People engaged in the Internet: they are all thinking about the meta universe

A rumor of a name change made this year’s Facebook Developers Conference more attention.

US Eastern Time, at 10 am on October 29th, Facebook’s annual developer conference. In the face of countless visitors, Zuckerberg announced loudly: “Today, we have an important thing to share with you, and that is to confirm the news of the company’s name change, the new company is called Meta .”

Not only that, Zuckerberg also explained the understanding and strategic planning of the metaverse in an unprecedented, careful and complete manner, as well as the various progress made in the field of metaverse.

Even the classic thumb logo has been removed and replaced by a LOGO similar to ” endless “.

People engaged in the Internet: they are all thinking about the meta universe

It can be seen that Facebook’s optimism about the meta universe far exceeds everyone’s imagination.

What is the reason for the rising of the bright light, and now the rapid development of Facebook suddenly turned around, plunged into the meta-universe world where everything is still in the beginning of chaos, and everything is full of unknowns.

1. Xiaozha also has a headache

Facebook’s name change is related to Metaverse, which is in fact reasonable and expected.

Judging from the previous trends, sooner or later this layout will be a matter of time, but I didn’t expect it to come so soon. A week ago, this was just a rumor.

Recently, Xiaozha has been constantly blowing the illusory concept of “meta universe” on various occasions, so that the outside world has a feeling of anxiety that Facebook is in an “old age crisis”.

People engaged in the Internet: they are all thinking about the meta universe

The fact is indeed the case.

The bottleneck that Facebook is facing now is the problem that the rising giants in the PC Internet era have been facing until now: core users are no longer young, new traffic is getting more and more difficult, business models are too single, and policy supervision continues to increase.

A few days ago, Facebook’s report card for the third quarter also showed that a number of indicators fell short of market expectations , such as the continued slowdown in advertising revenue growth.

At the same time, Facebook’s third quarter showed that the number of daily active users worldwide reached 1.93 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6%, but it was a serious slowdown from the 12.3% growth rate in the same period last year; the number of monthly active users reached 2.91 billion, an increase of 6.2% year-on-year. In the same period last year, 11.8% also experienced a serious decline.

This is also a favorable background in which the outbreak of the new crown epidemic last year prompted consumers to switch to online consumption, which greatly promoted the development of the digital economy.

From the perspective of the user stickiness of Facebook’s own App, if measured by the indicator DAU/MAU, the user stickiness of its platform continues to maintain at 66%, but it is also a common bottleneck range where it is easy to go up and up.

In 2020, Tik Tok’s global downloads surpassed Facebook. The latter has fallen into the dilemma of user “zero growth” in the North American market, and behind the “zero growth” is accompanied by the loss of a large number of young users.

In fact, Xiaozha is not the only one who has encountered a dilemma, and the dividends of the entire Internet age seem to be slowly fading.

As of June 2021, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 1.011 billion, an increase of 21.75 million from December last year, and the Internet penetration rate has reached 71.6%, which is only 1.2% higher than in December 2020. The number of mobile Internet users reached 1.007 billion, basically the same as in December last year.

People engaged in the Internet: they are all thinking about the meta universe

In particular, since the end of last year, a new round of global anti-monopoly wave has been set off, all of whom are swearing that this traffic growth space due to the mobile Internet is peaking, and traffic dividends are gradually disappearing.

Flow is life, and under the torrent of the times, no matter how big a factory is, it will inevitably cause survival concerns.

2. Major manufacturers compete for “future tickets”

Some people may ask what is meta universe?

In the past few hundred years, the exponential growth of the wealth expansion process of human society is precisely because from the traditional agricultural society, the industrial society, and then to the information technology society, the social efficiency is getting higher and higher. It is constantly informatization and digitization. The global process is also a process in which the economic capacity continues to soar exponentially.

Only in this way can it accommodate enough super-sized giant enterprises.

The virtual universe without boundaries is undoubtedly the best product that fits the next process.

In fact, the meta-universe can be understood as projecting all things in the real world into the virtual world, and even the scale of the virtual world will be larger than the real world.

We can think back to Spielberg’s movie “The Number One Player”. In fact, it can be understood as the appearance of the “meta universe” in the game.

In Zuckerberg’s “Meta”, social interaction is only one part of it. In the future, we can still see the potential for development in various fields such as social networking, work, education, games, and tourism. All forms include the magical world in the bag.

However, according to Xiao Zha’s meaning, the meta universe is still in its early stages, and the game is only the most understandable place for everyone, and it is also the most easily accepted place. In fact, if the technology is mature in the future, Metaverse can indeed enter people’s daily life, for example, through it, you can play chess with friends.

In the concept of meta-universe, Roblox is the first person to eat crabs.

Since then, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, ByteDance, Tencent , Ali, etc. have all devoted themselves to the construction of Metaverse. For example, ByteDance acquired Pico, a startup company focusing on mobile VR all-in-one machines for 9 billion yuan. Later, Tencent applied for the registration of trademarks such as “QQ Yuan Universe” and “Wang Zhe Yuan Universe”, while Ali was eyeing NFT. I heard that a well-known domestic investment giant even internally set a KPI target to invest in 50 Meta universe game companies within the year.

