Opinion: Aptos’ “not born at the right time” in terms of composability

Aptos’ appearance can be described as star-studded. Like Solana, it uses a new consensus protocol and prides itself on high performance. In fact, from the perspective of programming language alone, Move does have certain advantages in improving performance and high code security. It is the smart contract programming language that has the most potential to build an ecosystem like Solidity, or even surpass Solidity. If Aptos had gone live two years ago or even earlier, I would have had high hopes for it, but now is probably not the right time.


The composability of programming languages ​​is an important factor in building a blockchain application ecosystem, and languages ​​with high composability are conducive to establishing interoperability between applications.

Move was originally designed as the smart contract programming language of the Libra chain, and different application scenarios were considered at the beginning of its design. It is said that the Move team is trying to run Move on the EVM. Although it will lose the characteristics of transferring resources between contracts, it will help the expansion of the Move ecology and the integration of the Move ecology and Solidity ecology.

One of the problems that Solidity brings through the interaction between instructions and chains is that the EVM ecosystem is completely bound to the chain. To run the ecosystem, it is necessary to simulate a chain environment, which limits the expansion of Solidity to other scenarios. Move has inherent advantages in expanding application scenarios.

Solidity meets the current needs of most people for smart contract languages. Developers think that the application scenarios of smart contract programming languages ​​are only on the blockchain, similar to stored procedure scripts in databases. Move seeks to extend the smart contract programming language to other application scenarios, making it a general-purpose programming language that is beyond the needs of most developers.

Liquidity Fragmentation

As a monomer chain, the biggest advantage of Aptos is that all applications are in the same layer, and they have great composability with each other, which is also a big advantage of Solana.

But in fact, it is impossible for us to create a perfect blockchain. We can only build a framework first, and then continuously improve the components. This is why the current blockchain is developing in a modular direction, such as Rollup technology. These blockchains separate different layers, parallel layers will not affect each other, and developers can optimize different layers one by one.

The future blockchain architecture must be modular, and technology suppliers on the public chain track should focus on how to provide buildable LEGOs for the blockchain architecture, rather than focusing on developing the best public chain. Therefore, I personally think that the hype hotspot in the next cycle of the public chain track is modularization, but Aptos is still pursuing better performance, better programming language or better consensus protocol at this time, which is a bit of a change. medicine. I don’t deny that Move has the potential to surpass Solidity to become a better blockchain language, but if programmers are keen on this, then there will be a better language than Move in the future. Do we have to happily build an ecosystem from scratch every time a new language or consensus emerges? Looking at how fragmented the current on-chain liquidity has been, users care more about who can aggregate these liquidity together.

Aptos founder Mo Shaikh said he is considering supporting Ethereum development languages, including Solidity, on his network. However, the information published by Aptos is only source code at present. From the perspective of language structure, Move and Solidity are very different. Whether it can be compatible with EVM will be an important factor to determine the prospect of Aptos.

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