Apple Finally Enter the Cryptocurrency Space?

Meanwhile, it appears that some companies are preparing for Apple’s involvement, as Coinbase has updated its mobile app to include Apple’s paid graphics. an image asset in Coinbase’s app code called “CardGoogleApplePay” is believed to be An image asset in the Coinbase application code called “CardGoogleApplePay” is considered important evidence of support for Apple Pay inbound.

But ultimately, whether Apple will step into the cryptocurrency space remains the key news in the industry.

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