Online education, the end is here

Where to go under the New Deal

Online education may come to an end. 

On July 24, the “Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Students’ Work in Compulsory Education and the Burden of Off-campus Training” was officially issued. The document showed: “Disciplinary training institutions shall not be listed for financing, capitalization operations are strictly prohibited, and listed companies shall not pass stocks. Market financing and investment in discipline training institutions shall not purchase the assets of discipline training institutions by issuing shares or paying cash. Those who have violated the regulations shall be cleaned up and rectified.” The strictness of the standard management of the education and training industry this time is unprecedented. The capital market also gave strong feedback on this. 

Since July 23, education stocks have plunged collectively. Among them, the education industry leader New Oriental has fallen by 40% in Hong Kong stocks, and Sigle Education has fallen by 45%. Good future has even triggered suspension of trading. Other companies such as Gaotu and Yuanjiao have also The decline is obvious.

What did online education do wrong? ZERO LT (ID: LingTai_LT) from apes counseling This typical Internet education company start-depth analysis of online education industry under capitalism approach on how to expand, deterioration, and finally stand on the edge. 

01  Capital ripening

In 2013, Yuantiku APP was launched. This easy-to-read software for students became a hit when it was launched. In 2014, Xiaoyuan SouTi APP was launched. Xiao Yuan Search Questions uses a complete question bank and a powerful image recognition engine to realize the revolutionary function of “photo search for questions”. It has become the industry’s top primary and secondary school homework search question answering tool, covering all major primary and secondary school stages. Subject. It is no exaggeration to say that now every middle school student’s mobile phone will be installed with Xiao Yuan Search Questions. 

It is the success of the Yuantiku and Xiaoyuansouti products that have given the company all the foundations needed to enter the online education industry-users, word of mouth and even ecology.

If these two softwares simply provide auxiliary functions for brushing and searching questions, then the launch of online teaching in 2015 has allowed Yuandaodao to truly enter the track. In 2019, the online education boom was set off, and the early deployment of Yuandao also opened the era of capital expansion. 

On March 31, 2020, Yuandaodao completed the latest round of US$1 billion in financing. After completion of the financing, Yuandaodao’s valuation reached US$7.8 billion. On October 22, 2020, Yuandaodao announced that it has completed G1 and G2 rounds of financing totaling US$2.2 billion. After the completion of the financing, the valuation of Yuandao Online Education Co., Ltd. reached 15.5 billion U.S. dollars, which surpassed BYJU’S, an Indian educational technology company, and ranked first among the global educational technology unicorn companies. 

Ape tutoring, which has matured by capital, must be burdened with profit targets. However, due to the impact of many factors such as the epidemic, China’s online education market has long changed from a red ocean to a blue ocean in 2020, and major companies have entered a stage of stock competition.

If you want to expand your performance, you have to sell more courses to more people. Yuanfudao has also launched a large number of advertising strategies to attract customers at low prices. In the industry’s internal volume, many online education marketers have created anxiety or fictional teachers, and carried out ” pinduoduo ” propaganda-“class teacher 1 to 1 simultaneous tutoring”, ” WeChat 1 to 1 tutoring”, and “your 4 friends” The purchase has been successful…click me to report”, exhausted all my efforts, advertising and marketing can be said to be a flurry of demons. 

On May 10, 2021, in response to the chaos of off-campus education and training institutions, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision carried out a joint operation to check relevant behaviors of Beijing Yuanli Education Technology Co., Ltd. Upon investigation, Yuanjiao’s implementation of false or misleading commercial propaganda activities violated Article 8 Paragraph 1 of the “People’s Republic of China Anti-Unfair Competition Law.” 

On May 10, 2021, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision imposed a warning and an administrative penalty of 2.5 million yuan on out-of-school education and training institutions of Yuandao Guiding according to law. 

02  “Sales” in the guise of “teacher”

Regarding the problems of Yuanjiao and online education, we cannot only look at the macro level. Through interviews with industry insiders, we may be able to better understand the grassroots operations of this industry. 

A former operation staff who has resigned from Yuandaodao said: Starting in 2019, Yuandaodao has closed its one-to-one business and has begun to promote a new teaching model in which the main lecturer teaches multi-person classes. And every student in the class has an assistant teacher for counseling and liaison. 

Online education, the end is here

In the field of online courses, the most valuable resource is a sufficiently high-level teacher . Instead of letting one child spend 2,000 yuan for one-on-one tutoring, it is better to let 50 children spend 500 yuan on a large class. After the reform of the curriculum system, the expansion model of Ape Guidance began to form, and the source of students was expanded wildly. Another tutor who has worked at Yuanjiao revealed that as tutors with the largest number of staff in the company and the fastest staff update, they are essentially 24-hour customer service + sales. 

In 2019 and 2020, Yuanjiao has been hiring continuously. Three types of talents are mainly recruited: technicians, lecturers and tutors. 

Technical staff only accept IT professionals; while the lecturer only works in Beijing headquarters and requires at least 211 or 985 academic qualifications; tutors with the largest staff gap and the fastest update are recruited in branches across the country. Professional requirements Including college graduates and key universities. 

