Phase decline ends, enters rebound phase

Since the emergence of the 5.19 market, it is clear that the market will enter the bottoming phase, with limited room for further price declines.

From 5.19 market appeared, it is clear that the market will enter the bottoming stage, the price of further decline in space is limited, the bottom of the horizontal plate will appear after the rebound phase, the overall rhythm in line with expectations, if you miss the bottoming opportunity, or cut meat at the bottom, it is more regretful, only to say that due to the recent continuous killing, resulting in the loss of confidence and lost, so do not overly concerned about short-term market fluctuations, to the big The situation to judge the direction of the market, obviously this year the bull market regardless of any news can not be reversed, as long as firm this belief, any big drop will only be an opportunity rather than risk.

Phase decline ends, enters rebound phase

In a social media post during the late U.S. trading session on Monday, 24 EST, Musk said, “Talked to some North American bitcoin mining organizations who have committed to posting current and planned renewable energy consumption, and are calling on miners worldwide to do so. This could have a future.” It seems that Musk is once again long on Bitcoin, and it is good to be long at this stage, but the market should be viewed rationally, and if we continue to rely too much on Musk to be long, it will be easy for him to manipulate the market and make it speculative again, which is not good for the long-term development of the market.


With the price breakthrough of $38000, announced the short-term down market line bundle, into the rebound phase, the day concern whether the price can stand above $40,000, if the breakthrough of this mark, the next rebound target is between 42,000-45,000, because at present only belongs to the rebound phase, rather than the trend change, so you still need to see step by step, waiting for the gradual trend change.

Phase decline ends, enters rebound phase

With the price rebound, will test the return level, intra-day attention to the $40,655 return level, if you can break this pressure, this week is expected to rebound to $44,000, MACD began to converge, is expected to form a golden cross, for this week’s trend is more favorable, continue to focus on the sustainability of this week’s rebound. Pressure level: 40600, support level: 38000.


With yesterday’s sharp rebound, is now facing short-term pressure of $ 2740, need to break through this pressure to further rebound, so do not blindly chase up for the time being, waiting for the pressure to follow up after the retreat or breakthrough. Pressure level: 2700, support level: 2400.


Yesterday’s surge, recovered last week’s past losses, concerned about whether this week can show a positive package of yin, back above $35, short-term pressure area in the 29-32 region, need to break through this area to reverse the short trend. Pressure level: 29.00, support level: 20.00.


Yesterday’s sharp rebound, for short-term shorts to get effective suppression, into the rebound phase, pay attention to its rebound market can continue, and reverse the recent trend, the pressure above in the vicinity of $ 400. Pressure level: 400, support level: 300.


In the $ 120 to get effective support, the price rebound, the short-term will test the $ 200 mark, pay attention to whether to recover this mark, if you can stand above, the subsequent rally will continue. Pressure level: 200, support level: 140.


Although there was a rally yesterday, the price has not yet recovered to the inside of the medium-term box, so it needs to return above $28 to get rid of the current risk. Pressure level: 28.00, support level: 19.00.

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