Plasm Releases Shiden Crowd Lending Bonus Instructions

Over the next few weeks, the Web3 Foundation will announce auction dates at least 7 days before the auction begins.

Plasm Releases Shiden Crowd Lending Bonus Instructions

This is a short article explaining our Parallel Chain Slot Lease Offering (PLO) strategy and how PLO works.

After speaking with members of the Polkadot community, we realized that many people misunderstand the concept of PLO. A common misconception is that crowdfunding and auctions are the same thing. In the case of Shiden Network, crowdfunding is different from auctions, and we focus more on crowdfunding than auctions.

Plasm Releases Shiden Crowd Lending Bonus Instructions

In the next few weeks, Web3 Foundation will announce the auction date at least 7 days before the auction starts, as we need 7 days to unlock the KSM tokens. In the meantime, Shiden is starting to crowd-lend to collect KSM from our community. what is the incentive to join our crowd-lending instead of auctioning? That’s a good question, Shiden has a bonus for PLO participants to encourage people to join our crowdlending instead of auctioning as early as possible.

Simply put, the sooner you join our crowdlending (not auction), the more SDN you can earn!

Plasm Releases Shiden Crowd Lending Bonus Instructions

I know it’s a bit hard to understand, so let’s give an example here.


Shiden prepares 15,400,000 SDN for the first PLO (22% of total supply). If you lock in 1 KSM for Shiden Network, you will get X SDN after we win the slot. assume 600,000 KSM (about $300 million) is locked in during the PLO. In this case, X is 25.6 SDN (15,400,000 SDN / 600,000 KSM).

However, since Shiden’s crowdfunding has a bonus rate, if you join our crowdfunding before day 3 of the auction, you can get about 30.8 SDN (6/5 × 25.6 SDN). (See the chart above!)

On the other hand, if you join our crowdlending after this, your SDN will be less than 25.6 SDN (about 20 SDN). We recommend that the sooner you join our crowd lending, the more SDN you will get.

Please note that the above is an example we gave. Since we also have waitlist bonuses, etc., you can get slightly different numbers than above.

Learn more about “Plasm releases Shiden’s Kusama auction strategy here!

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