It is understood that the tutors must first conduct training after entering the job. The content is mainly to be familiar with APP and product processes, user portraits, and some psychology-related skills. To sum up, it is nothing more than a few points: learn to distinguish the economic conditions and expected price of customers; learn how to attract customers to sign up for courses; learn renewal, return visits and some academic rules.

“Why do we say that tutors are more like customer service and sales? Because our daily job content is to communicate with parents, introduce our course products, and persuade them to sign up and renew. As for student Q&A, academic report, etc., we all There are reference answers and fixed formulas. The weekly tasks are assessed by KPI, and the top few will have a small bonus. As for the work goals, different project groups have different regulations, and individual groups will have at least ten calls with their parents every day , Appraisal of at least ten places a week.” 

Since students often have time to take online lessons on weekends and holidays, the tutors still need to be busy on statutory holidays. Some people leave after working for six months. This is also a common situation for tutors-high psychological pressure, tired work, job content does not match expectations, demanding promotion conditions… But online education is a popular industry, new graduation Students keep coming in to supplement, and the huge course machine keeps running. 

Beginning in 2021, the online education market is saturated, Yuandaodao has begun to lay off fresh graduates, and its business has also begun to shrink. According to industry insiders, Yuandaodao, as an online education company, has indeed achieved the ultimate online education, and the corporate culture atmosphere is compared. lively, and grass-roots work is full of wolf Internet companies, but it did not do a good education for the development of students and teachers do not pay attention, it can be said to be upside down. ” 

03  to ape counseling parents who foot the bill

A parent who signed up for Ape Guidance said that the quality of the course is good and it can also attract children’s attention, but in other aspects, Ape Guidance is not satisfactory. “I just had an experience class, the customer service staff couldn’t wait to ask us to book the class. We had to ask several times a day, which gave no room for consideration.” “Lobbying intensively for several days, the core idea is to persuade us to subscribe. Their courses.” 

After subscribing to the course, the parent revealed: “After the course is purchased, the tutor only visits regularly, but rarely mentions the child’s learning effect, and even the child’s gender will be wrong.” The tutor also assumes. For some after-school Q&A functions, the quality of this part cannot be guaranteed. 

This phenomenon seems to have become common in this industry. Another parent said, “I signed up for my child’s English course and Zebra AI programming course. After answering questions, I found that the tutor often made obvious grammatical errors, and the teacher also It’s not a graduate of the key university English major mentioned when the course was originally booked.” 

Online education, the end is here

Not all children have a demand for online lessons, and marketers will always create demand for potential customers. Thanks to ape counseling investment in advertising, short video, the major social forums have filled enough advertising to attract parents to click on the link. And these links will always use the experience class to get the contact information of the parents, and then start to sell. 

A parent revealed: “When I saw the advertisement of Zebra AI lesson, I booked a trial lesson for my child, and then marketing staff often chat with me. He said that programming will become a subject for the college entrance examination and how important programming is in modern society. , Other children have laid a solid foundation in elementary school, and your child will suffer in the future…These words are really lethal and can create anxiety.” 

Under the indiscriminate bombardment of well-planned advertisements and psychology-savvy salespersons, even parents with a high degree of education will be defeated and spend thousands or even tens of thousands to sign up for the so-called “premium courses.” “. And if the course is a product, then in the case of mass distribution, the product experience and after-sales service are compressed by marketing costs, and in the end, parents pay for it. 

04Online  education, defeat online

Online classes are essentially a process of redistributing high-quality educational resources . Through the Internet, a good teacher can give lessons to hundreds of people, and the recorded lessons can be played in endless loops. As an epoch-making education model, it needs to be recognized for its advanced nature, but online education is also “online” and failure is “online”. The word “education” behind it is difficult to shoulder the important task. 

Online education, the end is here

After the capital entered the market, the online education company represented by Yuandaodao gradually transformed from an education technology company to an Internet company. If the core competitiveness of Ape Coaching before 2019 is the quality of products and courses, then Ape Coaching after 2019 will compete and compete for traffic. 

From the perspective of market rules, when the online education market is gradually saturated, education companies will inevitably fall into the involution, just like Internet companies competing for traffic. An industry that is gradually involved will certainly not have great development prospects. Even without policy-level control, online education is no longer the darling of capital in the capital market.

In terms of education function, the online education people need is to hear first-line teachers teach at a low price, but now it has evolved into a family that needs to spend thousands of dollars to take online lessons, and needs to constantly face artificial manufacturing. Anxiety to gain the so-called superiority of peers. 

From the perspective of the majority of users, parents choose online education because of low price, convenience and worry-free, and teaching effect. In the face of endless marketing, the price of online courses is becoming more and more expensive, and the advantages compared with traditional offline off-campus institutions are lost. The continuous renewal, sales and feedback have also weakened the convenience of online courses. Under the enterprise volume model, the quality of students’ after-school tutoring is worrying, their demands cannot be improved, and the teaching effect is also severely declined. 

Online education is a tool to promote education fairness, but in the end it ends up driving up the price of educational resources and distributing them according to capital. In a saturated market, a long-term stable flow can be obtained only by abandoning radical competition methods and returning to the competitiveness of education. In short, online education can only develop in a healthy and healthy manner only if it regains its original aspirations and does a good job of inclusive and fair education. 

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