Opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry

There is always a big opportunity that belongs to us, so there is really no need to get on the bus without thinking for fear of missing the emerging opportunity; even if you miss it, there is no need to regret it, continue to move forward, persist in exploration, and always keep an open mind. (There is always a new way to make money/capture alpha so no need to fomo one if you missed it, move on to next, keep searching, stay open)

When I saw this sentence, I was deeply moved. Combining my own gains and losses in the cryptocurrency industry over the years, I think it may be more comprehensive to understand this sentence from two aspects.

First of all, we must choose a sunrise industry that suits us according to our actual situation.

Only the sunrise industry means that new opportunities can continue to emerge, and we don’t need to worry about missing the previous opportunities and there will be no more opportunities later.

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency industry has developed several sub-fields, although its age is not as long as that of many older industries. And these sub-fields have gradually differentiated after different periods of development. Some of them are already “sunset” industries in my opinion, while others are still “morning sun” industries.

For example, mining and centralized exchanges are now clearly “sunset” industries. Without sufficient funds and a strong enough operation team, it is difficult to enter even their thresholds. Even if you enter, I am afraid it will be difficult to maintain for a long time.

If an ordinary entrepreneur chooses to start a business in these two fields, it seems to me that it is almost difficult to have new opportunities, so the probability of failure is quite high. If an ordinary investor wants to invest in these two industries, he may only get the average profit of the industry, but cannot obtain excess profit.

But at the same time, the game and NFT fields are still in a fairly early stage of development, so there will still be many opportunities for starting a business in these emerging fields. Similarly, investing in these fields is also likely to obtain excess returns.

If we look beyond the cryptocurrency industry and take a broader view, we will find that many fields are sunrise industries in the eyes of the public, such as new energy, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, etc., but when implemented to every ordinary person, those so-called sunrise industries and Are we related? In my opinion the relationship is very small.

Because for ordinary people who have no money, no connections, no resources, and no professional knowledge, even if we enter these industries, I am afraid that we will only be engaged in the lowest-end jobs. Therefore, these so-called sunrise industries have nothing to do with us who hope to get excess returns. meaningless.

Secondly, since we have chosen a sunrise industry, the subtext means that we are still in a very early stage, and there will be a lot of new opportunities in the future.

From the rise of DeFi in the summer of 2020 to the NFT bull market in 2021, we will find an interesting phenomenon. Newcomers in each field have almost no background, almost all new faces, and they do not overlap with each other. For example, AC, the founder of Great Uncle (YFI), has seized the opportunity of DeFi, but it seems to be limited to DeFi; the advantage of the founding team of Cypherpunk (Larva Labs) seems to be limited to NFT and has not spread to DeFi. The founding team of the same boring ape seems to have Only in the field of NFT fire.

If we continue to look back, we will find more and more such cases: for example, the excellent team of the public chain and the excellent team of the second-layer expansion are completely different people, and the excellent team of the exchange and the excellent team of the mining machine are completely different. The team is a completely different set of people.

Therefore, I fully believe that there will be new teams and new faces emerging in new segments in the future. There are all of us who are working silently in this industry.

This is true for entrepreneurship, and it is even more true for investment. There are hundreds of coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in the public chain field. Didn’t you catch it? It doesn’t matter, there are also Dogecoin and shitcoin. Still not caught? There is also YFI in the DeFi field, and cypherpunks and boring apes in the NFT field.

Such examples have emerged in the past, and I believe there will be more in the future.

So as long as we are in this industry, whether it’s entrepreneurship or investment, we don’t have to regret our past mistakes too much. Just like the above sentence “continue to move forward, keep exploring, and keep an open mind”, we will definitely be able to Find your own opportunity.

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