Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT


This Winter Olympics seems to have attracted more attention than ever before. Bingdundun is the best example. A seemingly simple Bingdundun toy has become a social capital overnight.

Not only is the real Bingdun pier being wildly hyped, the “Bing Dun pier” NFT officially authorized by the International Olympic Committee is even more exaggerated. The sale price of $99 has reached $1,000 in the secondary market.

The International Olympic Committee not only authorized the release of the NFT version of the digital badge for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, but also the game “Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022” developed with the IP of this Winter Olympics was officially launched the day before the opening ceremony. Among them, the on-chain Token and NFT functions are also integrated into this game.

The game is developed by nWay, a blockchain game studio under Hong Kong-based Animoca Brands, based on the Flow chain . In the game, players can participate in a series of winter ice and snow sports events and win the International Olympic Committee in the process of game competition. Authorized NFT digital badge. Next, BlockBeats will introduce the game in detail to you, and let’s feel the Olympic atmosphere in NFT games.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

“Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022”

“Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022” was developed by blockchain game studio nWay and launched on Google Play and Apple App Store. After downloading, players can log in with their nWayPlay ID without connecting an encrypted wallet.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

Through this game, players can exchange the in-game Gems obtained in the game competition process for NFT digital badges officially authorized by the International Olympic Committee in the nWayPlay market created by nWay for collection or trading, and can also be supported in the future. The DEX is converted into the game Token for profit.

In June last year, nWay officially signed a licensing agreement with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), announcing that it would launch an Olympic-themed NFT digital badge and multiplayer online blockchain game, with the IOC taking money from each NFT badge sale. Collect royalties.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

After eight months, the game has been successfully launched, and officials do not plan to stop it after the Beijing Winter Olympics, the game’s features will continue to be updated, including new content, sports, modes and events to keep the competition alive freshness and appeal. Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay, said that supporting the sport with continuous updates to keep the Olympic spirit alive; and Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022, a Play to Earn game, allows players to participate in this global celebration while , but also to obtain a certain profit.

NFT and in-game currency system


NFT BOX (Digital Blind Box) is a combination pack of a series of NFT PINs (Digital Badges). Take the “Bing Dun Dun” digital blind box of the current Beijing Winter Olympics as an example, the official released a total of 500 EPIC BOXes at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on February 12th, on the Flow chain trading market nWayPlay, each with a price of 99 US dollars. Limited to 5 pieces. However, it was sold out shortly after the launch, and the phenomenon of hard-to-find “piers” was staged again in the NFT market.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

The EPIC BOX contains 3 officially authorized NFT PINs: 1 Epic and 2 Rare, and the content includes 15 versions of the officially authorized mascot “Bing Dun Dun” to perform various winter sports, such as snowboarding, freedom 5 versions of the official emblem of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and 1 version of the poster.


NFT PINs are digital versions of collectible and tradeable Olympic badges, first available on nWayPlay in June 2021, with various attributes associated with physical badges, including authenticity, rarity, and provenance, with rarity divided into Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary grades, and each has a unique serial number, making them a true collectible.

As part of the Olympic Heritage Collection, NFT PIN celebrates the art and design of past Olympic Games and reflects the graphic heritage of the world’s largest sporting event, such as posters, logos, pictograms, and the mascots of the 126-year-old modern Olympics .

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics NFT PIN purchased by BlockBeats in the nWayPlay market

How to get NFT PIN?

1) Buy NFT BOX in the nWayPlay market and get NFT PIN;

2) Buy specific NFT PINs from other collectors on the nWayPlay marketplace;

3) Get rewards from the game “Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022”.

In addition, the benefits NFT PIN brings to gamers of “Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022” include:

1) Obtain the “Ticket” required to participate in high-level competitions

By using Ticket, players can participate in high-level competitions to get Gem rewards;

2) Unlock exclusive in-game items

Customize the user’s avatar with an exclusive skin bound to a specific NFT, and unlock special sports equipment unique to a specific NFT;

3) Get extra rewards

All players can get Tickets or Gems when participating in the competition, but NFT PIN holders can get additional rewards;

4) Participate in special events

There will be some tournaments with exclusive rewards that are only open to NFT PIN holders;

5) Early access to the game

Previously, NFT PIN holders could be the first players to experience the game.


