Once again awarded the Best Developer of the Year, what stage has Tianmei’s overseas deployment progressed?

This is another award for Tianmei after last year.

Recently, Tianmei won the Mobile Game Awards as the best developer of the year. This is the second time that Tianmei won the award after last year. In this year’s competition, Tianmei defeated well-known overseas mobile game developers such as Niantic, Tilting Point, Pearl Abyss, etc., to defend the title. 

Once again awarded the Best Developer of the Year, what stage has Tianmei's overseas deployment progressed?

As an annual selection held by Pocket Gamer, a well-known British game media, the Mobile Game Awards aims to recognize the best companies and individuals that promote the development of the mobile game industry this year. In 2018 and 2019, before Tianmei won the award for two consecutive years, Supercell and Epic Games won the best developer awards respectively. 

If market performance represents achievements, and awards represent industry recognition and reputation , for Tianmei studios, their achievements and reputation are gradually occupying the global mobile game high ground, which also means that the strength of Chinese game developers in the mobile era has gone abroad. , Has been recognized by the international market. 

The day the United States and globalization has only just begun. While enhancing technical strength and international vision, and enhancing industrialization capabilities, Tianmei is trying to think about game design in a higher dimension. Whether it is mobile or PC or console, whether it is self-research or cooperation with international manufacturers, Tianmei is building an international brand through a series of strategic layouts and high-quality game output, as well as stimulating positive energy in the gaming society. Moving forward with the vision of “improving the quality of entertainment for global players”. 

From this point of view, Tianmei’s frequent overseas moves in the past two years can be traced. In just one month, Tianmei has established studios in Seattle, USA and Montreal, Canada. Together with the previous Los Angeles studio, Tianmei has Set up three independent self-research studios in North America. 

In terms of products, the team competition game “Pokémon Grand Rally” developed by Tianmei and Pokémon Co., Ltd. officially landed on the Switch platform this month, and launched “Contra Returns” in cooperation with Konami (“Contra: Return” international Version) has also started to make reservations overseas. 

On the road of globalization, Tianmei’s layout is showing step by step. 


A review of the theory of game value found that on the road of globalization, Tianmei’s philosophy has always been to advance layer by layer and gradually expand. 

At the earliest, Tianmei tried to open overseas markets through self-developed mobile games. For example, “Arena of Valor” (the international version of ” Glory of the King “) was released overseas in 2017. This product was launched in more than 130 countries and regions around the world, helping Tianmei It initially demonstrated its research and development capabilities overseas, laying the foundation for subsequent cooperation with many top international game manufacturers. 

In October 2019, the “Call of Duty Mobile Game” jointly developed by Tianmei and Activision Blizzard was officially released overseas. In the same year, it was named the best game of the year, the most popular game of the year, and the best competitive game of the year by the Google Play Awards. , Has also been selected as the best mobile game of the year by The Game Awards (TGA for short) known as the “Game Oscar”. 

Once again awarded the Best Developer of the Year, what stage has Tianmei's overseas deployment progressed?

In terms of actual performance, Activision Blizzard and Tianmei announced in May this year that the cumulative download of the game has exceeded 500 million. The reputation and market achievements of “Call of Duty Mobile Games” helped Tianmei open another door to overseas markets. 

In May of this year, Tianmei announced that it has reached a strategic partnership with Microsoft Xbox Game Studios. The two parties will combine their respective experiences and advantages for in-depth cooperation. In June, it was announced that it would cooperate with Konami to launch “Contra Returns” (the international version of “Contra: Return”). In July, the team competition game “Pokémon Grand Rally” developed by Tianmei and Pokémon was officially launched on the Switch platform… 

There are various signs that Tianmei’s R&D capabilities have been recognized by many international partners, and it has been confirmed by winning the Mobile Game Awards Best Developer Award for two consecutive years. 

