Over 20 billion Guangzhou Tianhe established Metaverse Joint Investment Fund

On May 20, at the Metaverse Innovation and Ecology Conference in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 15 Metaverse application scenario construction projects were signed , covering Metaverse Laboratory, Metaverse + Smart City, Metaverse Offline Entertainment Space, etc.; Tianhe District The Metaverse Joint Investment Fund was officially released, and the first batch of 8 investment institutions participating in the fund managed a total size of more than 20 billion yuan; the first batch of ten “Metaverse Pilot Parks” in Tianhe District was officially awarded.


Tianhe District Metaverse Joint Investment Fund was officially released. Photo courtesy of the interviewed unit

Wang Guilin, vice chairman of the Guangzhou CPPCC and director of the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, said that Tianhe District held this Metaverse Innovation Ecological Conference, linking social capital, industrial parks and key enterprises, and digging deep into application scenarios, providing good innovation for the development of the Metaverse. ecology.

“Tianhe District, as Guangzhou’s No. 1 economic region and a strong innovation area, has 1,132 software companies above designated size and 277 software companies with a value of over 100 million yuan. In the future, Tianhe District will focus on the direction, integrate resources, provide good services, grasp the healthy development of new industries, speed up the industrial layout of the Metaverse, and promote the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy. Intellectual advantages translate into developmental advantages.

Zhang Xinchang, an academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, shared the development process of smart cities. He described how smart cities started from 2D and 3D cities, gradually developed into virtual reality, took off from digital twins, and finally entered the Metaverse era. Practical application scenarios and cases of Metaverse technology in sports, games, digital virtual and other fields.

Zhao Hai, COO of Huawei Guangzhou Kunpeng Ascend Ecological Innovation Center, demonstrated Huawei’s exploration of digital twin technology support platforms such as Hetu and Digital Human, and combined with the practical needs of enterprises in the industry to explore the industry’s professional computing power and diversity of AI. Extensive demand for a unified operating system for devices.

Ren Hao, Secretary-General of Guangzhou Digital Economy Association, revealed that the association will build four Metaverse 1 systems (1 Metaverse community organization, 1 Metaverse think tank, 1 Metaverse professional forum, and 1 Metaverse enthusiast community), Make all-out efforts to build the “Metaverse Tianhe”.

At the meeting, 8 institutions including the Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Service Center andGuangzhou Digital Economy Association jointly established the “Tianhe District Metaverse Joint Investment Fund” . The participating investment institutions have funds under management of more than 20 billion yuan. More social capital supports technology companies to strengthen forward-looking research and development of the underlying core technology and basic capabilities of Metaverse, carry out systematic virtual content construction, and explore more industry applications.

The joint investment fund will drive more social capital to pay attention to and support the development of the Metaverse industry. The initiating unit will actively link up with the Metaverse Think Tank and the Expert Committee to jointly organize and form a high-quality project pool of the Metaverse, share high-quality project resources with the member units of the United Investment Fund, and provide technical support to form a two-wheel drive of “think tank experts + technology finance” to help A new model for the rapid development of the Metaverse industry.

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