Polkadot Eco Week Watch: What does the slot auction really mean for the Poca Eco project?

5 minutes to learn about the big events of the week in Poca Ecology!

Polkadot Eco Week Watch: What does the slot auction really mean for the Poca Eco project?

Polkadot Week Watch is a compendium of what happened in the last week for Poca Ecology as a whole, and also shares some of our observations on these events in vernacular form. This article is intended to provide information and perspective, and does not endorse any projects. Any projects mentioned will not be recommended for investment, but only for information purposes.

Observations and Opinions
I. Reviewing the phenomenon on the eve of Kusama slot auction
We wrote an article “What is the value of Kusama and why is it important? in which we explained the value of Kusama and predicted the phenomenon that might occur in the future. Looking at it again today, the phenomenon depicted in the article is happening.

Many projects have followed Poca, which built Kusama, an advance network with an economic system, and these projects have deployed an advance network on Kusama for their own master chains. As a result, Kusama will also be a very ecologically rich network in the future, and Kusama will also serve as a secondary relay link into Poca, allowing its value to expand further. So, those individual projects that have deployed advance networks on Kusama, their advance networks are likely to have the potential of Kusama as well.

Also, we mention a word at the end of the article: cadence. Poca’s development, due to its steady development tone, makes it necessary to test many features first (e.g., on Westend), then upload them to the advance network, Kusama, and then observe whether they work well before finally uploading them to Poca. This naturally makes the development of Kusama and Boka very rhythmic. Whoever can grasp this rhythm will get better dividends. This is why in recent times, KSM is performing better than DOT.

Second, what exactly is the significance of slot auction for boca ecological project
We need to understand one thing first. Not all boca ecological projects need slot auctions, there are several cases.

The first is that the project is not so necessary to access the polka ecology for various reasons. For example, the project is currently in the early stage of R&D, or just on the main network, and is not ready to participate in the slot auction immediately. Another example is that the project itself is self-contained and can run independently, but only uses the Substrate framework of Poca to build its own public chain. Strictly speaking, such a project cannot be considered as an ecological project of Poca, but since it is a chain built on the Substrate framework, if it intends to access Poca in the future, it will be easier than a chain that does not use the Substrate framework, so it is not excluded that such a project will consider accessing Poca later.

For example, the cross-chain function of Polka is not very necessary for its own function, such as the cross-chain DEX protocol of Zenlink, which is a multi-chain and globally shared liquidity, and has its own cross-chain function, so it does not need the slot of Polka so much.

Second, different polka eco-projects, with different development rhythms, have different needs for cross-chain functionality, both in terms of time and degree. Some projects can make the traffic up quickly after the cross-chain function is launched on Polka, and there will be many cross-chain demands, such as DeFi-type projects, while some projects can hardly have so many cross-chain demands before they develop the ecology, but why they still actively grab the slots? On the one hand, it is necessary to win slots to attract more developers and funds to enter, which is beneficial to their own development ecology; on the other hand, it can be for the role of marketing and publicity to make themselves more well-known and enhance their brand image.

For this auction, the focus is still that point, grasp the rhythm of these ecological, you will get unexpected dividends. This is also a reminder that we should not limit ourselves to Kusama and Boka anymore, but also pay more attention to the projects of Boka Ecology.

Third, for some projects that do not need marketing so much, or projects that do not have enough financial strength or community consensus, and projects that do not have such a big demand for cross-chain functionality, they are waiting for parallel threads to come online, and they will choose to use only parallel threads to meet their daily needs, or use parallel threads to transition first, and then consider slot auctions when the slot auctions are not so competitive later, or when they are stronger.

Fourth, since Kusama will also access Wavecard in the future, some project parties do not choose to make an additional advance network, but choose, either to access only Kusama (to get a Kusama slot), or only Wavecard (to get a Wavecard slot), or both can be accessed.

Third, how the U.S. economic data will affect the market afterwards
With the arrival of summer, rising temperatures inhibited the development of new crowns, while vaccines also played a certain effect, the United States thus ushered in a round of employment recovery, the recovery of the service sector will divert part of the U.S. commodity inflation problem. We mentioned before that US inflation is serious, but it is not that inflation is a bad thing. When it is necessary to recover the economy, moderate inflation is actually beneficial, and this is a direction that the mainstream US economy has to adhere to at the moment.

