OPPO is in a hurry to deploy the Metaverse again

Word of mouth is difficult to establish in towns and villages, but the “private domain traffic” that spreads ten to one hundred, this kind of traditional word of mouth is OPPO’s killer feature.

There has been news in the past few days that OPPO has established Chongqing Yuanshikong Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., with the intention of deploying Yuanuniverse.

In recent months, various news about OPPO have continued: building cars, applying for car-related patents, and seeking to go public. Although many do not have a “real hammer”, it is not difficult to see that OPPO, which has been in the mobile phone industry for more than 10 years and has always been incompetent, is a bit anxious in the face of the current crowded or heated various tracks. .

Since the launch of the mobile phone business in 2008, “Buddha” and “Incompetence” have always been OPPO’s unique styles of play. With these, OPPO has traversed a series of crises from the mobile phone track crowded with opponents and ranked among the Huami OV. And it has established a strong position that is not easy to be breached in female users and the sinking market.

However, too much focus on low-end mobile phones and reliance on marketing have also become the shackles that trap OPPO, which has caused its high-end phones to be unable to attack for a long time, and the entry of IoT has greatly lagged behind friends and businessmen, and the results have been poor. When the carbon ceiling of the Chinese smartphone market gradually emerged, OPPO also had to worry.

But facing the future, can OPPO still be able to stand up high with the unique style of “you surround your site, I surround my site” as before ?

From the center of the whirlpool to the present

“La La La La La La…”

You may have never used an OPPO phone, but you must have heard this classic ringtone that belongs to it somewhere . That was intelligent machine is not yet universal, functional machine’s occupation of the mainstream market, OPPO virtue of this song ring tones into the public mind, in one thousand million appeared in TV commercials.

Perhaps many people do not realize how long it has been since they first heard this advertisement. In fact, it has been 13 years since OPPO launched its mobile phone business (2008).

In 13 years, the mobile phone industry has been in the vicissitudes of life. Some big brands that were once promising have long since fallen, such as HTC; and some manufacturers are in a precarious position, such as Meizu . In the past 13 years, we have sent away Motorola, bid farewell to Nokia, saw the rebirth of traditional mobile phone manufacturers, and ushered in a wave of domestic mobile phones .

OPPO is from the center of such a whirlpool to the present. From feature phones to smart phones, from 3G, 4G, and now to 5G, this also makes OPPO a rare mobile phone brand at home and abroad that can span three cycles of change.

We can’t help asking: What caused such a seemingly obscure label to pass through a series of dangerous periods?

Enter the Red Sea for transformation

As we all know, OPPO key behind the character is Duan Yongping, we have before “Duan Yongping never came back,” the article has analyzed his unique business methodology, and the impact on Chenming Yong, Shen Wei, Huang He, Huang Zheng and other details.

On September 18, 1995, shortly after the establishment of BBK Electronics Co., Ltd., Duan Yongping divided the company into three major business segments. One was the education electronics business, which was in charge of Huang Yihe, mainly engaged in point reading machines and learning machines, and the other was audio-visual business. Chen Mingyong is in charge, mainly engaged in VCD, DVD, MP3, Blu-ray DVD, etc.; the other is communication business, in charge of Shen Wei, mainly engaged in cordless phones, BBK music phones, etc.

By the beginning of 1999, Duan Yongping had restructured BBK in accordance with the changes in the domestic and international competition environment, and established these three businesses into three independent companies in accordance with the relationship of people going with things, independent equity, and independent of each other.

In 2001, under the guidance of Duan Yongping, the three companies invested 30 million yuan to register OPPO. However, because Shen Wei and Huang Yihe had no intention of joining OPPO, Chen Mingyong directly bought out the authority of the OPPO brand.

In the following year, as Sony, Philips , Panasonic and other companies required China’s DVD industry to pay patent fees, Chen Mingyong, who was in charge of VCD, DVD and Blu-ray DVD, had a hard time. After some struggles, he decided to devote himself to the OPPO (Guangdong Oppo Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.) that he bought out.

In 2003, in order to develop into the field of mobile communication, Chen Mingyong established Guangdong OPPO Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., namely OPPO mobile phone. Soon, BBK Audiovisual Company was closed, and two to three hundred employees joined OPPO mobile phones on the spot.

