Overview of Solana Ecological Project

Solana proposes a new Proof of History consensus mechanism, which is different from the sharding or data partition processing technology used by Quarkchain and Zilliqa. Solana reaches a consensus with PoS equity to expand system throughput horizontally. And SOLANA has been able to process 140,000-170,000 TPS in the test network, which is currently the highest-performing public chain on the market.

Solana FTT by the founder and former co-founder of Alameda SBF founder of support, SBF influence in the encryption market of natural Needless to say, is the youngest of the encryption market rich, so powerful FTT transaction forefront of professional trading experience, Solana public chain It also inherits the genes of SBF and is currently the most prominent among many public chains in terms of transaction experience.

SOL (Solana public chain token) rose by about 95 times in 2021. With the recent explosion of the Solana ecosystem, the TVL of the Solana public chain has surpassed Terra and jumped into the third place on the public chain TVL list.


The Solana ecosystem is now very complete. There are currently 423 DAPPs in its ecosystem . Let’s take a look at the projects in the mainstream sectors of the Solana ecosystem.

Project overview

After playing DeFi for so long, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the main structure of the public chain ecology, that is, the essential sections of a complete public chain ecology:

DEX-Liquidity of Funds (UNI)

Borrowing-Capital Efficiency (AAVE)

Stable currency-stable savings, low slippage exchange (Curve)

Machine gun pool-automatic reinvestment, Farm income growth rate, strategic agreement (YFI)

Launchpad-IDO, new project launch booster

Derivatives-futures, contracts, securities, synthetic assets (Synthetix)

NFT Marketplace-NFT trading market (Opensea)

NFT GameFi-NFT game category

For these major tracks, filter by the current TVL (DeFillama data) rankings to see what are the corresponding mainstream projects on Solana.


1. DEX



Official website: https://saber.so/

Introduction: Saber is the first automated market maker optimized for trading pegged assets on Solana. Our agreement enables Solana users and applications to effectively trade between stable asset pairs and obtain revenue by providing liquidity to the platform.

Main function: SWAP FARM

TVL : $ 2.06B

TVL rank: 1

Token : SBR




Official website: https://raydium.io

Introduction: Raydium is a DEX developed based on SERUM that supports order book transactions

Main functions: AMM+ order book trading, Farm mining pool, and integration of the Launchpad board at the same time, to accelerate the development of new and new projects.

TVL : $ 1.57B

TVL rank: 3





Official website: https://www.orca.so/

Introduction: The DEX of the AMM model introduces the Coingecko exchange rate reference to provide users with a risk alert on the spread.

Main functions: AMM, FARM (conventional LP pool + LP dual mining pool), ORCA STAKE

TVL $ 0.97B

TVL rank: 5





Official website: https://mercurial.finance/

Introduction: A liquidity agreement that provides liquidity and stability for Solana’s synthetic assets.

Main functions: Provide the optimal transaction path for asset exchange; and provide FARM gains for Lido’s synthetic asset stSOL to improve capital efficiency

TVL : $ 190M

TVL rank: 13

Token : MORE


2. Borrowing



Official website: https://projectlarix.com/

Introduction: Larix is ​​a lending protocol on Solana. It uses a dynamic interest rate model and creates a more capital-efficient risk management pool because it can choose a wide range of collateral types, encrypted tokens, stable coins, synthetic assets, NFTs and other types Assets are fully utilized in a safe manner.

Main functions: Mainstream assets are mainly used for lending, and NFT and synthetic asset pledges are not yet online.

TVL : $ 240M

TVL rank: 11





Official website: https://projectlarix.com/

Introduction: Port is a decentralized money market agreement on Solana, which aims to provide a full range of lending products, including but not limited to: floating-rate loans, fixed-rate loans and other lending products.

