Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

During the period from the height of the heat to the maturity of the real product – that is, 2022, we expect to enter a period of divergence. The divergence period is just the outside world’s view of the Metaverse. In the medium and long term, the Metaverse, as a new computing platform, is a deterministic direction. A team with a pattern, vision, determination, and sense of mission, the more divergent the period, the more contrarian it is. put in. The divergence period has ended, and the boom has ushered in a period of uptrend.

The 2022 year of the Metaverse, why it matters

2021: Chaos period

In 2021, the metaverse is still in a period of chaos, that is, a period of cognitive establishment. The entry of tech giants is just a starting gun, and a preliminary exploration of the direction of the metaverse is carried out. The technical paths vary greatly, the product form is far from a mature stage, and many concepts have not reached an industry consensus.

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

2022: Entering a Divergence Period

(1) The experience of hardware and content is expected to change little in 2022.
(2) In 2022, the industry is expected to lack landmark events that will increase the confidence of industrial capital and financial capital.

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

2023-2024: Thousands of troops meet

It is expected that phenomenon-level VR/AR/MR hardware will usher in the next 1-2 years

It is expected that AppleMR devices and Sony PSVR2 will be released in 2022, which will further catalyze the development of the VR/AR industry and the metaverse.

From 2020 to 2021, there are already small popular VR content, and more popular content and applications are in the exploration period, which is expected to lag by about 1.5 years – corresponding to the second half of 2023.

Positive feedback effect: The emergence of popular content & applications will in turn promote the accelerated iteration of related technologies.

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

In the different period, the “quality” is emphasized, and the “samadhi true fire” of real gold is tempered

Two essential differences between the metaverse and games

Essential difference Do a: difference six independent features

Autonomy vs pre-setting

Autonomy is one of the six characteristics of the metaverse, and one of the essential differences between the metaverse and the game

Essential difference 2: The single-player experience of VR games at this stage is one of the four development stages of metaverse content

The first stage – stand-alone experiential content: adding immersive attributes.

The second stage – small-scale interactive content: adding social attributes can realize small-scale interaction, but the current communication network and technology cannot carry too many people for real-time interaction.

The third stage – large-scale multi-person emergent experience: The technology has developed to a certain stage and can carry more and more people online in real time, but the interaction is still not enough, and only small-scale interaction or simple interaction can be done.

The fourth stage – multiplayer real-time online, interactive metaverse: the ultimate metaverse content, in addition to the immersive experience screen effect that can achieve real-time high-brush, can carry multiple people in the same space online in real time, and can achieve Complex interactions require massive computing power and algorithm support.

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

Two essential reconstructions of the metaverse

One is to reconstruct the dimension of human sensory experience

The essence of the metaverse: digitized human sensory experience – not only sight, hearing, but also touch, taste, smell, etc.; and acting on three dimensions of human – time, space, and experience. The second is to reconstruct the generation and driving methods of interactive content/objects

In the traditional Internet, the interactive content/objects are basically designed and rendered by real people, but in the metaverse era, AI-generated content is a major new production factor under the metaverse concept, and AI will generate a large number of It exists in all aspects of supply and demand.

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

The most variable content in the metaverse

Content in the Metaverse is bound to have subversive innovations

The amount of content has skyrocketed

The polarization of the competition landscape of the content industry will increase, and the global world view of big IP, UGC

Cultural differences between China and the United States bring about model differences in current content

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

Where will the accumulated strength be?

5 directions to see the true chapter

Combining industry development trends and China’s advantages, Metaverse Unicorns may be in the following five directions:

new hardwareism

virtual digital human

AI as a new factor of production

digital collection

The power of enclosing: underlying architecture, back-end infrastructure

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

new hardwareism

Our future research direction is based on “new hardwareism”, to study when new hardware will break out, and what is the next computing platform pointed to by new hardware? At present, XR equipment is the most highly anticipated by the industry, and is expected to replace mobile phones as the next generation of new hardware that is used on a large scale.

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

NFT releases liquidity for digital assets

Blockchain is one of the core technologies in the construction of the Metaverse, providing a set of economic operation rules for the Metaverse. The essence of NFT based on blockchain is the “securitization” of virtual assets – it provides a set of rights confirmation and circulation mechanism for virtual digital assets. The substantial increase in liquidity will bring value revaluation and sensitive prices. reaction mechanism.

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

Underlying Architecture: What to Expect in 2022

In addition to hardware first, hardware and content are complementary and mutually reinforcing development logic, and the generation of metaverse content is inseparable from the role of the underlying architecture, which is a crucial factor in the primary stage of metaverse development.

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

The power of encirclement: AI, back-end infrastructure

The Metaverse is inseparable from the perfection of the new digital infrastructure implementation. At present, we can already see that the generation and driving of virtual digital humans require the use of back-end infrastructure and artificial intelligence technology.

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

Peking University 2022 Metaverse Global Annual Report

The current Internet can no longer be called advanced productivity. The attractiveness of the Internet’s content form to users has declined significantly. Script killing and blind boxes have become strong rivals for user time and disposable income; Metaverse increases the dimension of user experience, The new content form bred is expected to have the competitiveness of “rolling”.

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