In a sense, the establishment of OPPO is a forced move to avoid patent siege.

After its establishment, Chen Mingyong has done a lot of things that fit the young people’s market and trends, which also laid the groundwork for OPPO’s brand tonality: younger and trendy.

For example, in 2005, a device called MP3 that can listen to music became popular in China. However, at that time, the domestic MP3 market was under the mud. OPPO stood up at this time and appeared in front of consumers with CCTV prime time advertisements and exquisite and fashionable products X1.

Such a decision is permeated Duan Yongping’s will. In an interview, Duan Yongping once said that on October 23, 2001, Apple released the iPod, an MP3 product, which left a deep impression on him. The simple design and easy operation quickly attracted global users, and soon it will be sold globally. He also wants to make a player like the iPod.

Due to the young and fashionable brand positioning, the OPPO brand quickly formed a fixed association among students and young people , and OPPO quickly turned from its original backgammon through MP3, a low-tech product. Through the continuous update and launch of MP3 products, it has occupied a place in the domestic personal consumer electronics field.

However, due to the rapid update of consumer electronics products, MP3 technology is integrated into other devices such as mobile phones. This makes OPPO, which has just been established, faced the problem of transformation. Chen Mingyong decided to enter domestic mobile phones after inspecting Huaqiangbei. market.

At that time, the domestic mobile phone market could be described as a red sea. There were international and domestic predators (Nokia, Moto, TCL, Bird, etc.), and there were three yards and five yards copycats. Domestic manufacturers who wanted to become brands were nothing more than looking for death, but Chen Mingyong lied. The public opinion drives the company to fully enter the mobile phone market.

In this way, OPPO has transformed from an MP3 manufacturer focusing on audio-visual to a mobile phone manufacturer. From then on, OPPO has also added another label: music phone.

Female users and sinking markets

OPPO started to make mobile phones in 2008. This is actually not a particularly suitable time to set foot in the mobile phone industry, because before that, the first wave of domestic mobile phones has died down. Mobile phone brands such as Amoi , Bird, Panda, etc. that is already very far away, but a few years and then move forward, they Zeng Doctring force, Nokia and Motorola to face competition, not strive.

In the end, this wave came to an abrupt end due to various problems in product marketing and marketing.

OPPO took this step at this time and handed over its first work: the A103 smiley phone.

This mobile phone is clearly aimed at young people. In the evaluation of the mobile phone that we can find from the year when it was launched, some comments wrote:

“OPPO designed the camera lens and the selfie mirror of the mobile phone into a pair of symmetrical ellipses, with a crescent-like speaker sound hole, a smiling face appeared in front of our eyes. A pleasant smile may be just that. Like a sunny doll, it’s very cute.”

The pace of rejuvenation has not stopped. Because OPPO has put great effort into its advertising, and the advertising content is shot with fresh and beautiful texture, some sections are even very close to the popular Korean dramas at the time, which led to users who paid attention to the brand. I started discussing this brand that I didn’t know much about and paid attention to before.

Most people even think that this is a sign that a Korean first-line electronics brand has begun to expand into the domestic market. So they are looking for channels to contact OPPO products.

In 2009, OPPO had already titled the “Mango Terrace” New Year’s Eve concert. Although the brand is not as eye-catching as it is now, at that time, this was no different for OPPO.” original capital”.

It can be seen that OPPO began to play naming more than 10 years ago, and the time point is adjusted back to the present. Whether it is Internet variety shows or satellite TV shows, the most powerful naming is basically OPPO and vivo.

In addition to naming, OPPO’s star endorsement lineup can also be described as stunning. Before, Park Hye-won’s OPPO ad was memorable; and after the official launch of the mobile phone, Kim Min-ji and Super Junior M endorsed the first sub-series of OPPO. Real even penetrated into the hearts of thousands of girls.

Some people even think that being able to sell a MTK (MediaTek) solution phone with a hardware cost of only 300 to 400 yuan at a price of more than 1,000 yuan can be said to be a “great profit.” In the Chinese mobile phone market in 2011, there are only two manufacturers that can make feature phones so expensive, and they can sell them, one is Sharp from Japan and the other is OPPO from China.

