Pet industry “electric shock” Metaverse, IQ tax or a new outlet?

The pet industry combined with the Metaverse

Not long ago, Citibank released a 184-page report on the Metaverse. The report argues that the Metaverse, which will combine the physical and digital worlds in an immersive way, will bring together everything we use the internet for today: gaming, commerce, art, media, advertising, smart manufacturing, healthcare, virtual communities and society Collaboration (including enterprise and education) is all covered.

With the development of technologies such as VR, AR, 5G, AI, and blockchain, Metaverse products that once had “concepts” are becoming more intelligent and realistic, and their functions and values ​​are constantly emerging and improving. Since Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was renamed “Meta” in October 2021, giants such as Microsoft, NetEase, Baidu, ByteDance, and Tencent have also announced their entry. In the pet industry, there are already many companies that have deployed Metaverse applications. At present, the development categories of these companies include Metaverse platforms, NFT games, digital virtual humans and other forms.

Pet industry "electric shock" Metaverse, IQ tax or a new outlet?

But as a concept that has yet to take hold, what can the Metaverse bring to the pet industry? Still a thorny problem that continues to be solved.

Metaverse application exploration, is the pet industry really ready?

After the concept of the Metaverse exploded, the first companies that were willing to ride on the Dongfeng were enterprises, and companies from all walks of life labeled themselves “Metaverse” in various ways – game companies launched Metaverse games, and beverage companies launched Metaverse virtual space , sports brands have launched Metaverse digital collections… And these labels are also taking root in the pet industry.

On March 4, 2022, its universe Pet Meta was officially released in China. According to official data, this application, which focuses on digital pet collections, attracted nearly 500,000 users to register in just 6 days.

Pet industry "electric shock" Metaverse, IQ tax or a new outlet?

At the same time, the pet store chain brand of the same company as its universe Pet Meta-Itism has also officially landed in its universe Pet Meta, intending to explore the possibility of virtual economy empowering pet real economy.

Pet industry "electric shock" Metaverse, IQ tax or a new outlet?

Another Metaverse platform of the same kind, the world’s first digital intellectual property platform APP MyNFR, was launched on May 18. It allows pets to obtain their own through blockchain technology by issuing personal pet NFR (non-homogeneous rights and interests). Metaverse identity.

Pet industry "electric shock" Metaverse, IQ tax or a new outlet?

In terms of digital virtual humans, pet enterprise giant Xinruipeng presented the first digital virtual human in the pet industry based on Peng Yonghe, chairman of Xinruipeng, at the opening ceremony of the Pet Nutrition Month Program. s concern.

Whether it is an industry giant or a new force in the industry, the “Metaverse” seems to be becoming one of the territories that are actively explored.

“Electric shock” Metaverse, IQ tax or a new outlet?

At the moment, the explosion of the Metaverse is still only at the conceptual stage. But it is undeniable that during the epidemic, the Metaverse can still bring new possibilities to the industry.

First of all, with the blessing of Metaverse technology, pet companies may break away from the offline space and reach more users in terms of brand, interaction, ecology and other aspects.

At the brand level, pet companies can enhance brand influence and attract the attention of target groups. At present, the concept of the Metaverse is in the limelight, and young people are more likely to come into contact with this digital world that is parallel to reality. According to the “2021 White Paper on China’s Pet Industry” (Consumption Report), the post-90s generation accounts for 46.3% of pet owners, and pet owners tend to be younger. The audience of the Metaverse is highly overlapping with pet owners, and the cutting-edge technology combined with the Metaverse will also attract the attention of young people, thereby enhancing the brand’s attention and user stickiness.

Pet industry "electric shock" Metaverse, IQ tax or a new outlet?

At the interactive level, online conferences, branded games and branded digital stores that combine pet companies with Metaverse are more effective communication bridges between pet companies and users. It brings a great sense of future technology, allowing users to participate in product interaction in a more three-dimensional, intuitive and interesting way, so as to establish a more effective connection with users and continuously meet the needs of users.

Pet companies build virtual spokesperson IPs to concretize their brand image and expand their brand ecosystem. Digital virtual humans are an important part of the Metaverse. The virtual spokesperson IP created by pet companies has the magic of digital empowerment and can realize rich application scenarios. At the same time, it has the characteristics of stronger interactivity and flatter communication, which makes the user experience obvious. Promote and actively participate in brand value communication. In addition, while users share, it further strengthens the brand memory and forms an emotional connection.

Taking advantage of the Metaverse, what should the pet industry do?

If you don’t embrace new things, you risk being marginalized or even eliminated. In the face of the coming “outlet” of the Metaverse, the current pet industry can explore and get involved from the following aspects:

On the brand marketing side, brands can directly combine the existing Metaverse online platform to carry out press conferences or marketing activities. For example, the upcoming China Pet Nutrition Month will be held offline to the Metaverse online platform, breaking through The limitations of venues, materials, and isolation are eliminated, and virtual reality is linked, allowing users to enjoy the surprising experience brought by black technology. Especially at the moment affected by the epidemic, the online conferences and marketing activities under the blessing of Metaverse have made pet companies stand out from many homogeneous conferences.

Pet industry "electric shock" Metaverse, IQ tax or a new outlet?

At the same time, the brand can also customize the brand IP image according to its own or invite virtual idols to endorse, such as the digital virtual person customized by Peng Yonghe, such as Xin Ruipeng, which has received a lot of media communication on social platforms. Virtual digital humans are becoming an important channel for connecting new commercial spaces. Whether it is a digital virtual person, a digital virtual logo image, or a digital virtual product image, it can be used in various scenarios such as press conferences, digital pet stores, and social platforms to form a good IP ecological effect.

On the product side, you can try to develop or use the Metaverse chain store platform to build a digital pet store, AR real-life application business district, or use NFT digital collections as an important starting point to launch Metaverse digital collections limited gift boxes. This kind of “Metaverse” shopping experience and collections in virtual and reality allows users to purchase the required products and services in a more immersive, interactive and emotional way, creating a new digital immersive shopping scene . In addition, customized virtual pets for pet owners and customized virtual pet food are also product paths worth trying.

Pet industry "electric shock" Metaverse, IQ tax or a new outlet?

It is true that the current Metaverse industry is still at a relatively primary stage, but with the continuous advancement of technology and the entry of capital, the pet industry combined with the Metaverse may lead to the emergence of new pet formats.

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