The policies of countries on cryptocurrencies are still advancing in an orderly manner. If the policies are so gradual without further increases, while the economic level ensures the premise of moderate inflation and interest rate hikes are not so fast, the aftermarket is likely to be a structural bull market. Of course, this qualification is still quite a lot, which means that one cannot be blindly optimistic, and any big change at any level may have a big impact on the cryptocurrency market. At that time, even if Boca starts to develop ecology, the impact will not be small, and we should be cautious.

Here is, last week’s Boca Eco news, please Enjoy.

Poca official news
Statemine got the first free parallel chain slot in Kusama network!

At 00:30 AM on June 4, Kusama Network finally upgraded its parallel chain Shell to Statemine parallel chain after two councils + technical committee + community referendum! This means that Kusama Network has officially launched Statemine, the first parallel chain for public good, and allocated the first free slot for Statemine by way of governance! This is a very historic moment! As a member of the Kusama Board of Directors, PolkaWorld was also involved in the voting for both motions!

Polka Weekly: Statemine has added NFT and asset asset modules, currently only available via Sudo calls]

According to PolkaWorld’s latest Polka Weekly Report, this week’s key events include.

(1) On June 2, the Shell parallel chain runtime on Westend was upgraded to Westmint (the Westend version of Statemint).

(2) On June 3, the Kusama Council voted twice, the first time to change shell’s storage to statemine’s genesis state, and the second time to upgrade statemine logic for shell, after which it was accelerated through the technical committee and went to referendum.

(3) At 00:30 AM on June 4, Kusama network upgraded Shell for parallel chain to Statemine parallel chain after two council + technical committee + community referendum. This means that Kusama Network officially launched Statemine, the first parallel chain for public good, and allocated the first free slot for Statemine by way of governance.

(4) The NFT and asset modules of Statemine have been developed and perfected, currently there is no asset interface open to the public, it can only be invoked through Sudo, the next step will be to open the asset issuance function through Kusama Council and referendum.

(5) On June 5, Kusama Council voted Motion 306 to upgrade Kusama’s Runtime to v9040 to add 2 transfer methods on Kusama-Statemine, and the referendum will be opened next.

[Web3.0 Bootcamp Phase II Smart Contracts Special Session Held Successfully

On June 3rd, web3.0 bootcamp Phase 2 Smart Contracts session co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain, New Chain Space, parity, and web3foundation was successfully held. This event mainly took everyone to understand all aspects of smart contract platforms on bootcamp: moonbeam, patract, and clover.

Ambassador Program|The first phase of the 2021 BoC ambassador list was announced, thanks to 11 ambassadors for their outstanding contributions to the BoC community

The official upgrade of the 2021 Poca Ambassador Program has received more than 200 applications; in this announcement of the 5th Ambassador Program, there are 11 graduated Poca Ambassadors, two of them are “Senior Ambassadors”. All ambassadors have completed the Milestone program in the first half of 2021, and have made contributions to Poca and the Poca ecosystem in terms of original content output, media release, community and event promotion.

Ecology Big News
[Acala Asian Community Ambassador Recruitment Program Officially Launched

Acala was established in 2019, and since its inception Acala has become one of the fastest growing and most influential DeFi projects, with more than 10+ outstanding overseas community ambassadors active in the United States, Europe, New Zealand and other regions, which are scattered around the world but have become a strong link between Acala and the community. This recruitment is open to community ambassadors from China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and many other countries.

[Patract Major Milestone: Redspot v0.4 Completes Major Development Program

Ten months ago, Patract submitted treasury proposal #0[1] for Redspot v0.1 and described the development plan for the next four releases. A few weeks ago, we submitted Treasury Proposal #44 [2] for Redspotv 0.4, and we have now completed the full plan. redspot is working on getting ink! development project-based and streamlining testing and interaction with the contract. The source code and documentation is available at https://github.com/patractlabs/redspot/.

Apron Network Launch Node Service Provider Recruitment Announcement

Apron Network is committed to building a decentralized infrastructure services network platform that links infrastructure service providers and Dapp developers, allowing service providers to publish and benefit from any type of service they offer. infrastructure services for developers and is available on multiple public chains including Kusama, Polkadot, Ethereum, Heco, BSC, Filecoin, Helium, including Layer 2.

[Plasm Network Announces SDN & PLM Token Allocation Breakdown

Shiden Network is an offshoot of Plasm Network, acting as a smart contract for the Kusama parallel chain, and the token system of Shiden Network is slightly different from Plasm Network, just like Kusama is different from Polkadot.

