Ops social meta universe official announcement! Unlock a new social mode

In 2021, the NFT market will expand rapidly, with flowers blooming in the fields of collectibles, games, domain names, and social networking.

In 2021, the NFT market will expand rapidly, and there will be a lot of flowers in the fields of collectibles, games, domain names, social interactions, etc. How to combine social networking with NFT, eliminate content creation “middlemen”, and make the value of creators transparent, has become a must in the crypto market. Part. The Ops developed by the Zero One team cleverly enters the point of social Weibo + NFT + DeFi, with the vision of “building a safe, open and transparent social application for users”, and is committed to building users to the blockchain world. The first bridge.

NFT gives social energy, how does Ops free content creators from “exploitation”?

There are many divisions in the NFT market, among which collectibles and games are the most well-known, such as allowing people to buy, sell and build blockchain assets, early NFT applications-Decentraland, Cryptovoxels; such as the earliest large-scale NFT collection games —— CryptoKitties, but NFT applications in the social field seem to be less well-known.

With the development of Web2 for more than ten years, people have become more and more accustomed to sharing their ideas and wisdom on the Internet. Traffic has also become one of the most expensive things in the Internet era. It is not an exaggeration to say that in this era, as long as you have traffic, you can Gain income through paid promotion, course sales, etc. But Web2 is not enough for the protection of content creators. First, the platform will extract the high “intermediary fee” of content creators. Second, the content is too easy to be copied and imitated, which is great for content creators and supporters. loss.

In order to eliminate the “exploitation” of middlemen on traditional social platforms, the “breaker” Ops was born.

Coin World-Ops Social Meta Universe Official Announcement!  Unlock a new social mode

As a new lightweight microblogging community, Ops uses NFT as the user’s proof of attention. The price of NFT will directly reflect the quality of users’ content, encourage users to publish high-quality content, and form a positive cycle; Ops is the foundation of privacy dynamics On the Internet, it provides users with interesting NFT social tools, allowing users to share personal privacy dynamics anytime and anywhere, so that user-created content can be shared and exchanged under the token system to extend the value of content.

To put it simply, on Ops, each ooper (user) needs to generate its own personal NFT business card “oCard”. By creating high-quality content in the square, creating a personal IP, the generated oCard will permanently exist and cannot be destroyed. The creators are interested in the content and want to pay attention to the ooper, they can  show their support by purchasing an oCard.

Opper has its own trading interface on its homepage and backend. The oCard generated by itself will be automatically stored here, which is convenient for other users to purchase. You can also purchase your own oCard. Any ooper can and can only generate its own oCard. This mechanism can not only eliminate middlemen, but also bring a very powerful “customer acquisition ability” to the platform. The rich economic returns will increase the enthusiasm of creators to create high-quality content and create high-quality personal IP. For ordinary users, the shift from paying for “content” to paying for “content creators” reduces the risk of content being copied and copied casually.

Attention is investment, brand is resource

There is no doubt that the development of social platforms has enabled millions of people to embark on the path of content creation, generating billions of dollars in value every year. However, for content creators, they can only reap part of their profits, and they have to bear the risk of plagiarism and plagiarism of their output. Most of the returns generated are from advertising and other implantation methods, and rarely from their own. Fans. The only value for users is the content itself. Early attention is no different from later attention. Even if the creator opens the paid function, the paid “latecomer” will be more valuable than the unpaid “former”.

The birth of Ops first made the “personal brand” of the content producer itself a scarce resource. Every social business card NFT generated is unique and cannot be copied. When creators develop their own personal brands, only by continuously outputting high-quality content can they get more community attention and more generous income. This reward method is fairer than rewarding content itself. And the users who support them are no longer one-way paying attention and obtaining content, but early investors who can become bloggers through purchase behavior, and have the opportunity to obtain more valuable returns by reselling the unique NFT blogger “oCard” , To form two-way interaction and contact.

Scarcity + rigid demand, the appreciation logic of Ops tokens

Of course, a good platform is inseparable from an excellent token design mechanism. OPS$ is the governance token of Ops. The above-mentioned purchase of ooper’s oCard and ooper’s generation of oCard all need to consume OPS$, but the function of OPS$ is absolutely Not limited to this.

1) Community governance function

OpsDAO is the builder of the Ops ecosystem. In DAO autonomy, each OPS$ represents a voting right, which is mainly used for community incentives and allows holders to enjoy autonomous voting rights.

2) Liquidity mining function

Ops combines the concepts of DeFi and social NFT and introduces DEX into the distribution mechanism. After users obtain OPS$ in incentive activities, they can obtain LP certificates by injecting OPS$-related trading pairs into DEX, start liquid mining, and pledge OPS-FLUX and OPS-USDT trading pairs in DEX to start liquid mining Mine, obtain the governance token OPS$, and then apply it to multiple scenarios to play the role of the token. The OPS$ produced by liquid mining will account for 60% of the total.

The total number of tokens is 100,000,000, and the DAO organization pre-mines 5,000,000 based on governance rules for IDO and airdrop issuance; the first day’s release is 348,623, and the remaining 95,000,000 will be released linearly in 1.5 years and will be released on the 545th day. Circulation in a short period of time is small, and product users have a large demand for tokens. As an innovative platform for NFT + social networking, Ops, the value of token OPS$ is bound to rise.

Many advantages make Ops

1. Simple trading method

Many applications of Web 3 are more complicated for users who are accustomed to Web 2. The entire Ops product design draws on traditional social platforms, combined with NFT generation methods, to make dynamic messages NFT, and their own dynamics and messages published in the square NFT cards can be cast at any time at will. The process of “oCard” generation, purchase, and resale is also very simple. The operation is easy to use. For Web2 users and blockchain novices, it can be said that there is no barrier and difficulty.

2. Based on the development of the Ethereum chain, completely decentralized

At present, affected by various factors, many big Vs in the circle have become more difficult to speak on traditional social platforms. Ops is developed on the decentralized public chain Ethereum, which is safe, free, decentralized, free from supervision, and not regulated. Title, anti-censorship, users can speak freely in the square, casually discuss the affairs of the circle. This feature will also attract a large number of “big V”s on traditional social platforms to create.

3. The most professional Web 3 team

Ops was developed by the Zero One team. In addition to Ops, the Zero One team also has three products: Flux (DeFi lending), Whoops (encrypted input method), and Vigoss (algorithmic futures).

Ops can also empower each other with several other types of products in terms of certificates and resources. The initial flow of Ops is based on the community of the four products.

4. Tokens have a variety of playing methods, and the circulation within the platform brings vitality

Ops has built-in DeFi mining, and you can mine social tokens with one click. Ops tokens have a very wide range of applications. They are fun and profitable. Users will also be more sticky to the platform. It is said that Ops tokens and NFT will directly empower more than 10 DeFi and NFT projects in the initial stage.

5. Actively cooperate with KOLs in various fields

Ops actively cooperates with KOLs in various fields. In addition to actively transforming existing traffic bloggers into oopers, it is more important to support opinion leaders within the platform. According to the characteristics of the platform, Ops attracts users to share wisdom in Ops, so that high-quality content creators can have satisfactory gains, and platform users can also obtain valuable content.

Concluding remarks

In the next product iterations and activities, what kind of surprises Ops will bring to us, and how it will affect the social habits of users in the currency circle, let us wait and see!

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