In more advanced game modes, players need to use the corresponding number of Tickets to open the corresponding game mode. In the game, players can obtain Ticket rewards through Free mode, and equip NFT PINs to generate Tickets.

After equipping the NFT PIN, a corresponding Ticket will be generated for the player every few minutes, the number of generated Tickets and the remaining generation amount will be displayed above the NFT PIN, and the total number of generated tickets will be determined by its rarity. Once each NFT PIN has generated all its Tickets, it will be turned into an “Artifact” PIN and no more Tickets can be generated.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT


Gem is the in-game currency. After players obtain Gems, they can be exchanged for NFT PINs in the nWayPlay market for collection or trading, and they can also be converted into the game Tokens in future supported DEXs for profit.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

Game Token

The Token is not yet available in Uniswap, Pancake Swap or any other DEX. Once available, the official Token smart contract address will be released.

How does the game work?

The game is divided into 4 modes, namely Free, Amateur, Pro and Champion.

1) Free (free mode)

Players do not need any Tickets to play the game; and up to 12 Tickets can be awarded.

2) Amateur (Amateur Mode)

Players need 100 Tickets to start the game; up to 600 Gems can be rewarded.

3) Pro (Pro mode)

Players need 300 Tickets to start the game; up to 1860 Gems can be rewarded.

4) Champion (Champion Mode)

Players need 1000 Tickets to start the game; up to 6600 Gems can be rewarded.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

In the specific “Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022” game, players can participate in a number of ice and snow sports events, including Snowboard – Slalom, Snowboard – Slopestyle, Freestyle Skiing – Cross and Skeleton. In each round, up to 20 players can compete together.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

Snowboard – Slalom

Snowboard – Slalom often sets up sets of gates in downhill races, with athletes sliding between gates or poles. The gap between the gates is about 8-15 meters, which is closer than the gap in giant slalom, super giant slalom, and downhill races, resulting in extremely tight and fast turns, so it requires a lot of skill training.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

When the game starts counting down, players can click the “Gain” button to gain acceleration; they can also gain speed when passing near flags, but avoid hitting them, as players will slow down due to dizziness. Also, try to get as many points as possible before finishing ahead of the other players.

Snowboard – Slopestyle

Snowboard – Slopestyle originated from extreme sports such as skateboarding and motocross. It has become the most entertaining competition with long tracks, multiple sets of jumping platforms and props, and full display of snowboard action skills. Athletes will score according to the flipping range, originality and quality during the skating process. Su Yiming, who just won the silver medal, participated in this project.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

Freestyle Skiing – Cross

Freestyle skiing first developed in the United States from the middle of the last century, and was included in the Winter Olympics in the 1990s. It is completed by double boards. Athletes have to use snowboards and snow poles to make designated and optional actions on specific snowfields. , the already well-known Gu Ailing and Xu Mengtao are both representatives of freestyle skiing.

Freestyle Skiing – Cross is a small event in freestyle skiing. The competition is carried out on a track containing different slaloms, jumps, waves and other forms of landforms. There are flag gates on the field, and consecutive flag gates have color intervals.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

Skeleton (steel sled)

Skeleton originated in northern Europe. It is a winter sports event that uses sleds as a competition tool. Athletes need to lie on their stomachs and slide on the sleds, and the maximum speed can reach more than 130 kilometers per hour. Because the head is facing forward when sliding, sledding is extremely dangerous, so it has long been excluded from the official competition.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

Based on the above overview, after downloading and playing “Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022”, BlockBeats found that the game is still in a very early stage, there are not many players, and some “robot players” will be assigned during the matching process. After completing 4 events at the same time, the rhythm BlockBeats was rewarded with 3 Tickets.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