[Zenlink launches the first global community idea contest].

To stimulate the creativity of the community, the Zenlink team has launched the first Global Community Creativity Contest, If you have “something”, don’t hide your Creativity! The event is divided into two parts, Zenlink Meme Creativity Contest and Zenlink Essay Contest, there is always one for you.

Patract launches Metis, the standard library project of ink! and Ask!

Metis is a WebAssembly contract standard library developed by Patract, and Patract Labs will work with the community to develop various WebAssembly contract standards, develop ink!

SherpaX 2+1 Test Network Competition Launched!

ChainX’s pioneering SherpaX 2+1 test network was officially launched on June 4. In this 2+1 joint test, 2 stands for ETH-based cross-chain gateway and BTC-based cross-chain gateway; 1 stands for the upgraded ChainX decentralized AMM DEX. SherpaX will access Kusama as a parallel chain.

In anticipation of the upcoming Kusama slot auction, SherpaX is now running the SherpaX 2+1 Test Network Contest with 6 prizes for you to win!

[Shawn Tabrizi serves as technical advisor for KILT Protocol, the open source blockchain protocol for the polka ecosystem

KILT Protocol, the open source blockchain protocol for the polka ecology, tweeted that Shawn Tabrizi is now a technical advisor to KILT. It is reported that Shawn is the head of Runtime Engineering Team at Parity Technologies and is responsible for guiding Substrate and Polkadot runtime development.

Zenlink Announces Second Discovery Edition NFT Pickup Guide for NFT Genesis Release

Zenlink announced that the long-awaited second batch of Discovery Edition NFT releases for community members is finally here. Previously Zenlink has announced the complete list of NFT releases generated in its first public beta, and will complete that part of the NFT distribution in two batches. Currently, the first batch of Discovery NFTs have been released, and the second batch of Discovery NFT releases will be launched soon.

Coming APP is now live!

Coming is a communication software that focuses on user privacy and security. It is dedicated to solving the core web3.0 problems such as unified authentication system, data authorization, privacy protection, decentralization, etc., and is created to build a new privacy social network economic ecology.

ChainX team realized the drawbacks of Web 2.0 communication software early on, and started to plan the positioning of Coming and implement the development immediately. After months of iterations and updates, Coming App V0.0.2 is officially launched today!

May Patract Open Alliance added Crust, NFTMart, Cycan, Polka.Warriors, BML and other members to join

In May, Crust Network, NFTMart and Cycan Network, as well as Polka.Warriors, DotMarketCap and BML, announced that they have joined the Patract Open Platform (POP for short, the same as Wasm The Patract Open Platform (POP, also known as the Wasm Contracts Technology Alliance) is a joint effort to build the Wasm Contracts ecosystem.

Private Venture Capital Firm Master Ventures Launches $30 Million Polkadot Fund

Private venture capital firm Master Ventures has launched a $30 million fund for crypto projects aimed at building a parallel chain slot on Polkadot, according to PRNewswire. The Master Ventures Polkadot VC Fund, the first of its kind, will invest in the most promising projects of Polkadot and its canary network Kusama, according to a statement Wednesday.

Bit.Country will create a huge number of jobs in Africa!

Bit.Country is being built by some extremely experienced blockchain technicians with a wealth of experience in the field and the project will be extremely promising. In addition, Bit.Country is built under the Polkadot network. This ensures both user security and cross-site accessibility of the project. Thus, the project will solve many problems in the blockchain field and will create numerous jobs for the masses in Africa and beyond.

[Polka Eco-Project StaFi: Yearn Vault has integrated crvRETH]

Polka eco-project StaFi tweeted that StaFi rToken completed a new integration and yearn.finance has turned on vault for crvRETH. crvRETH is a deposit credential token for the rETH/ETH pool on Curve Finance. Users can deposit crvRETH to vaults on yearn.finance with an APY of up to 15%.

[Two founders of PolkaWarriors, a Polka community, join SubDAO team].

SubDAO is Polka’s DAW infrastructure, which allows any decentralized organization to quickly create and manage DAWs. subDAO will not only link DAWs and DApps for cross-chain management of DAWs, but will also provide an entry point for Web 2.0 to connect to the Web 3.0 world. Sang Tran, founder of PolkaWarriors, a well-known community in Polka, and Tony Montana, co-founder, joined SubDAO Labs as part of the team responsible for building the SubDAO global community.

