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PeanutSwap development status

PeanutSwap is one of the blockchain projects developed by the well-known American investment company Angel Foundation. The foundation is located in Colorado, USA, with strong capital. The foundation has a wide range of businesses, covering multiple fields such as medicine, education, and architecture. Entertainment and more. PeanutSwap is a universal one-stop service platform that can be implemented and deployed on any blockchain that supports smart contracts.


In order to better link the virtual world and the real world, PeanutSwap has developed the concept of meta-universe, creatively realizing the combination of decentralized transactions, games, and meta-universe. Technically, based on the traditional Internet, PeanutSwap puts forward higher requirements in terms of immersion, participation, and operability. Therefore, it will be supported by many independent tools, platforms, infrastructures, and protocols. With the increasing maturity of AR, VR, 5G, cloud computing and other technologies, PeanutSwap is expected to gradually move from concept to reality.

PeanutSwap has launched the beta version of BSC at 20 o’clock on October 9th, Beijing time. In order to further reflect the characteristics of openness and transparency, the test network simultaneously launched the destruction and airdrop plans. According to the official website, the transaction fees of the board of directors in the first 3 days of the test period have all been used for airdrops, and most of the users who traded in the first 3 days of the test period received PN airdrops.

Application of PN in Yuanyu Realm

PN and other blockchain applications are an important part of the meta universe-without them, a decentralized economy cannot operate, and digital commerce will be meaningless. For example, all types of NFTs are  traded in  Decentraland -from fashion and crypto cards to real estate promoted as part of LAND. In June, a piece of land in Decentraland was sold for nearly $1 million, making it the largest virtual reality real estate purchase in the game.


NFT is now an important part of the meta universe. Recently, Visa purchased CryptoPunk for $150,000. The artwork is the avatar of a female character, painted with mohawk and red lipstick, which prompted Facebook to reconsider NFT to achieve its meta-universal goals and support NFT in the Novi wallet.

The innovative feature of NFTs is that they are collectible and unique items for which content creators can set a value. They are unique digital works with blockchain standards to ensure that the product is unique. ERC-721 is an Ethernet Square on a standard block chain tokens issued. Each standard is a smart contract that tracks asset ownership. But as competition intensified, other agreements have also introduced their own standards to gain a place in the NFT market, such as Binance Smart Chain, Solana or Avalanche.

The use of PN in the meta universe can bring several benefits, just to name a few:

1. On-chain governance: Through DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), the ecosystem is managed by its community. In this type of system, the rules are encoded in smart contracts deployed on the blockchain. DAO members can propose and make changes through code updates and voting rights provided to them based on the number of tokens they hold.

2. Hierarchical distribution: The structure of the meta universe can be divided into multiple layers. By dividing the blockchain into several independent layers, it protects the ecosystem and reduces network latency. We can take Decentraland and its three-layer distribution as an example: the consensus layer, the land layer, and the real-time layer-all of which serve a specific purpose to keep the meta-universe running efficiently.

3. Permissionless identity: The permissionless blockchain provides everyone with an open network to participate in the meta universe.

4. Enhancing the decentralized economy: Decentralization is an important factor of the meta universe, and blockchain technology can provide a complete decentralized infrastructure on the basis of it.

Another important aspect is interoperability-meta-universes should not be a limited space, so by connecting several meta-universes, users can interact with other worlds and players and bring their core concepts to life. PN can connect one virtual world with another, and allows multiple parties to negotiate and exchange goods. We may see someone in Facebook’s meta-universe sell NFTs in a decentralized market, and then use these funds to buy a piece of LAND in Decentraland. Artists, musicians, e-commerce companies, and other retailers can interact and collaborate and then sell their NFTs, which may eventually be owned by users of another metaverse. For example, a company might have opened a store on Facebook’s Metaverse and  bought a piece of land in Decentraland, Fortnite, or  Sandbox . Through PN, all these transactions will be realized.

With the improvement of the Peanutswap ecology, in the future, the Peanutswap board of directors, NFT, Meta universe, chain games and other more ecological sectors will be launched soon, and PN will release huge potential at that time.

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