Out of the big factory All in Web3

Out of the big factory All in Web3

In the face of the unprecedented collapse of Chinese concept stocks in early March, even the big Internet companies with deep pockets could not sit still, and Web2 big companies frequently reported layoffs. Of course, as a big factory, decency must be maintained, and countless once-enviable big factory employees have been “graduated” or “transported talents to the society”.

Once, entering a big Internet factory was the ultimate dream of a worker. But now, it has passed its heyday. Facing the increasingly severe external environment, the growth of large factories is no longer high, and the ceiling of this industry has become clearly visible.

Those big factory employees who experienced the Web2 tide and finally stood on the top of the Internet are looking for a new way out. Many of them have their sights set on a whole new area: Web3.

So, we found a few friends who have stepped into the Web3 world from Web2 manufacturers to talk about the experience and feelings of participating in Web3. Some of them have already been all in, such as Zolo, Li Ge, and Jose. These friends were fortunate to discover new opportunities in the Web3 field. From then on, they said goodbye to the big factory 996 and became entrepreneurs; in Web3.

During the conversation, one word I heard the most was “sense of achievement”. Although their experiences vary, each interviewee is optimistic about the future of Web3 and enjoys building on it. Below is their story.

Li Ge——Former PM of Dachang, now head of Web3 technical team

I have a lot of experience, and I also started a business before entering a large factory. It was still 11 years. At that time, it was a short video platform, but I didn’t stick to it, so I missed the opportunity to do Douyin. After that, in 15 years, he entered a large factory to do technical work.

I came into contact with things related to Crypto relatively early. I bought coins in 2013, but like starting a business, I didn’t hold it. Once again set foot in this area, is now this time to start a business.

I’m starting a business for the sake of starting a business, of course, it doesn’t mean that I have no brains. Technology is no longer the most important factor in today’s Web2 companies. Most of them are operation-led and resource-led. I hope to be able to do a technology-led entrepreneurial project that does not require investment.

In this way, the scope is not large, and Crypto-related projects are just enough.

In June 2020, a client approached me and asked me to help with an IPFS project. After some analysis, I felt that I could do it, and then I was ready to resign.

Another reason is that the original work makes people feel very tired. In a big factory, you need to spend a lot of time on communication and coordination, which is just a waste of time. When I was working in Dachang, I held meetings every day, from morning to evening, sometimes even two meetings at the same time. Many colleagues have a day’s meeting during the day, and then go to write code at 6 o’clock in the evening.

Compared with the previous work in a large factory, the working hours may not be much less now, but I feel much more free and relaxed, because the time is not arranged, but is actively controlled by myself. I think this is also the attractive point of Web3. There are many opportunities for remote work, and the team is not large, which reduces unnecessary consumption.

However, the Internet giant has actually grown faster than most small companies in the past decade, and its success must have its reasons. The most important thing I have learned from big factories is that I can look at problems from a higher level. Like starting a business before, maybe the number of users reaches 10,000 or 100,000, and I don’t know what to do. alley. In a large factory, you can have the opportunity to operate projects with tens of millions of users, and what you can learn from it cannot be learned elsewhere.

In the future, Web2 may merge with Web3, just like the integration of the PC-side Internet and the mobile-side Internet. I don’t think it will be a big obstacle to its acceptance. After all, when smartphones first came out, everyone needed to jailbreak in order to install a software, and it was very complicated, but now you can directly go to the app store to install it with one click.

At present, many people do not understand or even prejudice about Web3, just because this thing is still in its early stage, and it will take some time to popularize it.

Zolo – Former Big Factory Marketing, Founder of Youtube Channel DiamondHands

Like most people, I also entered the crypto world from bitcoin. I bought some bitcoins in 2016, and I have been paying attention to this industry since then, but it is very limited, and I still focus on the work of the company.

At the end of the 20s, about the period between autumn and winter, I feel that there are many new things in this industry, and some of them are very grounded. After that period of time, I started to spend more time researching this thing, and I want to spend more energy into this industry.

Doing this is a matter of course. I used to be doing market and strategy in the company, so I would write some market analysis in addition to buying coins. Then, I wrote more and more deeply, from part-time to full-time, and became a diamond hand in June last year. Before doing this, I was not 100% sure, I just felt that there was a high probability that there was a chance.