People engaged in the Internet: they are all thinking about the meta universe

What can Internet companies that quickly embrace Metaverse gain?

It’s very simple, everything is for new traffic-to upgrade the value of social through new concepts, tap new traffic, talk about people is to start a new stove to attract new traffic to play. The meta-universe is the best story. As Roblox describes, behind the meta-universe is not only social, but also a younger audience.

And Internet companies enter the meta-universe track mainly from three aspects: content, social networking and VR/AR-based hardware. The technological breakthrough of VR is the main driving force for the meta-universe wave, needless to say.

Therefore, content and social considerations are the main factors for Internet companies to enter the meta-universe. Facebook, Tencent and Bytedance are the most active in this regard.

But entering the game always has its own direction. In a sense, Facebook may be betting on VR rather than meta-universe.

People engaged in the Internet: they are all thinking about the meta universe

Although the market prospects of VR are good, the last time VR changed from an outlet to a depression was enough to make capital regress. Therefore, Facebook has packaged VR into a meta-universe, and by the way it has upgraded its corporate culture and value.

If you look at the logic of the eight elements of the meta universe, Tencent mainly cuts into the meta universe from the content, that is, the game. Like Facebook’s social weakness, the gaming industry is also stuck in the dilemma of revenue growth but stagnant or even decline in users.

In the age of attention, games with a development cycle of three to four years are no longer in line with the trend of the times, and fast food games that cater to the trend have become the main research and development focus of game manufacturers.

Unlike Tencent’s initiative to promote the meta universe, Bytedance is more like a chariot tied to the “meta universe”. Just like Facebook, short videos are also facing a ceiling crisis in the advertising revenue driven by information flow and short videos.

Therefore, beginning in 2018, Bytedance has shown its ambition to enter the game, and it is natural for the code to be a shareholder. Then the acquisition of Pico into VR is also reasonable. Whether it is the development of short video or a new form of advertising, the technical support of VR cannot be bypassed.

3. Pseudo tuyere or true future

Assuming that technology can already allow us to immediately enter the oasis world in “Ready Player One”, and like Liu Cixin in “China 2185”, abandon the body to completely virtualize and become a new species.

So can we really enjoy the happiness of Elysee Paradise here forever?

In such a cyber world, the bottom physiological basis for Maslow’s needs no longer exists. We can easily obtain material happiness, but the nature of the Internet has not changed. It is just bigger and more three-dimensional, so large that it can truly cover all aspects. our life.

People engaged in the Internet: they are all thinking about the meta universe

In fact, in the meta-universe settings given by Roblox, the meta-universe is more like a utopia and a peach blossom field. Because of the meta-universe that wants everything, there is no real effective solution to the problem of UGC governance.

At the same time, does this virtual world need a set of ethical values, economic systems, currency systems, cultural systems, and even legal supervision systems that maintain social relations?

The metaverse advocates openness and autonomy, which seems unrealistic at the moment.

In the concept of the meta-universe, it is stated that the meta-universe encompasses all things, and the ideal state is that everything in reality exists in the meta-universe, and things that are not in reality also exist in the meta-universe.

Rich in content, diversified crowds, and thinking about what people can’t think of are the most attractive features of the meta universe.

At the same time, Metaverse as a decentralized platform also requires openness, allowing players to enter freely and allowing players to add content more autonomously. But this kind of unrestrained openness and autonomy is a disaster for the UGC platform, because the platform needs to guide users to exercise self-restraint, but not all users have this “discipline.”

Therefore, the current meta-universe concept is more presented in the form of games.

Any society, whether real or virtual, must follow some of the most basic “rules”. Such “rules” may not be the complicated and logical legal provisions of the real society, but virtual users are gradually formed (or cultivated). ) Consistent normative awareness.

After all, there is a unified paradox in openness, autonomy, and standardization. It may take a long time for a standardized virtual social world to emerge.

It took millions of years for mankind to develop from the ancient ape man in the Stone Age to the current high social man.

In addition, there is an important time point for the emergence of the meta-universe-the decentralized blockchain , digital currency and other technologies have risen, globalization has stagnated or even regressed, and humans need to find new connections and communication mechanisms, and find new ones. The method of resource allocation is self-organized and a set of rules of the game are re-established.

And 5g, VR, AR, cloud computing, big data, etc. are just a small part of the many links in the meta universe, which require long-term construction and require users to adapt. Because whether a new technology can be popularized depends on whether the ecology is established, including huge hardware and software systems, and more people’s needs.

In other words, due to the limitations of technology and human nature, the meta universe will not come overnight.

4. Conclusion

Looking at it now, the meta-universe is only a very early concept, a concept that will experience countless vents and bubbles in the next 20 to 30 years.

Even Zuckerberg, who is so optimistic about Metaverse, has to admit, “Metaverse truly contributes to the company’s performance, and it will take at least another ten years to wait.”

Although there is still a distance to realize the vision of the meta-universe, the door between the virtual world and the real world has been opened. Whether it is from the virtual to the real, or from the real to the virtual, it has become an unstoppable trend.

However, I hope that both Internet giants and users will think clearly about what they want before they actually step into the virtual world constructed by huge amounts of data, and think again.

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