In addition, according to the official introduction, the game will also combine the popular NFT avatar avatar gameplay. Players can use the exclusive skin bound to a specific NFT PIN in the game to customize the user’s avatar or avatar, and unlock the unique sports of a specific NFT PIN. Equipment, and even extends to character enhancements such as faster speed, tighter controls, or greater resistance to danger.

economic mechanism

“Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022” is a Play to Earn game where players can earn certain income while participating in the global celebration of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

1) First of all, players can get Ticket rewards through Free mode, and equip NFT PINs to generate Tickets. Then use the Ticket to participate in higher-level game modes for gem rewards.

2) After obtaining the Gem, players can purchase NFT BOX in the nWayPlay market, or convert the Gem into the game Token, and then purchase the NFT PIN.

3) Players can also convert the obtained game Tokens into other cryptocurrencies in future supported DEXs.

Playing the official mobile game of the Winter Olympics can still get NFT

Project Background

Developed by nWay / Animoca Brands

nWay is a blockchain game studio owned by Animoca Brands, a San Francisco-based developer, publisher and technology platform that offers Play to Earn games across mobile, PC and consoles.

The company has a proven track record of developing AAA-quality games on mobile devices and consoles, such as the Power Rangers series, Battlepalooza, and has launched more than a dozen hit console and online titles, including several that have redefined the Games in their respective genres: Grand Theft Auto, Diablo II, and Lineage II. The team consists of leading developers and senior executives from Sony, LucasArts, EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Xbox, Warner Bros., Konami, Kabam, Pocket Gems, Zynga, Glu, Jam City and Machine Zone.

Animoca Brands is one of the biggest winners in this year’s concept craze such as NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse. It was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Its The Sandbox is one of the most popular Metaverse projects, and it is also the head of NFT. Early investors in star projects such as OpenSea, Sky Mavis, the developer of GameFi’s leading project Axie Infinity, and Chain Game Association YGG, according to their 2021 Q3 quarterly report data, have invested in more than 140 projects so far.

Officially authorized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

“Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022” was officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee in June last year. In addition, nWay actively responds to the IOC’s global licensing program for the “Heritage Collection” (Olympic Heritage Collection), with previous Olympic Games, lifestyle and limited edition high-end products at the core, aiming to connect audiences with Olympic history through art and design.

Built on the Flow chain

The game is built on the Flow chain. Flow is a fast, decentralized, developer-friendly blockchain, launched by Dapper Labs, a well-known Canadian blockchain service provider, aiming to provide the foundation of digital assets for a new generation of games and entertainment applications, creating a star DApp Including: CryptoKitties, NBA Top shot, Dapper Wallets and more.


At present, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing. On the field, Chinese Olympic athletes constantly challenge themselves, breaking records one after another, and promoting the Olympic spirit of “higher, faster, stronger and more united”. Outside the arena, the Beijing Winter Olympics once again aroused the keen attention of the whole people. While this Winter Olympics brings exciting competitions, it will also drive 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports, making more people fall in love with ice and snow sports, making China’s ice and snow industry enter a period of vigorous development, and laying a solid foundation for building a sports powerhouse. .

For many gamers and NFT collectors, apart from watching games and cheering for Olympic athletes, what better way to celebrate than to collect and play NFT digital badges and games officially authorized by the International Olympic Committee . The game “Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022” will also further expand the audience of these NFT digital badges, and allow players to feel the strong Olympic atmosphere in the NFT game with the Play to Earn mechanism, and experience the Olympic Games in a new way wonderful.

In addition, the NFT digital badge authorized by the nWayPlay platform is also the first plan announced by the International Olympic Committee to enter the NFT field, and hopes to use new digital technology to promote Olympic values ​​and establish a more direct relationship with global sports fans, which is in the An important step has also been taken to provide all sports fans with the full Olympic experience.

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