[RMRK and Bit.Country join forces to create a new paradigm of metaverse!

Kanari is a fundraising project organized by RMRK that will distribute unique NFT eggs that will hatch into special, scalable, unique and rare Kanaria birds (canaries). Country). The small metaverse (Bit.Country) and RMRK are dedicated to building and maintaining small metaverse to truly demonstrate the potential of gamified NFT.

[Polka Eco-Project StaFi: WrapFi to Launch Incentive Program for rTokens/ETH Liquidity Providers]

Polka eco-project StaFi tweeted that WrapFi will launch an incentive program for rTokens/ETH liquidity providers and UNI-V2-LP providers will receive 9% of the total WRA supply as a reward. WrapFi is said to be an interest-bearing token-specific DEX backed by the TMM algorithm.

[Sakura Pre-Crowdloan Officially Begins, Early Participation Gets Up to 20% Earnings Bonus]

Clover Finance is a Polkadot eco-smart contract platform dedicated to providing easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure and creating a one-stop compatible EVM framework for Substrate-based applications to lower the barrier and cost for developers. Ethernet developers and projects can simply migrate their smart contracts to Polkadot.

[Polka Eco DAO Infrastructure Idavoll Network to be Integrated into Huawei Cloud

According to Businesswire, Polka Eco DAO infrastructure Idavoll Network announced a partnership with Huawei to integrate into Huawei Cloud. Idavoll Network said the integration will give users the freedom to choose a cloud or region (region) to create and run DAO services, share events between companies infrastructure, and cluster access to structured, authenticated data within the platform.

Polka-based NFT public chain Efinity will soon open a public offering on Coinlist

According to the official news, Efinity, a Polka-based NFT public chain developed by Enjin, will soon open a public offering on Coinlist, with registration period from June 2 to June 18, and the public offering will be officially opened on June 24. Regarding the rules of the public offering, each user will have a subscription limit of $100-$500 and a public offering price of $0.20. The tokens will be released linearly within 9 months starting on or around August 4, 2021.

Developed by the Enjin team, Efinity is a NFT public chain based on Polka. In March, Enjin closed an $18.9 million private placement round led by Crypto.com Capital, DFG Group and Hashed, with plans to build Efinity, a wavecard-based NFT blockchain.

[Reef Finance Launches $20 Million Stipend Fund to Scale Reef Chain Development

We are pleased to announce the launch of a $20 million stipend fund for developers to scale Reef Finance’s Reef Chain development. $20 million of the stipend fund will be used to help equip developers with the necessary infrastructure to build the Reef ecosystem. We want to attract top talent who are interested in building the future of DeFi applications with us.

[Crust Network will invest 90,000 CRUs and 1.8 million CSM to reward crowd-lending participants].

Crust Network will encourage users to use Crust storage through token incentives, as announced at the “Boca Ecology China Tour”. In addition, Crust will invest 90,000 CRU + 1.8 million CSM to reward users who pledge KSM in the Kusama slot auction crowdfunding.

Bifrost will participate in Kusama’s first slot auction

Bifrost product leader Tyrone said at the “Boca Ecology China Tour” that the Kusama parallel chain auction is expected to start in two weeks, and Bifrost will participate in the Kusama Phase 1 slot auction. In addition, the integrity of the XCMP cross-chain messaging protocol will pose the biggest challenge to the polka ecology, and a full XCMP will bring an explosion of applications to the polka ecology.

[Ternoa, the NFT-based decentralized data transfer blockchain, will soon launch a bridge to achieve cross-chain interoperability between BSC NFT and Polkadot ecosystem]

Ternoa, an NFT-based decentralized data transfer blockchain, recently announced on Twitter that it will soon launch the first bridge to achieve cross-chain interoperability between BSC NFT and Polkadot ecosystem, including CAPS ERC20-BEP20 and Ternoa NFT-Binance NFT bridges.

Bit.Country opens a node operator reward campaign!

On Bit.Country, you can create your own Bit World (Bit Country) by tokenizing your community with your theme, your DAO, community tokens, NFT and virtual marketplace. Your fans will have the opportunity to earn your tokens through various KPIs that you set.

[SubGame goes live on TokenPocket as the first boca eco-parallel chain].

According to the official news, SubGame has become the third polka project to access TokenPocket after Polkadot and Kusama. SubGame is a parallel chain of game and payment module engines for many developers around the world to participate in the construction of the polka ecology. The module engine released by SubGame can provide the easiest and fastest development environment for boca eco-developers, which can significantly improve development efficiency and reduce development costs.

