Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft’s GameFi ambitions

For game lovers, the name Ubisoft is no stranger. As the largest video game developer and publisher in France, Ubisoft has a large number of AAA games in its hands, including “Assassin’s Creed”, “Far Cry” and “Watch Dogs” and so on. (Note: AAA in the video game industry refers to games with high production budgets and high marketing costs.)         

With the explosive growth of blockchain games in the past year or so, Ubisoft has also begun to focus on it. A few months ago, Ubisoft launched the “Rabbids Token” based on its popular “Crazy Rabbit” series. The token use Ethernet Square on the ERC-721 standard tokens, each non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) on behalf of a cartoon rabbit Ubisoft game. The player connects his Ethereum wallet to the game and catches (purchases) the rabbit by paying a certain amount of ETH ; after catching it, an NFT rabbit token will appear in the user’s wallet, and a POPO certificate (proof of legal ownership) will be generated. ; The NFT you hold can also be robbed (buy) by others, but the POPO proof will always exist-it can prove that you once held a certain rabbit token and also contains transaction records.

Players can continue to buy rabbit tokens, some of which may be rare, until the entire rabbit illustration book is collected, which is a bit similar to “cryptocat”. But unlike the latter, the “Rabbit Token” is a charity project, and the proceeds from the token sale will be donated directly to UNICEF. Nicolas Pouard, director of Ubisoft’s blockchain project, admitted that in addition to public welfare, the project is also “Ubisoft’s attempt to enter the Ethereum mainnet and further experiment with blockchain technology.” Pouard’s team is very interested in how Ethereum is used in games. Interest.

Previously, Ubisoft also supported the development of 8 blockchain startups through the “Entrepreneur Lab” project, and developed an open source RPG blockchain game “Nine Chronicles” in cooperation with the blockchain game developer Planetarium. It is reported that the game has now announced that it has completed $2.6 million in financing, led by Animoca Brands, with Divergence Ventures, IDEO CoLab, Sfermion, Hypersphere Ventures, SkyVision Capital, and Axie Infinity co-founder Jeffrey Zirlin and Aave CEO Stani Kulechov. With the joining of major institutions, the DAU of Nine Chronicles in the second quarter of 2021 increased by 850%, and game players produced 500,000 NFTs.

Currently, the game has launched its Play2Earn portal (that is, play-to-earn, making money while playing), and players can earn Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG, the game’s native cryptocurrency) by inviting friends to join the game. NFT offers great potential to change the concept of assets in the game, which is a big change. The game token WNCG was launched on August 17, the head trading platform Ouyi OKEx. At the same time, the Ouyi OKEx chain game tribal telegram group (https://t.me/OKExGameFiCN) is also opened simultaneously, and users who enter the group have the opportunity to win an exclusive internal beta invitation code, limited to 300.

Under GameFi, Nine Chronicles has been blessed by well-known institutions and project founders at the same time. According to data analysis, the video game market is expected to reach 300 billion US dollars by 2025, and a significant proportion of the value increase will come from the sale of assets in the game. From this point of view, the skyrocketing of Nine Chronicles has a great potential to succeed Axie as the top-tier trend. .                

Gameplay introduction

The background of Nine Chronicles is set in a vast fantasy world. Players will play as a white adventurer, wandering among the nine kingdoms, collecting the rarest treasures, fighting the most dangerous enemies, and finally becoming famous Become a generation of heroes. The game is produced by Planetarium, a blockchain game studio supported by Ubisoft. The core members are from the development team of well-known online games Dungeons and Warriors.

How to create a role:

1. Account creation

(1) Run the game client, click on the main game image, and the registration dialog box will appear. Click the “Create Account” button to create a new account.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

(2) Set a password and click the GAME START button.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

2. Create a new role

Each account can create 3 roles. Click the +NEW CHARACTER button.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

You can change the type of hair, eyes, ears and tail at will to create a unique game image. After making a decision, click the CREATE button.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

Role status:

HP: blood volume. If it becomes 0, the battle is lost.

ATK: Attack power. That is how much damage you can cause to the enemy.

DEF: Defensive power. That is how much damage you can defend.

CRI: The rate of critical strikes.

HIT: Hit. The higher the blood volume, the higher the hit rate of the attack.

SPD: Agile. The character can have more action rounds than the enemy.

Name the character. The nickname must be between 2-20 characters and can only contain alphabetic and numeric characters. To confirm, click the OK button.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

Done! You can begin to explore the game world of Nine Chronicles.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

Start the first adventure

1. Preparation

(1) Enter the world of adventure from the glowing portal.

(2) Click to activate the world. At the beginning of the game, you can only go to Alfheim. After passing through many levels, the areas on the map will gradually open up.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

(3) You can see the detailed information of the level on the right side of the screen. You can only start from the first level. Click Enter to enter the game.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

(4) On this page, you can choose the equipment and items to be used in this adventure. Make your decision carefully, it’s about which level you can get to in the end. If you are ready, click the START button. It will consume 5 points of action.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions(5) Every operation in Nine Chronicles consumes “action force”. You can tap the dial to replenish your mobility when your mobility is full.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

2. The combat phase

There is no need for the player to do anything during the battle. When the last block is completed, all the battle processes are all simulated. So, choosing what equipment items to enter the battle is the key. Of course, you can watch the complete battle process.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

Do you want to repeat the current stage? Click the “Repeat” button in the lower right corner of the battle scene. After the battle is won, you can review the entire battle process.


