Polygon acquires Mir for US$400 million and becomes the “guardian” of Ethereum

Polygon has made an acquisition in the field of ZK-rollups.

On December 9, Polygon , the Ethereum Layer 2 expansion solution, announced the acquisition of the zero-knowledge proof technology developer Mir for US$400 million.

As part of the transaction, Mir will be renamed Polygon Zero and integrated into the existing Polygon ecosystem. Together with other Polygon solutions, including Polygon PoS, Polygon Hermez, Polygon Miden, Polygon SDK, Polygon Nightfall, and Polygon Avail, the composition will be changed. Extensive Polygon ecosystem.

According to Polygon’s official introduction, the Plonky2 built by the Mir team can generate recursive proofs in an incredible 170 milliseconds on a laptop. This is the fastest speed to achieve recursive proof so far. The outstanding performance of Plonky2 makes it an ideal choice for building a ZK virtual machine compatible with Ethereum. Most importantly, plonky2 is very practical on Ethereum, with a proof speed of 45kb in size optimization mode.

Officials stated that our industry is still in the early stages of expansion and blockchain infrastructure. At Polygon, our strategic decision is to explore and encourage all meaningful expansion methods and technologies at this stage. We believe this is the only way to make Polygon a leading blockchain platform and join the first 1 billion users to Ethereum.

This also means that after the completion of the acquisition, Polygon will change its identity as a rival of Ethereum and become a multi-purpose expansion solution for Ethereum.

It is reported that Polygon also plans to further expand through acquisitions, targeting game studios and NFT assets.

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