Ecological Investment and Financing
Automata Network, a decentralized middleware protocol, closed a $2.4 million strategic round of financing with participation from Kernel Ventures and others].

On May 31, Automata Network, a decentralized middleware protocol, announced the completion of a $2.4 million strategic funding round with participation from KR1, IOSG Ventures, Jump Trading, and Kernel Ventures.

Automata Network is a decentralized middleware protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for DApps on Ether and Polka to enable privacy, accuracy, and frictionless computing.

[Subspace Labs closes $4.5M seed round with IOSG Ventures and others]

Subspace Labs recently closed a $4.5 million seed round of funding, according to official sources. The round was co-led by Hypersphere Ventures and Stratos Technologies, with participation from Consensys Mesh, IOSG Ventures, Republic Labs, D1, OKEx Blockdream, Gate Labs, NGC, Candaq, Krypital, Dealean, Cabin VC, and FinanceX.

Subspace can provide incentive compatible, innovative Proof-of-Capacity (PoC) consensus algorithms and scalable, perpetual decentralized storage for PoC network development, fully enabling free, fair and environmentally friendly hard disk-based consensus algorithms, while addressing the Pow and PoS network The centralization trend of the problem.

[NFT protocol RMRK completes $6 million funding round with LD Capital and other participants]

The Coin Republic news, NFT protocol RMRK announced the completion of $6 million in funding from D1 Ventures, LD Capital, YBB Foundation, PAKA, Signum Capital, Carbon Blue. Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem to build a standard cross-chain NFT infrastructure.

[Pontem, a Polka-based DApp Framework Protocol, Raises $4.5 Million]

According to official news, Pontem, a polka-based DApp framework protocol, has raised $4.5 million in funding led by Mechanism Capital and Kenetic Capital, with Alameda Ventures, Delphi Ventures, Animoca Brands, NGC Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Spartan Capital, Altonomy, Avalanche, CMS Holdings, Momentum 6, Taureon, AU21 Capital, GIBC and others participated in the investment.

Pontem is a poka-based DApp framework for establishing interoperability between DApps built on public chains such as Ether, Poka, and EOS with Diem, Facebook’s digital currency project. The Pontem Network test network is currently operational, and there are plans to launch Poca parallel chain development in the coming months.

Ecological Cooperation
NFTMart and adFunture reached a strategic cooperation]

NFTMart, the ecological NFT trading platform for boca, announced a strategic cooperation with adFunture, a famous hip-hop label in China. The two parties will launch a deep cooperation in the field of NFT+tide play, help more street artists and designers understand and use blockchain, and introduce street culture and tide play to the NFT world. Provide NFT investors and collectors with richer investment and collectibles.

adFunture was founded in 2002 in Hong Kong . It is a platform that enables collaboration with street artists and designers from all over the world. Many heavyweights of street culture have collaborated with adFunture. In addition to a number of well-known dolls, adFunture has also launched co-branded models with famous brands such as Hiroshi Fujiwara, Jeff Staple, Futura, Mishka, Flying Fortress, Devilrobots, D*Face, Fafi, Faile, etc. adFunture often organizes exhibitions of artists’ works alongside its products. So far it has curated and organized numerous exhibitions in Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Shanghai, etc. The cumulative number of street artists and trend designers exhibited exceeds two hundred.

[Ares Protocol and Kesef Finance reached a strategic cooperation].

Ares Protocol is built on the Polkadot ecosystem to provide a reliable, efficient, trust-free, intelligent, cross-chain prophecy machine protocol. Ares Protocol provides safe and secure data for the DeFi platform and will provide the same service for Kesef, giving Kesef Finance a competitive advantage. We are committed to delivering disruptive solutions and Kesef Finance is one of our partners. Ares Protocol will help Kesef Finance collect credible and compelling data to serve as a bridge to help Kesef explore opportunities within Polkadot’s DeFi ecosystem!

[Litentry announces partnership with iMe to broaden the boundaries of DID usage

iMe is a new instant messaging software based on Telegram API, incorporating artificial intelligence Neurobots, and a fully functional crypto wallet. It allows users to easily and securely purchase crypto assets using credit cards, manage and send to any contact with one click. As of June 1, 2021, iMe had over 2.3 million total downloads and over 200,000 daily active users. We think iMe Messenger is very ambitious and ambitious, and truly committed to shaping the future of decentralized social with creative imagination. So we’re excited to work with them to deliver a range of new features to iMe users. This will help drive use and awareness of DIDs among the non-crypto population.