The steady and steady tactics in the era of feature phones have paved the way for OPPO’s popularity and reputation, so that it will not be too cramped when the era of smart phones is coming, and the early management of the people has also become OPPO’s future in the female and sinking markets. Key element.

Judging from the portraits of Chinese smartphones in 2019, female users account for about 60% of OPPO and vivo user portraits; the main users are distributed in third- and fourth-tier cities, accounting for close to 65%; 66.3% of users with junior high school and below choose OPPO, 64.8 % Choose vivo; users whose monthly income is less than 3,000 yuan, OPPO accounted for 59.7%, and vivo accounted for 58.4%; at the same time, users in third- and fourth-tier cities love OPPO and vivo, accounting for close to 65%.

It cannot be ignored that many of these are derived from the brand benefits brought by OPPO’s huge advertising.

“Buddha” and “Indisputable”

In 2011, Liu Zuohu, the senior vice president of OPPO, said in an interview that OPPO’s brand investment is successful and necessary. If there is no early brand investment, OPPO will now fight a price war like other domestic manufacturers.

Indeed, if you mention OPPO now, I believe most people will immediately think of the famous ad slogan: “Charge for five minutes, talk for two hours.” And if you mention other companies (even Apple), it is difficult for us to think of the corresponding iconic slogans in the first time. This advantage comes from OPPO’s differentiated brand marketing.

After the transition into the 4G era in 2013, the legacy of this feature phone era was left behind, giving OPPO a natural advantage, and mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and Lenovo only waited until 2013 to increase brand building efforts.

Another advantage is the advantage of OPPO channels in the second and third tier cities, the figure is the most frequent phone OPPO and vivo, which are effective in the long-term work in the social OPPO channels spread on. In 2013, the fashion store “China Cool Alliance” and other manufacturers mainly used operator channels, Xiaomi and others mainly used Internet channels, OPPO mainly used social channels, and adopted a vendor channel integration model. Operators have the greatest channel competition, and they are also prone to generate sales.

Why is this so? Because OPPO only started to make mobile phones in 2008, it started late and it missed the operator channels. In this case, OPPO focuses on social channels that other mobile phone manufacturers do not want to do, and increases channel loyalty through equity participation, especially in second- and third-tier cities, making it possible for OPPO to make high profits. The spread of second- and third-tier cities eventually provided geographical advantages and harmony for OPPO to conquer the sinking market.

OPPO, rooted in second- and third-tier cities, seems to have a natural feeling for the sinking market. Even in 2021, when OPPO had to close the OPPO super flagship store in Huashi Plaza, Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai due to the epidemic, they still The “County Town Zeroing Plan” was proposed.

The so-called “County City Clearance Plan” is to hope that each county has at least one OPPO store, mainly covering those counties or small towns in a few remote areas.

OPPO said that they have more than 600 shopping mall experience stores across the country, and they are expected to grow to 700 this year, and the future development goal is about 1,000.

In OPPO’s offline experience store, you can not only buy mobile phones, but also “mobile phone SPA” such as filming and cleaning has become OPPO’s standard equipment. This has squeezed the business of many unofficially authorized accessory stores in commercial streets.

These tasks that people think should have been done by small street shops are the same in OPPO stores, which makes it more firmly rooted in the sinking market, and almost all integrated sales and service stores are directly handled by OPPO. Management, even if the storefront and all the operations of the store are owned by dealer customers, OPPO is still responsible for providing official accessories and dispatching maintenance personnel after sales.

Although this effort is much more than full outsourcing, it is beneficial in the long run. If the dealer joins the after-sales service, there is a high probability that it will close the store for profit reasons or increase the after-sales service cost, which is tantamount to smashing OPPO’s reputation .

Word of mouth is difficult to establish in towns and villages, but the “private domain traffic” that spreads ten to one hundred, this kind of traditional word of mouth is OPPO’s killer feature.

