Player community brings multiplayer game mode MOD for Half-Life: Elixir

It just provides you with a pair of eyes that cannot share physical interaction and game state

Player community brings multiplayer game mode MOD for Half-Life: Elixir

Do you feel a little lonely sometimes if you like Half-Life: Elixir? After all, it’s only a single-player game. Not to worry, the mod community has finally brought a multiplayer game mode mod.

The “alyx-multiplayer” mod supports Half-Life: Elixir for Windows and is able to track the head position and rotation of multiple users in order to communicate between clients. It is worth noting that the code is open source and hosted on GitHub, and that installation guidelines and technical details can be found on this page.

But please don’t expect too much, this is a very simple module. While it allows you to invite friends to join you on your VR journey in a very limited way, the friends can only float around Alex as floating panels, just like robot companions. So, the most you can do is look at fireworks and talk with your friend.

Since this module only tracks head position and rotation, it only provides you with a pair of eyes and cannot share physical interaction or game state. In addition, this module is quite primitive and may have some quality issues.

But if you want to be able to have a friend to accompany you in your VR adventures, “alyx-multiplayer” is a good addition. Of course, “Half-Life: Alyx” creative workshop provides nearly a thousand different modules, interested in you can freely explore the excavation and download and play.

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