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“Cold and warm reversal”:

Recently, the cold air of the Fed raising interest rates has hit. It is reported that this cold air has the characteristics of long time period, wide coverage, and strong cooling force, and may be upgraded again under the influence of the shrinking table.

At present, the impact of the quantitative easing warm current on the temperature has not been completely ended, and people in most areas have benefited from the previous rounds of hawkish forecasts and prepared for the cold in advance, so the market temperature changes are relatively mild. However, it should be noted that the strength of the cold air to raise interest rates will change according to the inflation situation, and the lethality is not static, which may cause the temperature to continue to drop or the temperature to repeat. It is not advisable to take it lightly and stop related protection.

On the other hand, relevant policies on a global scale also have a decisive impact on the trend of temperature. To learn about the connection, please click below:

“Ouyi Research Institute: Where will the crypto market go from the Fed’s interest rate hike “as the dust settles”? 》

“The market is in turmoil, and the “global interest rate hike” and other Fed boots have landed”

“Fed Rate Hike (3): Shrinking the Balance Sheet Is the Beginning of the Plunge and the End of the Bull Market”

“Fed Rate Hike (4): How to Affect the Ups and Downs of the Crypto Market and the Conversion of Bulls and Bears? 》

“Ouyi Research Institute: Under the expectation of interest rate hikes, the boost of mining ETFs is limited”

 “Cooling Warning”:

Recently, the temperature in Russia and Ukraine has dropped to freezing point, and it has rapidly developed into a cold wave sweeping the world. The stock market and crypto market, which have relatively poor cold protection capabilities, have become the hardest hit areas, and the temperature has dropped together. Although there are certain signs of recovery in the follow-up, due to the possibility of a second outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian cold current, the market haze has not dissipated. It is not ruled out that the cold current will appear after the outbreak. rapid cooling. In addition, the changes in natural gas and crude oil will push the inflation rate upward to a certain extent, weaken the market’s cold-proof properties, and at the same time, it will also resonate with the cold air of raising interest rates, resulting in limited or even continuous decline in temperature. Please take precautions to keep warm to avoid damage in the cold wave. If you want to know more about the industry and the market, you can read the following review:

“In the war of public opinion between Russia and Ukraine, can Web3 subvert the right to speak? 》

“Ouyi Research Institute: Russia is trapped in sanctions, and the encryption circle is also facing choices”

“Is Bitcoin’s Hedging Attribute Still Still Under the Russia-Ukraine Conflict? 》

Involved in the Russian-Ukrainian War: The Role and Impact of Crypto Assets

“Local warming”:

Last year, the explosive NFT was a veritable “tropical region”. Although the temperature has dropped due to the cold wave, recently, driven by a series of hot spots such as “BAYC’s acquisition of CryptoPunks and the issuance of APE”, the temperature has warmed up significantly. Moreover, under the heat radiation of the two concepts of “Web3.0” and “Metaverse”, the temperature support of NFT is relatively more solid. What is the future temperature of NFT, you can click the original text to view:

“Detonate the NFT market, BAYC launched the token ApeCoin after acquiring CryptoPunks”

In the case of alternating hot and cold, and indefinitely hot and cold, you may need such a guide :

1. Stay active and build resistance

“OKX Becomes Manchester City Football Club’s Only Blockchain Sponsor”

2. Continue to learn and cultivate internal skills

“Ouyi OKX and Imperial College Launch the UK’s First Campus Encryption Open Course to Help Universities Popularize Crypto Knowledge”

3. Strengthen strategies to reduce risk

“Crossing the Bulls and Bears, Stable Profit Strategy: Make Good Use of Ouyi’s Product Portfolio”


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