One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT

Made a live broadcast the day before yesterday

The first live broadcast the day before yesterday, I talked about some things I was thinking about recently (and I found myself always rolling my eyes when I talked?️).

The relationship between data and NFT

One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT


I am still paying attention to blitmap and its family bucket recently, and then I found that many things are connected together.


dom’s tweets

The next day, dom sent updates on the tweets and blitmap of the data, Wuhu.

about data


One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT


about blitmap and other projects


One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT


Specifically talk about the update of blitmaps family bucket

From NFT to NFT Family Barrel


One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT


Own piece of the internet via tokens, what is the significance of this? Remember when we said that NFT is a data entry, a data ID card? ID card here = unlimited game admission ticket?. (As the saying goes, buying an NFT that is equivalent to buying a family bucket )

Imagine how these things will be connected in the future: you use your own blitmap to generate a full set of characters of the blitverse (hero, enemy, pet, boy/girlfriend etc.); then you are eligible to go to the game console of the mint supdrive and choose the red, yellow and blue team Participate in the game; you are defeated in the supdrive game, it’s okay. I show my proof of kindness (an NFT) to summon my blitmap past life (here is the brain hole of the alien prequel); the journey to the Loot game starts again. ..


One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT



One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT



I want to quote many points of [[Hannah Arendt]]. Arendt is famous for his praise of action. The infinite meaning behind these two words (three words in English: act in concert) makes me rethink DAO and What happened now.

The reason why people can be the most advanced, and perhaps the purest activity: thinking activity. This book is just thinking about what we are doing. ——Hannah Arendt, “Human Conditions”

for example

Recently, a small social experiment was conducted by an on-chain game-wagtmigotchi. Take care of the little ghost and don’t let him die. That is to say, you interact with the smart contract, pay a gas to choose any option: food, drink, play, sleep to take care of her, and then get a proof of participation/interaction-proof of kindness (proof of kindness) .


One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT


Xiaoyou was flexible and left the world for about a week, and then dom made a memorial NFT (pfp) to commemorate the participants who gave ❤️.


One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT


Interestingly, this project was picked up by the community and inspired some people to continue this idea.


tokens align network participants to work together towards a common goal–the growth of the network and the appreciation of the token

——Chris Dixon

I discussed collaboration in discord for the first time in an article on ” 15 Days Company “. At that time, gitcoin initiated the online bounty hackathon. Everyone came to do the task; the NFT wave is more free. Interesting, token has become a kind of collaborative bond, even emotional belonging.

meeting plans

derivative ideas

resource hub

role verify and lead role claim

In discord, people automatically verify wallets through colland bots and obtain Hodler’s identity authentication (such as the pfp holder in the figure below).

In addition, spontaneous collaboration starts from leading the work in front of the public, where they (community manager and other roles in the figure below) are responsible for coordinating and strengthening the community. The appeal of star projects is obvious, such as supdrive’s discord completely spontaneously.


One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT



Arendt said that speech makes people a political existence.


We-creatures that are restricted by the earth but act like inhabitants of the universe-will probably never be able to understand, that is, unable to think and talk about what we can still do. In this regard, our brains (the physical and material conditions that make up our thoughts) seem to be incapable of understanding what we do. So that from now on, we do need man-made machines to think and speak instead of us.

Maybe there are truths beyond words, maybe these truths are very meaningful to a single person, that is, he can be anyone, as long as he is not a political being. But plural people (in terms of people living and acting in this world) can experience meaning only because they can talk to each other, understand each other and make themselves understand.

——Hannah Arendt, “Human Conditions”‍


I like to observe people’s behavior in the community. For example, dom is a very typical existence with verbal power (of course action power). You can see the update written by him. This is an important part of maintaining the confidence of the community, and He can seamlessly switch between different projects in parallel.

This made me think about what we are doing in the context of NFT. People have become a kind of political existence . Whether it’s talk in discord, Twitter or discourse, plural people begin to regain their own power. Of course, there will be more important speeches, that is, more politically powerful characters (such as dom) to start the story of action, and action and speech become the computing power in distributed organizations.


act in concert

Finally, we are talking about action. First of all, according to Arendt’s theory, we distinguish between labor, work, and action.


One article to understand the whole family bucket from NFT to NFT


Then, let’s look at what philosophers call vita activa .

Life is active in political life (Bio  politikos) – Aristotle

Labor and work are not enough to constitute a complete life (bios), an autonomous and truly human way of life; because labor serves what is necessary, and work produces useful things, both of which depend on human needs. And lack.

It is a life of conversation or practice (vita negotiosa or actuosa) —— Augustine

A life dedicated to public political affairs has a specific political significance.

For the Greeks, the city-state means a special form of political organization chosen out of freedom, and is by no means any mode of behavior necessary for people to gather together in an orderly manner.

In today’s era, vita activa seems to be practiced in the form of DAO. Compared with my previous narrow understanding of DAO: an organizational commitment, organizational structure, governance system, etc., now I want to describe it as an aggregation of actions. The term uncover is actually a verb. DAO does not seem to be a result, but a process.

Because the human network contains countless conflicting wills and desires, actions always fail to achieve his goals; but it is precisely because of this medium that actions produce stories, just as manufacturing activities naturally produce tangible things. However, in their living reality, they have a nature completely different from materialized objects, that is, any human product can tell us who is the master who produced it, and the story of action also tells us more about its subject ——Hannah Arendt, “Human Conditions”

Some of the above concepts are concrete and some are abstract. You are experiencing things like NFT, and DAO you feel a little. Because you are not involved, actions and words may be more powerful than we thought. There is no order of thought on the time scale, and it is never out of date. It’s just that the specific situation has changed. People’s desire to achieve freedom and active life (no one wants to live in pain, right) has not changed. If you yearn for these things, you will find its source (fountain of the fountain) layer by layer.

Finally, to quote Arendt the day before yesterday, this article is just thinking about (now) what we are doing.

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