[Boca Eco NFT trading platform NFTMart and SHEERBLOX reached a strategic cooperation].

According to the official news, Boca Eco NFT trading platform NFTMart announced a strategic cooperation with SHEERBLOX, both sides explore the NFT+music model together to help musicians enter the NFT world, and also recommend more excellent investable music NFT assets for the majority of NFT collectors and investors.

SHEERBLOX is a club electronic music label that uses the wave-absorbing blocks on the beach as its totem. With a higher standard of digging those forgotten and ungerminated electro woozy sounds. SHEERBLOX’s music producers and visual artists include: ANOHITO, CamberX, 3Colo, Lu Yanfu, KiwiZ, Vertigob, etc. The label is dedicated to the live performance and scene of electronic music, presenting the diverse possibilities of electronic rhythmic rhythms in the form of parties, visuals, installations, videos, etc.

[Genesis Shards and the decentralized cross-chain bridge network Darwinia have entered into a partnership].

Projects on Darwinia will be able to access pre-IDO liquidity on the platform through Gen Tickets, via NFT on Genesis Shards. They will also be able to benefit from Genesis Shards’ comprehensive network of strategic partners, including access, connection to the ecosystem and access to mentoring partners.

[Phala and Amara enter into strategic partnership to jointly launch MaraLink, a cross-chain solution for asset data]

On June 2, Phala Network announced a strategic partnership with Amara Finance, a multi-chain asset lending and finance agreement for the Polka ecosystem, and the launch of MaraLink, a cross-chain asset data solution designed to build an asset data interoperability between the Polka ecosystem and other popular public chains. The aim is to build a bridge between Polkastarter and other popular public chains.

Polkastarter and Polygon reached a partnership: Start deploying projects on Polygon!

Polkastarter has integrated with Polygon, and this partnership will bring great scalability and interoperability to the entire Polkastarter ecosystem, while reducing the cost of Gas.

Polygon is a protocol whose mission is to build an “Ethernet-based blockchain internet”. polygon’s vision is to build an ethereum-compatible cross-chain ecosystem that allows the ethereum ecosystem to grow indefinitely without sacrificing scalability. polygon does this through a tool that allows Ethernet developers to quickly deploy custom, Ethernet-compatible blockchains. These blockchains leverage the PoS built by Polygon to protect the chain, enabling fast transactions with secure settlement on the main Ethernet network.

[Moonbeam Network Announces Completion of Integration with Polkamarkets

According to the official news, Moonbeam Network announced the completion of integration with Polkamarkets. The integration will accelerate the process of migration of Polkamarkets market forecasting technology to Polkadot. With Moonbeam, Polkamarkets’ team will be able to provide real-time market forecasts for more valuable assets such as virtual currencies, eSports, professional sports, or more Polkadot-based assets.

[ETF Investment Platform Plethori and Blockchain Data Transmitter PARSIQ Partner]

ETF investment platform Plethori announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with blockchain data transmitter PARSIQ, according to Cryptodaily. The partnership will allow Plethori to integrate PARSIQ’s smart triggers to create dynamic ETF price information for Plethori’s platform.

Plethori is an ETF investment platform that allows for the creation of de-trusted ETFs and open trades using blockchain technology and Layer-2 solutions. In addition, Plethori offers its users cross-chain investments in exchange traded funds built on Ether and Polkadot.

Investors can use this service and deposit funds to invest in a range of ETFs, enabling them to invest in cryptocurrency industries such as Oracle, NFT, insurance, derivatives, and more.

Upcoming Events
[Registration for the 2nd Summer Polkadot Hackathon is open

The Polkadot Hackathon is a hackathon for developers in the Polka ecosystem, co-hosted by Parity and the OneBlock+ community. 100+ developers will be recruited from July 17-18 in Hangzhou to combine their theoretical knowledge of the Substrate framework with real-world development to create more innovative projects in the Polka ecosystem. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with a prize. The winning team will receive a generous prize and technical and resource support, and become a member of the Poca ecosystem in a real sense.

Registration address.

https://shimo.im/forms/gphHCQHpkXYcwKGP/fill (Graphite registration and login required to view details)

Thank you to PolkaWorld, the first community of Polka Chinese, and Blockchain Knight for supporting this article.

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