Polygon will launch Avail testnet

April 8 that Polygon, an Ethereum expansion network, announced that it will launch a scalable blockchain network Avail testnet in the second quarter. Avail will become an independent network under Polygon to help host and verify the integration with it. Off-chain data for blockchains to improve scalability of blockchains inside and outside the Polygon ecosystem.

When we checked Avail’s data, we found that Avail can be said to be a blockchain centered on scalable data availability.

For example, if Ethereum uses rollup technology or data sharding, or adopts a homogeneous sharding framework in the future, data availability must be considered, which is a must in the configuration of the consensus layer.

What is more interesting is that Polygon, as the layer2 layer, also has to launch a data availability layer for itself. The purpose is to guess that the public chain data structure and transaction processing are smooth and prevent the downtime under the previous high concurrency situation.

We continue to look at the design of this layer.

Avail supports a modular chain design, and various execution environments can use Avail for data ordering and availability. Avail has nothing to do with the execution layer, which can be a standalone on-chain or off-chain scaling solution using Avail. Applications hosted on these execution layers enjoy the full security of Avail.

Off-chain scaling solutions can unlock their full potential by offloading data availability to Avail. Independent chains can improve the security of validators by using Avail to ensure data availability.

It is also possible to implement:

Light clients get about 100% confidence in data availability by executing a constant number of queries

Availability guarantees without hosting a full node

Application clients can query only the data relevant to the application they are interested in without downloading the entire block

The system scales with the number of users, increasing the availability of data

Using KZG Polynomial Commitments to Avoid Fraud Proofs

Light clients sample data and use promise openings for validation

Batch processing helps optimize validation and proof size

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