Only a systematic approach to investing can lead to sustained success

I have always been very bullish about CRV. In articles last year and earlier this year, I repeatedly mentioned that anything under $2 could be fixed.

After the article was published on June 18, I was impressed by several readers’ messages. Yesterday I shared with you one of the readers’ message about not being afraid of the ups and downs, and today I will share with you another message about fixed investment.

This reader’s message reads: “Take a position in CRV in tranches below $3, as this coin is severely undervalued. The cost of any position you opened a year ago was $2 or less, so CRV at around $2 is practically cabbage now. If the bull market breaks out in the second half, CRV will definitely rise much more than bitcoin ethereum.”

I’ve always been very bullish about CRV. In articles last year and earlier this year, I repeatedly mentioned that prices within $2 could be fixed. But this year when the price of CRV exceeded $2, I didn’t mention the fixed investment anymore. Although from time to time readers still ask if they can still fix their investments, I try to avoid responding directly, as I prefer to leave this question to our readers to think for themselves.

It was only when the CRV fell to within $2 again after the 519 plunge that I again explicitly reminded in the article that fixed investments were available again. As this reader pointed out, my positions cost less than $2 a year ago, when the corresponding UNI prices were still under $5 as I recall. Now, even after the 519 crash, UNI’s price has reached $20, which is already four times the fixed price back then.

Now, as of the time of writing, the price of CRV is only $1.85. There are many readers who do not understand this and will speculate what the reason is. It seems to me that some of the many reasons are temporary and we don’t need to pay attention to them, while some are eternal and we must pay attention to them. And the eternal and is the most critical: is the CRV’s fundamentals in the end how? Is it still as strong as it was at the beginning. To see what its fundamentals are, let’s start with a side-by-side comparison, let’s take Uniswap, which is also an exchange.

If you follow the DeFi ecosystem regularly, you will notice that since the birth of Uniswap, there have been a lot of imitations of it in the DeFi ecosystem. The first was Sushi, then Pancake in BSC, and then more imitations than you can count. The relationship between these imitations and Uniswap is almost always that of a competitor, and every update of Uniswap gives me the impression that it is trying to get rid of its competitors, and even in the V3 version it offers a copyright method to disallow its peers to copy its code. From this we can see how fierce the competition is in the Uniswap circuit, and although Uniswap seems to be in the lead now, the possibility of new entrants catching up in the future can’t be completely ruled out.

Then let’s look at CRV. Since its birth, it has focused on transactions between stablecoins, transactions between similar digital currencies (such as different kinds of BTC, different kinds of ETH, etc.) and large transactions. CRV is not only the best choice for stablecoin traders, but also for hackers to cash in on stablecoins.

The company has been a major player in the market for a long time, but it is interesting to note that it has shown strong respect for CRV and has formed a good partnership with CRV, which has also sponsored the project. This gives me the impression that this imitation is less like a competitor of CRV and more like a branch of CRV in BSC.

Such a result not only did not weaken CRV’s journeyman status, but also made CRV more stable. And even if the imitation plate is slightly famous so far, it is only this one. From this point of view, we can even think that at least so far, the CRV has no competitors at all. For such a project, it is ranked only 93, such an embarrassing situation will continue for a long time? So as this reader writes, “the CRV is now available for about $2 for nothing”.

As for “if the second half of the bull market breaks out, CRV will definitely rise much more than bitcoin ethereum”, let’s leave it to the market and time to draw a conclusion, but I believe if the second half of the bull market breaks out, CRV’s ranking is unlikely to remain in this awkward position today. There is a big difference between my articles and those of many self-publishers: I generally rarely recommend projects directly in my articles (except for Bitcoin and ethereum).

Whenever I mention a project, my purpose is not to recommend people to buy it, let alone recommend people to buy it at that point of time when they see my article, but I think this project is very typical, and I can share with you how I think about it, how I judge it, and what my thinking angle is through this typical. I believe that only by mastering a systematic investment method can we habitually and with high probability pick good varieties, not by luck, by side-effects, or by hearsay.

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