At that time, when I talked about this with my friends, I would find that most of them didn’t quite understand what you were doing, or what the industry was like. Including these articles and videos that we are currently outputting, sometimes I send them to my friends, but people still don’t understand it, or they don’t know what the value of this thing is, so it ‘s actually difficult to resonate with friends in a big factory. More It’s time to be in this circle.

So far, this circle is still relatively closed, and it needs more projects like NFT to break the circle. This is also what we want to do, not only to analyze the project itself, but also to talk about some of its underlying technology and the value behind it. This is also a positioning we have given ourselves. Of course, there are still many places to work hard.

Out of the big factory All in Web3

The first is content. Our content is relatively in-depth. Maybe many projects are still at a relatively shallow stage, but they are actually worth sharing. In other words, we think a certain project has great opportunities, but because the current market and audience are not very mature, we need to use a comparison Strong language to tell everyone, maybe you can take a look at this project and follow up.

The second is community. The current community is bigger than we initially imagined, so the loose operation we designed before is where everyone chats in it and provides a communication environment, but it doesn’t really meet the needs. The good community in my mind is to provide some more valuable content, or to provide some better operating methods.

The third is the product. Recently, we have also thought a lot about what the future of diamond hands will be like, and what else can we do about value? I feel that Web3 is somewhat similar to the early days of the Internet, and there are still a lot of unmet needs. We have also taken a fancy to a track that we think is not bad, and are incubating products, hoping to further amplify the value of this product with this product. Therefore, we also welcome the small partners of Web2 manufacturers to join us and create products in the Web3 era together.

Xiao Y – Researcher of Dachang, Web2-Web3 middleware

After graduating from my PhD, I joined my current company as an industry researcher. In fact, I am not a typical person who has stepped into Web3 from Web2. My research direction is also partial to Web3, and I have also led the research of many blockchain fields of the company, so I often say that I am the middleware of Web2 and Web3.

I entered this circle in 2016. At that time, I caught up with the rise of blockchain and smart contracts. I was attracted by the technology behind it, and I have been very interested in this field since then. The emergence of Web3 narrative in 2021 is actually a later thing. In the beginning, Crypto was only used in the financial field on the pure chain. When its use gradually expanded to the non-financial field and connected to more C-end users through NFT, Gamefi, and Metaverse, the prototype of Web3 was formed.

What drives me to commit to Web3, I think the first thing is belief, although it is a bit false to say so. I think Web3 is in line with the laws of the future, because it can realize the right and private ownership of assets and identities, and decouple the value layer from the Internet, which is exactly what Web2 cannot do. Moreover, now that Web2 has become saturated, it has become a stock market, and various big manufacturers are actually caught in the involution of competing for user time.

The atmosphere of our company is relatively open and inclusive, and it has something to do with my work content. After all, I study this, so I usually share some Web3 industry trends and opinions to the circle of friends. Of course, you must not delay your work. Other colleagues still have some scruples, and may not let the company know that they are concerned about Web3.

Although the big Web2 companies are well paid, the large scale will inevitably bring some problems. On the one hand, with the expansion of the scale, the enterprises that started out due to innovation inevitably suffer from the disease of large enterprises, and their innovation ability actually declines; severe regulatory pressure.

The business model and organizational model of Web3 will change, and some problems faced in the development of Web2 will be solved in Web3.

Specific to the work experience, even if the big Web2 manufacturers are more humanized, you still need to be responsible to the company, while Web3 is dominated by the protocol, you can reflect your own value through pow; the big manufacturers of Web2, you may have stocks Incentives, and in Web3, whether as a builder, a user or an investor, there are multiple incentives, and there will definitely be a sense of achievement.

Another point is that after the epidemic, I have become accustomed to telecommuting, which will of course be easier to achieve in Web3.

I think the impact of the epidemic on the world may be much greater than we think, and it may take a few years to feel this. The biggest change is that the environment in the real world has become harsher. We can see the slowdown of global economic growth and the chaos of order, such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, people who share common values ​​still need to be connected, and Web3 provides just such a connection.

I also believe that the new order in the future will be bred in Web3.

Jose – former big factory alliance chain development, now All in Web3

I started getting into these things when I was in college, and there was no concept of Web3 at that time. At that time, I was playing with mining machines and mining. After graduating, I entered a large factory and also worked on blockchain development. Of course, what is done is the alliance chain.

