PGO landing on Binance smart chain, tearing open the entrance to the meta universe

Once the trend is turned on, it is irreversible to a certain extent

In the crypto market, the concentrated reflection of this change is the rise of Meta Universe and GameFi. As far as the current situation is concerned, games have gradually changed from pure recreational attributes to multiple attributes such as entertainment and social interaction.

As the game scenes brought by GameFi become more three-dimensional and personalized, digital virtual characters are becoming an important part of people’s self-expression and individuality. At the same time, starting from this dimension can help us better understand why NFT can Constantly surpassing conventional cognition, the more important point is that once this trend starts, it will have an irreversible impact to a certain extent.


(Facebook launches virtual reality office applications)


At the economic revenue level, most GameFi track games also distribute most of the profits to the players, the difference is only a slightly different proportion. Before the emergence of NFT and GameFi, such a situation was unimaginable, but after NFT, more imaginative solutions emerged to the issue of trust between game players, developers, and publishers and the balance of interests.


Thus, the GameFi track PGO animation meta-universe aggregation platform was born


The PGO animation meta-universe aggregation platform is committed to building the GameFi chain game value ecology and reshaping the in-game assets and exchanges. Focus on the platform to maintain feelings and focus, and create high-quality, breakthrough games.

The introduction of a new economic system in the game allows players to jointly participate in the construction of the bottom of the game. Playing is also the process of developing the game and also participating in the process of building a virtual civilization. The imagination of the game will be unprecedentedly liberated in PGO.


In August 2021, PGO completed the platform’s first milestone plan—the first Pokémon NFT series card casting collection light game application in the OEC network. The number of contract calls and the number of users in the OKlink Hot Defi rankings in the past 4 weeks is displayed. The game is the most popular application on the OEC network.


(OKlink contract call data ranking)


On September 07, 2021, this popular NFT card casting and collection game on the OEC network will be launched on the BSC mainnet. Binance Smart Chain users can experience this newly emerging and booming GameFi application through the built-in browser of the third-party asset management. .

The PGO animation meta-universe aggregation platform will destroy 50,000,000 PGO on the game OEC network today to help the application launch on the Binance Smart Chain. The PGO (BSC) pre-sale whitelist application was launched yesterday, and the whitelist users who passed the review will be eligible for the PGO (BSC) pre-sale subscription discount.


Whitelist application link:


NFT digital rights certification has promoted the development of Metaverse, Game and NFT have confirmed the rights of in-game assets, and the concept of Defi decentralized tokens has opened the door to industry innovation and economic benefits.

PGO is precisely relying on such a new round of GameFi game format to grasp the fuzzy boundary between the virtual and the real in the meta-universe.

GameFi and Metaverse are the current trends in the value creation of the encryption industry. If you have not paid attention to or understood it, then it is time to experience PGO, a chain game product with clear game logic from the underlying technology.


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