You can earn experience points for winning battles. As your level increases, your character will become more powerful.

The battle rewards of each level are divided into levels. If you don’t get 3 stars, you won’t be able to enter the next level, you can only start again. In addition, you can obtain materials through battle and use them to synthesize items. More information can be found in the “Item Creation” section.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions


You can only gain some experience points if you lose the battle. Players can upgrade their levels in simple levels, or swipe monsters in practice levels to get better equipment.

Click the “Main” button, and the heroes will start again.

Create an item:

Players can only activate the item creation function until level 4.

You can use the collected materials to synthesize new items. A total of three types of items can be created.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions


There are various recipes for synthesis equipment. Collect materials in the battle to get better formulas for your equipment. Every same formula has a chance to get a better formula, the result may be slightly different.


You can use ingredients to make food. Food can only work in a single level, but the effect is very powerful. If you create a lot of delicious food, it will produce a variety of additional effects, which is very useful for exploring high-level levels.


You can combine existing equipment with items of the same level to upgrade equipment. If you have a lot of equipment of the same level, this is very helpful for upgrading. Upgrading equipment consumes gold.

How to trade items:

Players can only activate the commodity trading function until the 18th level.

The goal of Nine Chronicles is to become a fully decentralized P2P MMO, so neither the NPC nor the game company in the game will sell any items to the player. Since all items are only traded between players, the price of items will be determined by the market economy.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions


You can list your own products on the sales list. If you submit a list of items, the items in the list will no longer be usable.


You can use gold to buy goods on the sales list of other players. The trading interface will display 16 items randomly, and you can use the refresh button to find the items you need.

How to fight with others:

Players can fight with others until level 50.

In Nine Chronicles, players have 5 chances to fight other players every day. After PvP is open, you can compete with other players. If you can maintain a high ranking, you will be rewarded.

Overtaking Blizzard on a curve? Game giant Ubisoft's GameFi ambitions

By understanding the gameplay of Nine Chronicles, we can say that this is a game that uses technology as the framework and game as the content to bring new ideas to blockchain games. Although this sentence is awkward, in fact, we will find that even if the current very popular blockchain games are compared with traditional games, their playability is not enough, and they are still in the very early stage of game development. Nowadays, there are many and complicated blockchain games on the market, but in terms of nature and gameplay, they are basically the same as “Ethereum Cat”. They are first purchased with a part of digital currency or received an initial character (cat, dog, horse, etc.) for free, and then Through breeding, it can generate derivative value, thereby enhancing the scarcity of character quality and increasing the value of its existence. Of course, there is a simpler category, which is to copy the actual mining into the game. For example, the player can receive a certain amount of excavation ability (shovel, pickaxe, etc.) to mine the corresponding value in the game, or The system directly distributes the cryptocurrency in the game to the players according to the proportion through the computing power.

Of course, no matter how the appearance changes, their lack of gameplay is self-evident, which may also lead to the homogeneity of blockchain games and the proliferation of imitations. Why is it said that the emergence of “Nine Chronicles” has changed the world’s traditional view of blockchain games, and even provided a clear idea for latecomers. Since it is a game, it must allow players to experience the fun of the game. Generally speaking, Nine Chronicles has done more attentively in the details of the game screen, level settings, equipment upgrades, etc., that is, it uses blockchain technology. On the basis of increasing gameplay, and at the same time in line with the current trend of “playing while earning”, it is expected to lead a new round of chain travel craze.

It can be seen from “Nine Chronicles” that the composition of a blockchain game is not complicated. The key point is that the blockchain in the game can have a corresponding connection with the player, record the value created by the player, and support the player and foreign substances. Transaction. As long as the above three points are met, players will become users and beneficiaries of the game, and blockchain technology will be integrated into the game. From the current point of view, the playability of “Nine Chronicles” and the combination of chain games are the current leaders in the industry. Moreover, the giant behind Nine Chronicles: the well-known game company Ubisoft objectively provides a guarantee for the quality of the game, while the founders of Axie and AAVE have participated in the investment and have already done a good endorsement of the project, and will not rule out relying on its influence in the future Arouse players’ pursuit.

In any case, GameFi is already one of the biggest outlets at present, and more and more funds and users are pouring in frantically. It is foreseeable in the future that head platforms such as Ou Yi OKEx will continue to work hard on the track, so you might as well wait patiently. Once the market can be opened up, companies such as Blizzard and EA are bound to try to get a share of it.

Now, the gunshots of this change have started. Although this “Nine Chronicles” may not be the dawn of the blockchain game industry, there is no doubt that the concept of “Nine Chronicles” will definitely appear in Ubisoft’s future products. As for whether Nine Chronicles can become the next Axie, we also leave the answer to time.


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