At the end of last year, I started a business with my friends. Now I am mainly doing a DAO. On the one hand, it provides a platform for learning and communication, and on the other hand, I also do some construction. One of our big visions is to provide an infrastructure for the coming Web3 era.

The atmosphere of our company is relatively open, perhaps because the colleagues around us are all technical. When I was in the company, the friends around me usually talked about things related to blockchain and Crypto.

Our team has a close relationship with the Ethereum Foundation, so when we were still in the company, we invited Vitalik to preach, and it did attract some colleagues, but most people still did not accept it so easily. After all, this thing is still too new. .

I am more certain about resigning, and it is a matter of course. I still quite like my previous job, but I just don’t think it makes much sense. What I am doing now is a bit groundbreaking, and I pursue this feeling more.

If you want to compare the work intensity, it may be higher than in the big factories now, and our team is distributed all over the world, some major events in this industry are mainly from the United States, so I often have to get up in the middle of the night to have meetings with you. However, doing what you really love will not feel tired, but will feel very exciting.

There are also many people around who find it difficult to understand, especially the elderly at home. They will think that the big factories are very good, the income is high, and they are guaranteed in all aspects, but they have no idea what Web3 is. So, in fact, it is expected that I disagree with my decision, and I am also mentally prepared.

I think first of all you have to prove to your family that when you enter this new field, you can guarantee that your life will not be much worse than before. This is the most important and the most intuitive. Another point is that you can tell them something related to Web3, and gradually they will agree with it.

Whether to stay in Web2 or enter Web3, I think in the end it is a matter of personal choice, there is no best, only the most suitable. I’m probably the kind of person who wants to do things more, so I jumped out.

I would also like to say that there are indeed many opportunities for Web3, but its high returns must also be accompanied by high risks. Before you want to All in, you must ask yourself whether you can bear this risk, and if you can, consider whether to All in The problem.

Finally, although making money is good, don’t forget your original intention to enter this field.

Mr. H – Dachang Operation, Web2 OG, Head of Thousands of DAOs

I’m an operator, and I’m considered a Web2 old man. It took me a little more than half a year to enter the Web3 circle.

In fact, Web3 is not a new concept. The first web3 refers to the Semantic Web. Now the Web3 that everyone is talking about is the one proposed by Gavin Wood, which slowly became popular last year. I was in charge of an NFT project of the company last year. During that time, I systematically learned the relevant knowledge and underlying technology of Web3, and then decided to participate in Web3 and do something.

Although I have also participated in some large projects in the Web2 factory, I feel that I am just a screw. After staying in a big factory for a long time, I feel a bit like a state-owned enterprise. The future development is linear, and it can be seen at a glance. And Web3 is still in the stage from 0 to 1. The cake is big enough, and the things that can be done in this field are also big enough. This is what attracts me.

I remember that when I first took over the company’s NFT project last year, I felt very difficult, because there are still some cognitive thresholds in this field, and many new things need to be learned. During that time, the company’s projects were also very busy. I often came home from the company at 12 o’clock, and then read related things, and was busy with some DAO things. I was often busy until three or four o’clock before I could sleep, and then I might sleep for five or six hours. , and went to work in the company for a long time.

Of course, the body will be a little overwhelmed, but it’s okay, I feel that I can withstand it. I think participating in Web3 is more like a feeling of starting a business, and the process of participating will be very fulfilling.

Another one, I think most of my friends in the Web3 field are very nice and very willing to share, so I also got a lot of help from them in the process of getting started. I can run a DAO of more than 1,000 people. It’s not that I am very good, but the employees in the Web2 factory are generally anxious. After all, the current ceiling is already obvious. Some people will think of Web3 and want to go Learn and participate. So, even if this ratio is not high, the absolute number is still very large.

I’m cautiously optimistic about Web3’s prospects. For a thing to work, it must be profitable. In the future, Web3 will replace Web2 in its more advantageous aspects, but Web2 still has its application scenarios. Just like there are many Web1 products on the Internet today, they are in a competitive relationship with each other and have their own positions.

In the past few years, there have been too many so-called wealth-making myths, both true and false, mixed. Many people came in because they didn’t know it. For example, the topic of whether to drop All in web3 was very popular a few days ago, which is actually a kind of manifestation.

In the future I might be working full time on Web3, and while I’m not that tech optimist, I think it’s the way to go.

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