Origin Simulation and Data Transformation of Ferrari F1 Team

Amazon Cloud Technology and Ferrari reached a cooperation, and Amazon Cloud became Ferrari’s official cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence service provider.

On July 5th, Amazon Cloud Technology and Ferrari reached a cooperation. Amazon Cloud became Ferrari’s official cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence service provider. The service content covers road bikes, GT endurance races, Ferrari Challenges and Ferrari F1 teams.

Ferrari F1 team leader Mattia Binotto said: “Ferrari and Amazon Cloud Technology, as our official cloud service providers, will help Ferrari transform into a data-driven company, use leading technology to enhance our products, and enhance interaction with Ferrari fans around the world. Continue to provide a more exciting driving experience.”

Origin Simulation and Data Transformation of Ferrari F1 Team

Ferrari body and racing suits are printed with the Amazon Cloud Technology logo

Ferrari has a rich history in the professional field of racing. In the period of digital transformation in the automotive industry, racing development and race operations are also moving to the cloud. After the two parties announced the opening of the cooperation, Che Yunjun communicated with Ferrari Team Chassis Performance Engineering Supervisor Enrico Cardile and External Relations Communication Supervisor Luca Colajanni to learn about the details of the cooperation and the development of Ferrari racing. It is reported that Enrico joined Ferrari in 2005 as the head of the Termica department, and was subsequently appointed as the racing project manager, the head of the performance development department, and is now the head of the newly created Chassis Area (Chassis Area).

The first marriage brings a chemical reaction

As for why he chose Amazon Cloud Technology’s cloud service as support, Luca told Che Yunjun: “Ferrari has decided to make a big change internally, so it is looking for real solutions in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. There are extremely capable companies to support us. Amazon Cloud Technology and Ferrari have already cooperated on road cars. Considering that the two sides have already had a good cooperation experience in road cars, and they are very interested in each other, so Our Ferrari F 1 team also chose Amazon Cloud Technology.”

According to Amazon Cloud Technology, Ferrari will rely on Amazon Cloud Technology’s advanced big data analysis, machine learning, computing, storage and database capabilities to quickly gain insights into car design and road and track performance.

In terms of simulation systems, Ferrari will use Amazon EC2 elastic computing services, including a series of specialized instance types suitable for high-efficiency high-performance computing (HPC), to run complex simulations to test car performance under various driving conditions and racing scenes. According to demand, Ferrari will use instances based on Amazon Graviton2’s self-developed processors. Compared with similar instances based on x86 processors, Ferrari will increase the cost performance by 40%. In addition, relying on the arbitrarily scalable high-performance computing resources of Amazon Cloud Technology, Ferrari can run thousands of simulations concurrently, gaining insights much faster than running simulations on local infrastructure.

Amazon SageMaker machine learning service can help developers and data scientists to quickly create, train and deploy machine learning models in the cloud and edge, and when Ferrari transitions from simulation to assembling its new road car prototypes, they apply Amazon Cloud Technology’s data analysis Services and Amazon SageMaker machine learning services provide information for testing and in-depth understanding of the performance of parts and vehicles under real conditions.

In terms of race operations, for F1 racing fans, the Ferrari F1 team will use Amazon cloud technology’s computing, container and media services to create a new fan interactive digital platform with the help of mobile applications to provide fans with information, education and entertainment content. Fans can receive exclusive content after creating a personal profile, such as a virtual visit to the Ferrari team’s garage and reception room on race day. Ferrari plans to build virtual and augmented reality experiences based on Amazon cloud technology in the future, allowing fans to “enter” the garage and interact with drivers and team members. Ferrari will also establish a virtual fan community for millions of users in the app, and provide quizzes through the mobile app on match days to interact with fans.

High simulation-the trend of the racing industry

“In fact, there is an obvious trend in the racing industry, which is also a very specific technical requirement. It is beginning to use more and more high-definition simulation technology to replace physical testing, so that a lot of testing time can be reduced.” Enrico said The trend of the racing industry, F1 teams in the future wind tunnel tests may be done by simulation.

Origin Simulation and Data Transformation of Ferrari F1 Team

Simulation systems have become more and more common in the technological evolution of intelligent vehicles, including the development of autonomous driving and the testing of road environments. In many cases, they are based on simulation systems. Today, this wind direction has also blown into the field of racing.

The high-definition simulation application is very important, and its accuracy requirements are very high. After using the simulation system, it can be achieved in the stage of designing the car to know whether the final car produced can meet the expected value.

In addition, Enrico added that in the racing industry, it is also very important to extract all possible information as much as possible. This involves big data management and data mining, and Amazon Cloud Technology is helping Ferrari do these two things better. thing. Amazon Cloud Technology helps Ferrari mainly in two ways: the first is to help better construct the artificial intelligence model, and the second is to provide the required cloud services.

In general, after the introduction of Amazon Cloud Technology, the Ferrari F1 team has significantly improved the work process to shorten time and increase efficiency.

Enrico went on to say that in the racing industry, time is actually the key to success or failure. In the course of a race, it is necessary to grasp the current car situation in time; in the gap between two races, it is necessary to analyze the unfavorable situation of the previous race in time for rectification. But in this case, there is often not enough time to make a comprehensive and accurate judgment. In addition, the time to develop a new type of racing car is also very tight, but with the blessing of Amazon Cloud Technology, the time can be greatly shortened.

Another benefit is cost savings. Cost is very important to the company as a whole. An important part of maintaining the company’s operations is cost control, especially the newly introduced financial rules of F1 limit the budget that can be controlled in a season, so choose racing There must be a priority order for all aspects of ability. Racing is a combination of a variety of high-tech, Ferrari F1 finally decided to give priority to artificial intelligence/machine learning capacity building, which is why Ferrari chose to cooperate with Amazon Cloud Technology.

The cooperation between Ferrari F1 and Amazon Cloud Technology has just begun, and its effect may be gradually revealed in the next few years.

Che Yun summary

In the global automotive industry linked to the intelligent network of forward when the global leader in high-performance luxury sports car Ferrari industry began to use the digital race car when in, but learned from the interview, the Ferrari F1 car for the electrification of expectations is not very Soaring.

Enrico said, “First of all, we have to abide by the rules of the F1 race. From my personal point of view, I don’t think the car can be a pure electric car, but in the future we will also be open and we can also choose other technologies, but it must be Mature technology.”

“Speaking of future power technology, I must clarify that F1 represents the top level of the global racing industry, not only because of the race itself, but also in terms of technology. When we are looking at whether the power is environmentally friendly, we cannot just say that it is adopted. What kind of energy, this is only one of the factors, we also need to look at the production process of the energy used, and how to use this energy.” Luca added.

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