Main function: Mainly based on the basic lending of mainstream assets at present

TVL : $ 187M

TVL rank: 13





Official website: https://solend.fi/

Introduction: Solend is a decentralized lending protocol on Solana

Main function: Mainly based on the basic lending of mainstream assets at present

TVL : $ 99M

TVL rank: 16

Token: No

3. Stable coins



Official website: https://parrot.fi/

Introduction: The Parrot protocol is a DeFi network built on Solana, which will include stablecoin PAI, non-custodial lending market and margin trading vAMM

Main function: Based on the strategic machine gun pool of the three mainstream DEXs of SABER RAY ORCA, it maximizes Farm income through leveraged mining and automatic reinvestment strategies, while providing a deposit lending section, which can be deposited to obtain stable income. Deposits are mainly leveraged mining Funding.

TVL : $ 328M

TVL rank: 10



Four, machine gun pool



Official website: https://solfarm.io/

Introduction: SOL Ecological FARM machine gun pool

Main function: Based on the strategic machine gun pool of the three mainstream DEXs of SABER RAY ORCA, it maximizes Farm income through leveraged mining and automatic reinvestment strategies, while providing a deposit lending section, which can be deposited to obtain stable income. Deposits are mainly leveraged mining Funding.

TVL : $ 76M

TVL rank: 10





Official website: https://francium.io

Introduction: A strategic platform for DeFi mining

Main function: At present, leveraged mining is mainly used, similar to Solend, and a deposit lending section is set up at the same time, which can be deposited to obtain stable income. Deposits mainly provide funds for leveraged mining.

TVL : $ 19M

TVL rank: 20

Token: No

Four, Launchpad



Official website: https://www.solanium.io/

Introduction: Launchpad on SOL provides IDO for new projects.

Main function: The project party initiates IDO, and users can directly participate in IDO. At the same time, Stake platform token SLIM can obtain XSILM to obtain IDO’s priority participation right.

TVL : $ 14M

TVL rank: 6

Token : SNY

5. Derivatives



Official website: https://www.synthetify.io/

Introduction: Synthetify is a decentralized synthetic asset protocol that can create and exchange synthetic assets without counterparties. The price of an asset is determined by an oracle that collects the price of a specific asset and publishes it to the Solana blockchain. Synthetic assets can be used in all other applications (Serum, Raydium, etc.), and can even be migrated to other chains through bridges.

Main functions: deposit general mainstream assets, synthetic assets of other mainstream currencies of MINT, no slippage in synthetic asset transactions, only a fixed fee

TVL : $ 14M

TVL rank: 6

Token : SNY




Official website: https://marinade.finance/

Introduction: STAKE mining protocol for SOL tokens to increase mining revenue.

Main function: pledge SOL to obtain annualized income, and obtain mSOL to release the liquidity of pledged assets. mSOL can participate in multiple mining pools to obtain more farm income.

TVL : $ 0.87B

TVL rank: 6

Token: mSOL price anchored to SOL



Official website: https://trade.mango.markets/

Introduction: Mango Markets is a decentralized trading platform, which can be understood as DYDX on Solana

Main function: Provide contract transactions for mainstream assets, and mainstream asset lending

TVL : $ 71M

TVL rank: 17

Token : MNGO




Official website: https://bonfida.org

Introduction: Decentralized exchange on Solana , same as DYDX products

Main function: Provide contract trading with 1-15 times leverage of the three assets of BTC, ETH, SOL

TVL : –

TVL ranking: –

Token: FIDA


Six, NFT



Official website: https://solsea.io/

Introduction: Solana’s largest NFT trading market, benchmarking OpenSea

Main function: create sell and buy NFT

TVL : –

TVL ranking: –

Token: No




Official website: https://staratlas.com/

Introduction: IP meta-universe game with space exploration as the background, the most popular NFT game project on Solana

TVL : –



The above is an overview of the current mainstream projects on Solana. On the whole, Solana is a public chain that focuses on transactions. The ultra-high TPS is very suitable for the development of various transaction products in the DeFi market. The overall design of the current ecological project looks , The degree of innovation is low, and most of the models are copied from mainstream projects on the ETH chain. However, with the continuous improvement of the public chain ecology, the Lego effect of DeFi can be combated. I believe that more innovative protocols will appear, let us Let’s wait and see.

The above content is taken from real-time public information. If there is any discrepancy in the data and project information, it is a normal phenomenon. If there is any important project information that is missing, you are welcome to exchange and supplement.

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