Popular Science: Everything you need to know about the Metaverse (2)

To understand the metaverse, what key technical terms do I need to know?

Some of these terms are used interchangeably, and some experiences are mixed in various versions. For example, the Horizon workshop can join a virtual meeting through an Oculus Quest 2 headset, but it can also be joined directly through a video meeting.

Popular Science: Everything you need to know about the Metaverse (2)

  • Assisted reality: This refers to any technology that allows a person to view the screen and interact with it using hands-free control. Realwear devices fall into this category.
  • Augmented reality: This technology uses the real world as a background and adds computer-generated images to this view. Retailers use it to show what a new sofa will look like in a customer’s living room.
  • Meatspace: This is the physical world where most of us spend most of our time.
  • Mixed reality: This term describes a view of the real world in which virtual objects that look like real objects are added. Users can interact with virtual objects and real objects.
  • Multiverse: The general definition of this term generally refers to many different universes that operate independently. In the context of technology/Internet/social media, this is Facebook, Minecraft, Instagram, Twitch, Roblox , Fortnite, Discord, and all other virtual social media and gaming places where people socialize, play and shop. In theory, the metaverse can bring all these multiverses into one place.
  • Virtual reality: This is an immersive experience and requires a helmet. There are some VR games that can take users to different worlds, and there are also some training courses set in the real world.

Is the meta universe the same as virtual reality?

“Calling Metaverse a virtual reality is like saying that the mobile Internet is an application.”

Venture capitalist Matthew Ball explained this in a conversation with Gene Park and Shanon Liao of The Washington Post. Bauer wrote a blog post about the meta-universe in January 2020 because he saw the “fragments” of the meta-universe become more real. In June 2021, Bauer expanded his thoughts on the meta universe with a nine-part primer, including frameworks, hardware, networks, computers, virtual platforms, payments, content services, and changing user behaviors.

Bauer originally wrote the meta universe to explain why the past year or so has been a turning point in virtual reality. He believes that the world construction of “Fortress Night” and the increasing popularity of the game are important milestones for the meta universe.

Popular Science: Everything you need to know about the Metaverse (2)

He said: “In 2018, you can really start to see that this is not a game, but something completely different. This is an idea that has been slowly developed for a long time, and then in a way that feels very different. Change them.”

He compares these developments with the way the iPhone and app stores represent the changing game rules of the mobile Internet. He said: “You can see that the mobile Internet, something that has existed for 15 years, is entering a new phase. “Fortnite” feels a lot like me, and Roblox feels a lot like me.”

Bauer also mentioned the recent comments of Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, who often made comments about Metaverse on Twitter. Sweeney once shared the code of unreal games in the 90s to illustrate that people have been considering virtual space as the social space of the economy for decades.

Bauer said in a conversation with the Washington Post: “His view is that it is only in recent years that the experience of putting it into practice has appeared, and the required core underlying technology has begun to become a reality, rather than science fiction. novel.”

Bauer said that using inconsistent meta-universe definitions to prove that this idea is just the latest buzzword is a mistake. “If there is a clear understanding and codification of the meta universe, it will not be so destructive. Clear cognition is the opposite of change.”

Do I need a helmet to visit the meta universe?

Ideally, at some point in the future, when the iteration arrives, you won’t need a helmet in the meta universe. But in 2021, you need an Oculus Quest 2, Rift S or Sony PlayStation VR or HTC Vive to play virtual reality games. If you need to participate in virtual reality or augmented reality training courses, you need Microsoft’s HoloLens or a Lenovo helmet. VRFocus named Magic Leap the best enterprise solution in the 2020 “Beyond Reality Awards” because of its spatial computing collaboration package. Magic Leap and Lenovo just announced a collaboration that includes support for Workspace ONE XR Hub on Magic Leap 2.

Popular Science: Everything you need to know about the Metaverse (2)

When all the components are mature, Gil Elbaz, chief technology officer and co-founder of Datagen, predicts that people will want AR glasses instead of MacBook Pros or even mobile phones. VR devices can replace TVs and computers. He said, “It will become a kind of equipment, but we are not technically ready. It will take three to five years for the equipment to reach a certain degree of maturity. This is a wise investment, but it is also a long-term investment. .”

Facebook’s Augmented Reality Research Department is working hard to improve the form factor of VR hardware. The team sees wristbands and glasses as interfaces for AR, because it doesn’t force us to choose between interacting with the device and the world around us. The lab is also developing a VR headset that will make the user’s eyes visible to other people in the room.

Lenovo’s AR/VR product line includes smart glasses, monocular and binocular devices. The company’s ThinkReality platform includes a software development kit, cloud and device services.

Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 smart glasses have multiple cameras, integrated speakers and microphones, a binocular 1080p resolution display and software that runs voice, object and image recognition, can read barcodes, and include head/eye tracking. Factory and maintenance technicians use these equipment during training, and they can also get expert guidance when working on site.

The sharing of this issue is over. In the next issue, how does Metaverse change our work?

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