[Pokadot Observation] Kusama Parachain Astar Network-a DApp hub that supports multiple chains

Shiden Network won the third auction of Kusama slot after Karura and Moonbeam, contributing 136,000 KSM during the crowd loan.

Shiden Network won the third auction of Kusama slot after Karura and Moonbeam, and contributed 136,000 KSM during the crowd loan period! More than 4,300 investors participated in crowd lending.

Shiden Network网络

Recently, Plasm announced a brand upgrade and changed its name, Plasm Network changed to Astar Network. The strategic positioning is slightly adjusted, from the scalable Polkadot smart contract platform, which supports cutting-edge Layer 2 solutions and Ethereum virtual machines, into a multi-chain DApp hub on Polkadot, supporting Ethereum virtual machines, WebAssembly and Layer 2 solutions. Shiden is the pioneer network of the Polkadot ecological project Astar Network.

Shiden can become Kusama’s third parachain project, which is related to its advanced positioning and long-term consensus :

First, Astar Network is a Polkadot ecological project established as early as 2019. The project has a high degree of maturity and has gained the consensus of more investors.

Second, Astar Network has advanced positioning, and its layout is compatible with Ethereum and Layer 2, attracting more investors to enter.

At the moment, the repositioned Astar has set a more ambitious goal based on the original foundation. On the one hand, it will expand its ecology to other public chains besides Polkadot , and become a DApp hub that is more than just Polkadot. , But a multi-chain DApp hub . On the other hand, after Astar is compatible with Ethereum, it also sees the new direction of future smart contract development, WebAssembly (Wasm for short).

Things to do on Shiden  Network 

Multi-chain: Build bridges to various ecosystems. (Ethereum, SCRT, Cosmos, etc.).

dApp STaking (the basic source of income for developers): SDN token holders can pledge their tokens on their favorite dApp, so that both nominators and dApp developers can earn SDN tokens.

Multiple virtual machines: Shiden natively supports EVM and WASM. Through cross-virtual machine communication, EVM contracts can interact with WASM contracts in the Shiden ecosystem.

How to deploy dApp on Shiden 

1. Visit our documents. Learn how Shiden Network works and how to deploy smart contracts.

2. Shiden Network supports EVM and WASM. Choose a virtual machine that suits your team and use case.

3. Compile the contract and deploy it on Dusty. If you are trying to deploy a Solidity smart contract, then you have two ways to compile a smart contract: use Ethereum tools such as Hardhat, Remix, Truffle, or use Solidity (a Solidity to WASM compiler). After compiling the contract, you can deploy it to our test network Dusty Network. If you want to deploy WASM smart contracts, you can use our portal or deploy to connect to our parachain through polkadot.js.

4. Deploy on Shiden. After successful development on Dusty, you can deploy your contract on Shiden. If you need any support or join our builder program, please join our developer center on Discord.

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Shiden network roadmap

Shiden Network’s PLO and parachain start-up process roadmap.

Phase 1: Auction

1. Token distribution stage-1/2 tokens are distributed in the creation

2. Parathread stage-the minimum running time to participate in the parachain auction

3. Plan network inflation rate phase-before collator POS, determine the duration of network Era

4. Kusama Auction Crowdloan Campaign-Register Shiden network organizer and start the crowdfunding campaign

5. Become a parachain of Kusama-win the position of the parachain in the auction and start block production

The second stage: Parachain Organizer

1. Adjust the call weight-adjust the transaction fee of the Shiden network

2. Start the batch calling module-upgrade the Shiden runtime to use the latest Polkadot runtime and enable the util module

3. Kusama PLO reward distribution-distribution of auction contribution rewards through the attribution platform

4. Aura Collator Staking-Start NPoS and rewards for collator nodes without permission

5. Enable balance transfers-start balance transfers on the Shiden network

Phase 3: Integration

1. XCMP stage-cross-chain messages are stable for use in contracts

2. Zenlink integration-implement pallet for Shiden network-zenlink-protocol

Token distribution

Plasm Network is a scalable DApp platform based on Substrate in the Polkadot ecosystem. Shiden Network is the canary network of Plasm Network on Kusama.

SDN token distribution

Shiden Network is a branch of Plasm Network, acting as a smart contract for the Kusama online parachain. Shiden Network’s token (SDN) system is slightly different from Plasm Network (the token is PLM), just like Kusama and Polkadot are different.

Coin World-[Polka Observation] Kusama Parachain Astar Network-a DApp hub that supports multi-chain
Coin World-[Polka Observation] Kusama Parachain Astar Network-a DApp hub that supports multi-chain

In the parachain auction, 30% of the tokens will be reserved for the Kusama parachain auction. For Shiden Network, 22% will be used in the first auction and 8% will be used in the second auction. At the same time, there is a 5% buffer (parachain auction reserve).

PLM token distribution

Coin World-[Polka Observation] Kusama Parachain Astar Network-a DApp hub that supports multi-chain
Coin World-[Polka Observation] Kusama Parachain Astar Network-a DApp hub that supports multi-chain

Astar website worth looking forward to

Regarding the dynamics of Astar Network, you can check the relevant website. The Astar portal site will be launched in July. In the portal site, you can choose Shiden Parachain and use the following functions: 

Wallet for SDN tokens

Token transaction

dApp Staking

Pledge collector

Deploy dApp

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