A dealer once said that people in a few villages buy only OPPO for mobile phones. “You tell him which brand is bigger and the discount is bigger. If you don’t buy it, you only buy OPPO. They think that as long as there is a problem with the product, Go to OPPO and I can help you solve it right away.”

It is not difficult to find that “Buddha” and “Buddha” are two keywords belonging to OPPO.

OPPO emphasizes “duty”, which is simply to focus on doing what you should do. Chen Mingyong wrote it into the company’s corporate culture very early, and he also posted this sentence on Weibo :

“If someone throws a stone at you, don’t throw it back. Keep it as the cornerstone for your high-rise building.”

Throughout the history of OPPO, it seems that it rarely does a good job, and sometimes even lags behind. In 2008, the first wave of domestic mobile phones had died down, but OPPO chose this opportunity to take over as mobile phones in the residual temperature of feature phones.

In the era of contract machines, China Coollink “lays down and makes money”, but OPPO has developed its own brand and opened up the music phone track; under the Internet mobile phone boom, traditional mobile phone brands have moved to the front line, but OPPO has been deeply involved in offline and sinking the market. Establish a capillary-like “heavy” service network.

Even though Reno3 was released as the first 5G mobile phone, OPPO delayed its release until December 2019.

“You surround your territory, I surround my territory, there is no fight, and in the end, you will stand up to you.” This is a sentence from Go master Wu Qingyuan. Chen Mingyong has always taken it as his motto, and he is steady and uncontested. OPPO does indeed do so.

Sedentary deep mountain difficult to break through

However, long-term sitting in the mountains will inevitably lead to problems. The first thing to do is to make no breakthrough.

A friend of OV analyzed that it is precisely because it is not worried about selling that OV does not have much motivation to carry out technological innovation. As long as the new mobile phone is slightly modified on the basis of the old model, it will be sold offline.

From the perspective of the brand’s market positioning, the two brands of OPPO and vivo are mainly positioned in relatively sinking markets such as third-, fourth- and fifth-tier cities and counties and townships. The price range of the two products is also mainly concentrated in 2000-3500 yuan. This is also the price segment with the largest shipment volume of the domestic mobile phone market for a long time.

The second issue is the absence of the high-end market. Counterpoint’s latest data shows that in July this year, Apple’s share of China’s high-end mobile phones (above $600) reached 63%, and Huawei and vivo tied for second place with a 14% share. Xiaomi ranks third with a 6% share. From the perspective of the price range, Xiaomi and OPPO accounted for 6% and 1% of the market share in the $600-$799 price range respectively, and OPPO almost lost the market in this price range.

In the mobile phone industry, people believe that “the one who gets the high-end gets the world.” The high-end market means brand premium and higher profits. However, looking at domestic mobile phone manufacturers, although many people entered the high-end market, few survived, and OPPO was unfortunately out of this competition.

Liu Bo, President of OPPO China, once said: “As early as 10 years ago, OPPO began to hit the high-end, but this exploration road is very tortuous, we have also made a huge investment.” Liu Bo announced that OPPO will be within three years. Become a mainstream player in the global high-end market.

Specifically, in the high-end mobile phone market share of more than $600, OPPO wants to enter the top three. In 2020, OPPO has undergone a reorganization of its product line. After cutting off the Ace series, the product line is composed of A series, K series, Reno series and Find X series, covering from entry-level to mid-range and high-end. Among them, the Find series is their attempt to hit the high-end market.

However, the result was not as perfect as they thought.

At the beginning of March 2020, OPPO released its flagship mobile phone-OPPO Find X2 series, including regular version and Pro version, although the Pro series has the super-top screen, refresh rate, and MEMC supported by mobile phones in the Android mobile phone market. Dynamic frame insertion technology, or the battery life configuration of this mobile phone, but the price of 7,000 yuan still made most of the spectators call “persuade to quit”, and even after it was launched, the price was drastically reduced by 1,000 yuan, but it was still Nobody cares.

Coincidentally, after a lapse of 1 year, although in addition to the state-of-the-art hot forging process, the OPPO Find X3 series also brings flagship four-shots, and is equipped with new features such as a microscope with up to 60 times magnification, which is full of gimmicks. Moreover, the OPPO Find X3 series minimum version is only 4499 yuan. But the reality is cruel, and netizens still don’t buy it.

