OneCards’s “Fengshen Trilogy” NFT is new: the main “Zhen Cang” version of rare cards

From the rapid rise of CryptoKitties in 2017 to the popularity of the NBA Top shot this year; from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, which was sold at sky-high prices, to the work of director Wong Kar-wai at Sotheby’s autumn auction. With the high price of “Nian Hua” NFT, NFT is deepening its connection with the real world step by step, and its natural adaptation to IP makes it applicable to all digital carriers including games, music, movies, and artworks.

2021 is called the “first year of NFT” by the industry. The integration of multiple movies and NFT makes NFT enter the eyes of more mass consumers. IP has an unprecedented artistic value carrier, and a new creative space is opened.

In recent film and television circles, Legendary Pictures has launched its upcoming movie “Dune” theme series NFT collection “Dune: Future Artifacts” on September 22. Domestically, on September 30th, OneCards, an IP digital derivative distribution platform under Heiner Nebula, was launched, and the first batch of NFT digital collections of the movie “Fengshen Trilogy” was also launched with a limited edition of 400 pieces. In the case of a cold start of the product, Within 24 minutes of going online, all 400 digital collections were sold out. After the first phase, the OneCards platform launched the second phase of the NFT digital collection on October 15. It only took half the time (12 minutes) to complete the same number of NFT sales as the first phase, and the totem is gluttonous, and there are 100 online A hot situation that was sold out in 41 seconds.

Maruka's "Fengshen Trilogy" NFT is new: the main "Zhen Cang" version of rare cards

Only by advancing with the times and integrating technology and art can art products gain more vigorous vitality. For new art carriers, the “strict selection” of the NFT distribution platform is particularly important.

Domestic NFT works mainly present two forms. One is blindly following the trend of foreign “explosive models”, ignoring regional customs and aesthetic values, and it is difficult to resonate emotionally with domestic collectors, boasting “new and cutting-edge + out of the circle”, but in fact they are not satisfied; One adopts the doctrine of taking, selecting local IP elements that are familiar to the public, and crudely imitating them, which can not guarantee the quality of the work and, without IP authorization, use the credibility of the IP and defraud the cultural sentiments of the mass consumers. In response to the chaos in the NFT industry, OneCards has adopted “strict selection” as the operating principle of the platform since its establishment, ensuring that the NFT works purchased by collectors are issued by the IP copyright owner, so that the value of the collection is not “distorted”.

At the cultural level, as the promoter of the NFTization of large entertainment IP, OneCards takes the promotion of traditional Chinese culture as its mission and the perfect combination of technology and art as its goal. Through research on market demand, cultural genes, and innovative technologies, “God Trilogy” is jointly named NFT. As a mythological theme based on historical adaptations, “The Trilogy of Conferred Gods” tells a protracted mythological war between humans, immortals and demons three thousand years ago, and composes a magnificent epic of Chinese mythology. In the eyes of director Wu Ershan, “The Romance of the Gods” is an important symbol of Chinese traditional culture, condensing many iconic elements in the entire Chinese culture, including classic history, Shang and Zhou culture, mythical characters and cultural background, etc. This is the common wealth of the Chinese nation. It is the mission of filmmakers to display cultural values ​​through the innovative combination of technology and art, and to promote them into cultural beliefs that young people can continuously absorb, so that young people can feel the vitality of Chinese culture. The high degree of spiritual harmony between the two shows that the meta-universe model of Chinese cultural fans as the cornerstone is becoming a new choice for young people in this era.

At the product level, the OneCards platform is different from the collector card games currently on the market in that the digital props cards designed and sold by OneCards are all real props taken from the movie “Fengshen Trilogy”. These props are hard-won and have extraordinary significance. Because the Shang Dynasty is more than 3,000 years ago, there are few cultural relics, architectural relics and references available for research. In order to field research on history, director Wu Ershan led the crew to visit Henan and Shaanxi. Museums and historical sites in Shanxi and other places, based on Taoist water and land paintings in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, combined with the aesthetic elements of Shang and Zhou bronzes and the landscape of the Song Dynasty, created the unique aesthetic system of the “Fengshen Trilogy” and applied it to Various aspects of costume modeling, scene building, prop making, etc. The totems and props sold before and this time are all based on original scenes in the movie.

From the point of view of value generation, the NFT of “Fengshen Trilogy” is actually a value migration from the real world to the virtual world. Through the rich expressive power of cards, the culture of the Fengshen is permanently stored. It is believed that under the circumstance of compliant market operation, sufficient value precipitation will be formed.

OneCards officially revealed that the “Fengshen Trilogy” series of products are currently being sold five times according to the number of totems and props. The previous online totems and props will be sold as a pre-heater. The card products that will be launched on the 21st are based on the original basis. While the models remain unchanged, each model has a specific number: 11, 22, 55, 66, 99, and 5 [Zhen Cang Edition] is launched, which is displayed in the form of UTR embossed three-dimensional rare, precisely because of the front card The frame has a kind of charm, which is full of layers, looks like a framed artwork, and the green tourmalines/rubies inlaid on the frame are all from the accessories starring in the “Fengshen Trilogy”, and the reliefs are rare. The attainment level of the degree card is self-evident. It is reported that the embossed rare cards will be obtained through orderly purchase and specific number generation. It is believed that this method of OneCards will further enhance the fan’s collection experience and stimulate the enthusiasm for purchase.

Maruka's "Fengshen Trilogy" NFT is new: the main "Zhen Cang" version of rare cards

【OneCards×Fengshen Trilogy】NFT play principle:

1. Let the work really go on the chain, so that the collector really owns the ownership.

2. [Zhen Zang] version series, with higher collection value.

3. The specific card number will get the rights to watch the premiere.

4. Platform functions and NFT works will continue to iterate, and every release will have “new play points”

In the future, NFT will completely change the new interactive experience of large entertainment IP and consumer product IP, and lead more collectors to a new era of the metaverse, opening the door to the real and virtual worlds. OneCards will allow more traffic owners and more consumers to deeply understand the value of digital assets.

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