Physical assets on-chain achieve large-scale breakthroughs in Ant Chain energy industry on-chain equipment exceeded 5 million

The industrial blockchain has achieved new breakthroughs and verified the feasibility in large-scale commercial use, and fusion technology is the key point of this breakthrough.

The reporter learned today from Ant Chain, a subsidiary of Ant Group, that through the integration and exploration of blockchain + IoT technology, it has taken the lead in achieving a breakthrough of 5 million “on-chain” devices in the new energy industry, mainly covering new energy vehicles, solar photovoltaics, new Energy battery, etc.

Industry insiders said that this shows that the credible digitization of physical assets has achieved feasibility verification in large-scale commercial use, which means that a large number of valuable physical assets can be digitized in a new way and circulated in the trusted blockchain network.

The far-reaching changes brought about by the digital wave are just beginning. In the real world, there are still a lot of assets that exist in traditional ways, and there are still too many inefficient links in the complex and long circulation process. For example, it relies on a large number of paper documents and manual review to record the flow of goods and funds, but traditional digitalization has high credit verification costs, so there are credit problems in value circulation.

Blockchain can directly build a value network based on the Internet of Information. It naturally has the characteristics of openness and transparency, non-tampering, peer-to-peer interconnection, and easy traceability, which can reduce the trust cost of all parties. Complete the digital transformation of physical world equipment, and map physical assets in the digital world in real time and credibly. This move can directly solve the authenticity problem before the data is uploaded to the chain, so that the value of physical assets can be exponentially amplified in the blockchain network.

“The digitization of physical equipment on the chain is equivalent to opening the ‘second growth curve’ of industrial digitization.” He Guili, vice chairman and deputy secretary general of the Internet Society of China, said that this technology integration application has further opened up blockchain-enabled entities. The imagination of the economy makes it possible to establish the value transfer system of the real industry.

In June 2021, AntChain launched the first wireless communication module AntChain MaaS. Through the root of trust based on the unique characteristics of the device, the terminal device can be automatically connected to the blockchain, so that the IoT data can be trusted on the chain and carry out the whole process. Encryption, the first exploration of the trusted chain of physical assets.

He Guili judges that in the future, more and more digital items will be circulated on the blockchain, and the degree to which enterprises integrate and apply the blockchain and other information technologies will profoundly affect the quality and depth of their digital transformation.

As one of the main technology brands of Ant Group, Ant Chain mainly uses blockchain integration technology to serve the industrial Internet. It is understood that AntChain has nearly 100 patent applications in the field of “IoT + blockchain”.

Lou Jianxun, vice president of Ant Group’s digital technology, said that technological innovation is the constant background of Ant Chain, and Ant Chain will continue to use innovative technology capabilities to meet the various needs of the real industry and create greater value for it.

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