This also means that OPPO originally believed that it had learned the lessons of OPPO Find X2 in the market of high-end phones, and directly reduced the price for the first launch, which could reverse the embarrassing situation of bleak sales.

“Buddhism” and “incompetence” are double-edged swords. OPPO’s contempt for appearance design mentioned above also directly affected its impact on the high-end market.

For example, the OPPO FindX3 phone was warmed up for a long time before it was released. It claims to have been polished thousands of times and invited Jiang Wen to endorse it. However, after the release, most people think that its appearance is very obvious after the iPhone. Its evaluation is also more derogatory than praise.

Some netizens concluded: “Combined, OPPO’s so-called high-end machines are just a blind pile of materials, and the price is extremely high. However, when they return to the market, they have lost the brand image and the lack of innovation.”

As the saying goes, blessing comes with misfortune, and misfortune comes with blessing. OPPO, which has repeatedly struggled in the high-end market, actually took a lot of bargains in the previous battle in the mid-range market. Previously, while the OPPO Find product line evolved, OPPO Finder evolved a new series of R series. This series focuses on the women’s market with lightness and fashion as its selling points. The configuration and cost are not high, but the pricing is not low, and the profit is higher than the high-configuration Find series.

OPPO is in a hurry

OPPO released R5 in 2014, and R7, R9, and R11 since then have all been very successful. During this period of time, its high-end series began to disappear, and the mid-to-high-end market was low in cost and lucrative. In this era, China’s smart phone market has just entered the second wave of phone replacements. The first round of mobile phone replacement is led by Xiaomi, the cool god, the glory follows the trend, and the low-cost thousand-yuan mobile phone substitutes the main function. In the second round, mid-to-high-end smartphones are replacing low-end smartphones, and the OPPO R series happens to be on this trend. As a result, OPPO has achieved more than 100% growth this year.

This makes Xiaomi and Huawei jealous. Huawei’s argument is that Honor has been fighting with Xiaomi. As a result, OPPO watched snipes and clams and reaped the profit.

At this time, OPPO is complacent with its success and Buddhist countermeasures. It has not launched high-end models for several consecutive years, which has left a gap in the high-end market for several years. The brand’s “cost-effective” and “feminine” labels have become more popular. , More lingering.

It can be seen that the Buddhism of OV is directly related to its stable position in the main domestic mobile phone market. On the contrary, it was both defeated before. Now the market is not so stable and the glory of Xiaomi is more aggressive. The result is that in recent years, Huawei and Xiaomi have become popular for high-end products, but OPPO stopped for a few years before starting Find X, and the pricing was too much from the previous products, and sales were not successful.

In addition, the image of a brand, whether it is high-end or not is not only related to a product, products other than mobile phones can also bring additional impression points to the brand.

Unfortunately, OPPO does not seem to have another product that can be used in addition to mobile phones. The MP3 and MP4 that once made it proud have become the legacy of the previous generation. OPPO is in urgent need of another at this time. A product that can refresh their brand image to reverse their “cost-effective” label.

Although OPPO now has a few eco-chain products such as earphones, watches, bracelets, smart TVs, etc., it is still not as good as Huawei, Xiaomi and other eco-chain manufacturers that fully cover daily life.

In March of this year, after the news of Xiaomi building a car was announced by officials, a screenshot of the widely circulated Maimai platform appeared on the Internet, showing that an OPPO employee said, “Xiaomi has started to build cars, and our TV hasn’t figured it out yet, really. Yes, I’m so anxious.”

Recently, there has been a lot of news about OPPO building cars. Some time ago, it was reported that OPPO is seeking to go public. In the past few days, there has been news that OPPO is deploying the hot Metaversea universe at the moment. Although some news has no “real hammer”, it is also It is not difficult to realize that OPPO, which has always been incompetent, is a little anxious.

It’s just that OPPO, which was too focused on mid-to-low-end mobile phones, needs to make up a lot of lessons, high-end phones, IoT, car building… It seems difficult to find “you surround your site, I surround my site”. , There are not many fights that can quietly stand on the heights, they are all tough fights.

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