One minute to understand the value of xxnetwork: summary of ten highlights

Team and investors:

1. The founder & CEO of xx network is a well-known cryptographer, the father of cryptocurrency, and a pioneer in network security: David Chaum (David Chaum), he is also the initiator of cypherpunk, the world’s first cryptocurrency eCash founder People, the proponent and promoter of decentralized ideas, are the spiritual leaders in the field of global cryptography. Most of the team members come from the fields of computer engineering and cryptography. The core technical members and David have cooperated or independently published many professional papers, and the theoretical foundation is extremely profound. The teams have cooperated for many years, cooperated in tacit understanding, and the team is stable.

2. The main investment institutions have rich experience in the Internet and blockchain and are strategic investors. They focus on the web3.0 track. As a trusted communication network, xxnetwork is a very important and one of the few projects on the track.

Technology and Application:

3. xxnetwork is the infrastructure to realize a secure and trustless network in the Web3.0 era. It is the first time that privacy protection has been achieved at the same time as the blockchain ledger and smart contract level.

4. Metadata mixing technology-cMix, proposed and perfected by David Chaum, is one of the best privacy protection technologies today, breaking through the bottleneck of commonly used privacy protection technologies in terms of performance and computing power, and the technical threshold is extremely high.

5. For the first time, xxnetwork has implemented a stateful hash-based anti-quantum algorithm on a decentralized network, which protects the assets on the xx chain in the post-quantum era. At the same time, it is a great advantage for most regions today. The block chain project provides solutions and practical references for anti-quantum block chain smooth transition.

6. In the field of digital assets and blockchain, the defect that cannot effectively protect the privacy of assets and smart contracts on the chain is solved. This defect constitutes the main cause of security incidents in current blockchain applications (such as DEFI, cross-chain).

7. The current popular file encryption and communication encryption technologies will not be able to withstand the threat of quantum computers to the security of the digital world. xxnetwork is the only network with quantum security and privacy protection so far. Its applications include but are not limited to: secure transmission and privacy protection of data such as commerce, finance, government affairs, people’s livelihood, digital assets, data assets, various digital certificates, signatures, passwords, etc., which can greatly reduce the secure communication between various organizations and enterprises The cost of infrastructure and upgrading of facilities, as well as the cost of operation and maintenance. Ensure that the above data and digital assets are protected from immeasurable losses caused by cracking in the post-quantum era.

8. The xxnetwork team is serious and cautious about the technology. The test network has been running for more than a year. There are already 600+ nodes in the world maintaining the normal operation of the test network. The main network will be launched on time in October.

Economic model:

9. The network incentive layer adopts the nominated proof-of-stake mechanism (NPoS), which takes into account the competition and balance between nodes. At the same time, NPoS is also an excellent incentive mechanism that has been verified to ensure that nodes participate in the joint construction of the network.

10. The team and the foundation participate in the pledge nomination, but do not pay dividends, ensuring the decentralization of the network, maintaining the smooth operation of the network, and maintaining the balance between users, the market, and miners. Users will not be deterred by high fees, the market will not fluctuate due to liquidity fluctuations, and miners will not dilute their earnings due to the rapid increase in computing power.


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