Polka parallel chain is calling out, the market hotspot is about to switch?

From the current trend of BTC, still did not get rid of the bottom range, into the rebound trend section, from the change in volume, the market wait-and-see sentiment is thick, the long and short sides are entering a depleted posture, the bottom area will experience some grinding time torture .

Polka parallel chain is calling out, the market hotspot is about to switch?

1、 BTC market analysis
Fundamental things will not be repeated, from the current trend of BTC, still have not gotten rid of the bottom range, into the rebound trend section, from the change in volume, the market wait-and-see sentiment is thick, both the long and short sides are into the exhaustion of the situation, the bottom area will experience some grinding bottom time torture .

Overall, the risk is not great, but the risk is not lifted. btc although the overall impact on the market has gradually become weaker, but it is still the largest pie, so its impact is still one of the most important reference factors.

The current strategy for BTC is to wait and see , to serve as a flag utility mainly, and only if it bounces back to above 53000, the risk can be lifted.

2、 ETH market analysis

ETH after 4H trend of the release of finishing and retracement, back to the long-term average 30-60 support position, shrinkage rebound, indicating that the main long-term chips firm, the market circulation chips less, so the whole plate is still a very healthy situation, after the previous position, position reduction, swing operation is complete, the bottom position still continue to hold more .

3, LTC/BCH/XRP/EOS/ADA/DOGE market analysis

Recently LTC/BCH/EOS/XRP four small dragons without a bit of news, before pulling the plate very quietly, and the market in a substantial adjustment before they pull the plate for three consecutive days are more than 10%, or even more than 20%, this is the law that we have been tracking, is that the four small dragons are beginning to attract funds step by step to pull the plate, whether it means that the old plate is doing to cover the exit of the main currency. This is a very good example of how the market can be controlled by a group of people, so that the pace of the market is very tight and tight.

We have been reminding people for a long time that the little dragons are the exit flags and BTC and ETH are the entry flags. The entry is the main force in the fight, the exit is the auxiliary in the cover. The market has been so crazy before that we gradually forgot the role of this flag. So we should always remind ourselves that at this stage. Although the small dragon door in this round of retracement, basically retraced in more than 40%, the short-term risk has been lifted, into the platform finishing stage. But the current view, the back of this risk flag pulled up again, although with the help of its cover slowly retreat .

A word about ADA, this guy was originally the dog’s head, just after DOGE, PIG, SHIB these out, making his name was covered up, but his rise can never be ambiguous, from 0.2 up, now 2U, has been 10 times the trend. According to cryptobriefing, the Caldano Foundation is now inviting Tesla to accept its native cryptocurrency ADA, saying that ADA is a perfect fit for Tesla. The foundation claims on Twitter that its project “meets many UN sustainability goals” and “is changing the industry’s green image and reducing its environmental impact. So clearly someone is milking the ADA, hence the recent huge rally. Musk has become a cancer in the crypto world, bringing huge traffic to the crypto world while also bringing huge negative impact, so CZ took him down on Twitter.

4、DOT/KSM market analysis

Yesterday, Gavin showed his face with white hair and a scruffy face and announced that “the first parallel chain Shell of Kusama will be online in the next week or so” and tweeted “Now it’s Canary, next it’s Polkadot”, so you saw the shock! The violent KSM/DOT leapt up, directly from “or leap in the abyss” in Qian Gua 9.4 to “flying dragon in the sky” in Qian Gua 9.5. Now the flying dragon in the sky is still in the middle of the upper trigram, there is still to enter the upper position, so we still expect to break through to new heights, into the true upper position of the upper trigram of the ninety-five, “flying dragon in the sky, to see the Lord”.

What does it mean? Pull these calves, is obviously metaphysics, so translate, is that ETH and BTC currently affect the mainstream market, the main flag of the market has not been handed over to ETH, need to BTC bottom identified after the new small pivot of the 1H cycle of ETH identified, the market began to determine a new round of small level up , now no need to panic, the median means that now has not yet broken through the pressure of the former high. Once the market stabilizes, the former highs break through in one fell swoop, directly triggering the market, only to have the real flying dragon in the sky.

Should explain understand, the wind came, crabs also ate, seafood also on, on the back of the gourmand feast a few people can eat to the end.

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