Pew Pew Series: The First .gif NFT on the Bitcoin System

The Pew Pew series is the first NFT on Bitcoin in .gif format.


Pew Pew Series: The First .gif NFT on the Bitcoin System

Hannah Hart is the creator of the Pew Pew series, the first set of NFTs in .gif format to be issued on the Bitcoin (BSV) system.

The Pew Pew series is the first set of NFTs on Bitcoin in .gif format.

Before Hannah Hart, better known as Art On Chain, joined forces with RelayX, we had only seen NFTs in static images, or as in the case of Twetch, unique rotating 3D image NFTs, but never NFTs in .gif format that could be traded on the secondary market.

Hart says, “With the release of SFP (Simple Fabriik Protocol), I’ve issued a few tokens.” She is an artist and graphic designer who has helped name, design and develop several BSV applications and businesses.

“Some of my ideas (about) the ideas behind the tokens impressed Jack Liu of RelayX, who called me one of the top five entrepreneurs in the BSV space. We then connected and wanted to work together. jack had the platform and I had the design skills, and that’s how things came about.”

In less than two months, Hart played a role in the release of three .gif format NFTs for the RelayX decentralized exchange (REX), including

Pew Pew RelayX distribution

Pew Pew Streamanity distribution

Pew Pew Twetch distribution

Each of these releases sold out in a short period of time.

There are two characters in the Pew Pew series, one character holding a sci-fi weapon and wearing a t-shirt representing one of the aforementioned bitcoin businesses (businesses), and the other character wearing a t-shirt representing a competitor of that business. After the competitor says a few words, the character representing that bitcoin business shoots the competitor with the weapon. To me, this hints at how the bitcoin business will eliminate its competitors.

Pew Pew Series: The First .gif NFT on the Bitcoin System

Describing what she hopes viewers will take away from seeing this NFT, Hart had this to say, “I want people to think – “Why would a BSV business wipe out a non-BSV business? What makes it superior?”

“A person who wants to know the answer should learn about Bitcoin SVs (BSVs). Once this happens, they become a bitcoin advocate.”

Hart said, “I just love pixel art and I wanted to show my support for BSV-based businesses with simple, fun and memorable artwork.” She then told me that Pew Pew-RelayX was by far her favorite version.

“I didn’t think it would sell out at the time. Yet it sold out in 15 minutes! I only designed the pixel art (part). the RelayX team did the rest. All credit goes to Derek Moe, Anatoly, Liam, River and Jack.”

NFT before the Bitcoin system

Before creating art on the Bitcoin system, Hart explored the NFT ecosystem on ethereum.

“These (my artworks you see on OpenSea and Rarible) were actually created as part of another project. The project wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to go, so I had to quit. I then decided to make money from the artworks, which is why they ended up on OpenSea and Rarible. It cost me $25 to make each piece of art and I couldn’t sell a single one.”

When it comes to NFT, Bitcoin SV is the best blockchain for building NFT. The cost of minting on the Bitcoin system tends to be significantly lower than the cost of minting NFTs on a chain with high transaction fees. The last time I minted an NFT on BSV, it cost $0.72, which is far less than the $25 minting fee on ethereum that Hart mentioned.

But fortunately, Hart discovered the Bitcoin system relatively early on, and she recently had the opportunity to bring her art to the BSV blockchain as well.

“I got into crypto in 2017. I discovered Bitcoin SV (BSV) during the Arithmetic Wars, before I knew if Craig was Satoshi Nakamoto or the technical advantages of Bitcoin SV (BSV). The reason I bet on Craig and BSV was simply because of the way others in the cryptocurrency space treated them at the time.

Craig was like the DJT (Donald J. Trump) of the crypto space. I came for the money, (but) stayed for his philosophy.

Through Bitcoin SV (BSV), I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most creative people in the field.”

What’s next for Hannah Hart?

When I asked Hart what she was going to do next, she said.

“As always, making art. Connecting the BSV business to people through design.

When I asked if we could expect her to create more digital art on the Bitcoin system in the future, she replied.

“Yes, totally. There will be more NFT in the future. “

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