Pixel wind Chimpers: Can it become an NFT potential project

Today I would like to introduce a group of chimpanzees to you. A few days ago, I talked about a lot of excellent projects, discussed various exquisite painting styles for a few days, changed my taste, and then took a look at the pixel style with everyone.

Pixel wind Chimpers: Can it become an NFT potential project

Chimpers is a groundbreaking character series brought by the famous pixel artist Timpers. They have a narrative background of web 3 adventure stories, envisioned initially originating from July 2021, as the holder of the chimpanzee, will embark on an epic adventure, will Explore to uncover the mysteries of chimpanzees and unite to create a universe that will be remembered for decades to come.

Different from the promise of some project parties that they don’t talk big and down-to-earth, Gorilla’s project party spirit is “under-promise, over-delivery”, providing more value to collectors through mystery, surprises and rewards. We will introduce today:

team background

Whitelist structure

price structure

mint timeline

Pixel wind Chimpers: Can it become an NFT potential project

founding team

The Chimpers series started with 100 genesis chimpanzees and now has 5,555 generative series, the Chimpers universe is a new world brought to life by twin brothers Timpers and Insight.


Timpers has a certain influence in the field of crypto art, and started to dabble in graphic design in 2014, using Photoshop to create designs for social media. He then started a YouTube channel, posted hundreds of tutorials on how to use Photoshop, and built a large community of 40,000 subscribers. During his college years, Timpers was exposed to many different styles of art and animation. He is most optimistic about pixel art and the most closely related pixel art is simple and easy to understand, but extremely malleable. As a first-generation Pokémon player, Timpers are primarily inspired by pixel-based retro games and anime movies.

Pixel wind Chimpers: Can it become an NFT potential project

Timpers has collaborated with RTFKT, Kolectiv, interleave, and published related artworks in BAYC x rolling stone magazine, and participated in the Nouns DAO project as one of the artists. The TBAC series of NFTs (a spin-off story about the BAYC orangutan) were also released before.


Insight, the twin brother of Timpers, created his own website and started interviewing some of the biggest names in the crypto art world, many of which were published by decrypt, Cointelegraph and 137pm. He built the legend behind the TBAC world. The ebook in TBAC unveils the Chimpverse.

Ser Joey

An entrepreneur with many years of experience, founded regulatory websites for individuals and businesses looking for information and networking places. This online community remains the world’s largest offering of products, education and consulting services. Joey built the og punk leaderboard, mint 3 boring apes, and is now in charge of supporting the TBAC x Chimpers project, from strategic direction to day-to-day operations.

Pixel wind Chimpers: Can it become an NFT potential project

Whitelist structure

The upcoming Mint on May 22 consists of allowlists, contests, giveaways and sweepstakes of existing TBAC and Chimpers properties. So before we get to know Chimpers officially, let’s take a look at the team’s last series, TBAC.

Pixel wind Chimpers: Can it become an NFT potential project

TBAC has 6 TBAC episodes, having all 6 episodes is called “full episodes”, and having all 6 episodes, you can have 8 Chimplist positions. Owning 1 episode in Snapshot (a voting tool based on the IPFS decentralized storage system used by many crypto projects to vote for their user base) earns 1 Chimplist slot. Genesis Chimpers are rewarded to the holders of the complete set through airdrops, and will also be auctioned for sale. Whoever owns a Genesis Chimpers in Snapshot can get 6 Chimpanzee slots. The animation works are initially sold to the anthology holders, who are then raffled off to the community. With 1 animation work, you can get 1 lottery place.

Pixel wind Chimpers: Can it become an NFT potential project

The e-Book is a flippable e-book with narrative stories, designed to invite more adventurers to join the TBAC ecosystem. With 1 e-Book, you can get 1 small vault location, and with multiple small vaults, you will get multiple locations.

Pixel wind Chimpers: Can it become an NFT potential project

Owning an asset and being on the allow list mint will be cumulative, no conflict. For example, you own an eBook and you also win a raffle spot for a partner community. You are eligible to mint in both places.

In addition to these common methods above, the winners of community competitions also have the opportunity to win through the public PREMINT sweepstakes. 250 winners will be randomly selected and they will have a chance to mint 0.07ETH for 48 hours on May 20th. After the winners are randomly selected, the waiting slots of the wallet will be randomly selected. The waiting list is another set of eligible wallets randomly selected from a raffle pool that will have a chance to mint 1 Chimpers if the main mint has unminted Chimpers. According to the old yuppie, the supply will be small and the demand will be high.

price structure

Total: 5,555

Allowlist mint:0.07 ETH

Secondary royalty: 5.5%

The total amount of 5555 includes the allocation of financial grants, giveaways, and partners, of which 130 NFTs will be reserved for the team’s coffers. These will be used for community events, future plans, and core/dev/mod teams/friends. Any unminted chimps from the waiting list will flow here.

Pixel wind Chimpers: Can it become an NFT potential project

Mint Timeline 

Step 1 May 20.

Financial allocations are airdropped to team wallets.

At 18:00 pm (UTC), listing sales are allowed to be open to everyone for 48 hours.

Step 2 May 22

At 18:00 UTC, the initial sale ends.

After 18:00 UTC, the waiting list is open to those selected.

A hint:

All whitelist holders must mint their entire quota in one transaction. Without the full allocation of a one-time cast, the remainder cannot be revisited and cast.

Think twice before minting coins.


The team’s last project, TBAC, once created a good floor price, has complete project experience, and a complete narrative background of the universe, and said that it will not make over-promises and will bring more value through mysterious surprises. The Chimpers whitelist allocation policy is also correct. The link between the team’s other projects is undoubtedly an encouragement to the earlier investors. In addition, the project party has established a good cooperative relationship with many leading communities in the field of encryption. Several founders’ understanding and thinking about NFT will also bring certain benefits to the long-term development of the project, and successfully created a fusion of pixel art. , adventure lore and a vibrant community atmosphere. The release is just a few days away, are you on the list?

Special statement, our article is not an investment advice, please readers to think independently, or the same sentence: investment should be cautious, and no one should believe it.

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