However, Tianmei’s international efforts will not stop at the success of the mobile game field. Cross-platform products such as “Pokémon Grand Rally” show Tianmei’s next goal, which is to build a 3A similar to “Call of Duty Mobile Games.” From high-quality mobile games to cross-platform 3A-quality games. 

Not long ago, the Montreal studio of Tianmei was established. This is the third studio officially announced by Tianmei in North America. Vincent Gao, head of R&D at Tianmei International, said: “In Montreal, we can absorb talents who are good at large-scale 3A open world and build a more diversified team. The current focus of the studio is to establish R&D quality around terminal games first, and then Let global players on more platforms be able to play anytime, anywhere.” 

Once again awarded the Best Developer of the Year, what stage has Tianmei's overseas deployment progressed?

Before Montreal, Tianmei had established two major studios in North America. The Los Angeles studio was the first stop of Tianmei in North America and was responsible for coordinating the management and operation of related studios in North America. The Seattle studio is mainly focused on the shooting category to make breakthroughs, focusing on the development of a 3A multi-platform shooting game, and shooting is an area where Tianmei is good at. 

The current Montreal studio’s goal is to incubate an original IP, create a multi-platform open-world online game with end-game 3A quality, and boldly try cross-team collaboration in Montreal, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, which is bound to improve team management and efficiency control. High requirements can also help Tianmei accumulate valuable global collaboration experience. 

From the launch of self-developed mobile games to the successful creation of mobile 3A products with partners, and now another attempt at self-developed cross-platform 3A, we can see the guiding ideas of progressive advancement and gradual proliferation. . 


Why did Tianmei, which has achieved good results and reputation in the mobile game market, choose to challenge cross-platform and 3A? The game value theory believes that the promotion of international layout is the embodiment of Tianmei’s pursuit of self-improvement. 

As we mentioned earlier, major overseas manufacturers have begun to re-examine the New Year’s goods model one after another, trying to expand the influence of IP through the buyout + free + mobile game model. At this time node, Tianmei challenged the cross-platform 3A on the one hand to trace the source and push it to the top in this mode to create a complete game chain. 

On the other hand, when China becomes the world’s largest game market, Chinese game developers have reached the moment when they need to make their own voices in overseas markets. 

Looking back on the development history of Chinese games, we lag behind in the console and stand-alone eras, we are in the same vein in the end game era, and we have achieved catch-up in the mobile game era. Mobile games have given Chinese manufacturers the opportunity to catch up with major overseas manufacturers, and multiple categories such as MOBA, SLG, FPS, and Two-dimensional have good performance in overseas markets. 

However, the competition in the global market is not only mobile games, consoles and PC games have a large market share overseas. In the field of mobile games, Tianmei proved itself to enter the cross-platform 3A, which is another dimension of self-drive, and it is the only way to achieve true globalization. 

What’s more, creating a cross-platform 3A product is the best window for a game production company to display itself, because from the perspective of game production, 3A represents the highest level of game industrialization. Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice president of Tencent , once said in an interview, “3A games largely means the ability to industrialize, adding resources to various details at any cost, this is the attitude of doing 3A.” 

Once again awarded the Best Developer of the Year, what stage has Tianmei's overseas deployment progressed?

Screenshot of “Ready Player One” movie

Being able to make a cross-platform 3A masterpiece means strong development technology, resource allocation and team precipitation. It is the best annotation for industrialized R&D capabilities. The improvement of industrialized capabilities will also allow R&D teams to think about games from a higher dimension. Design, to implement ideas that were limited by technical capabilities in the past. 

It needs to be clear here that game industrialization is a manifestation of team and talent capabilities. For Tianmei, the involvement of cross-platform 3A is to open up new areas. The same improvement of capabilities can also help the overall strength of the mobile game field. 

In short, Tianmei’s international layout essentially wants to break the bottleneck through the improvement of self-ability, and examine the gameplay design from an international perspective and a higher dimension. The evolution of product quality, from mobile games to cross-platform 3A, is an external manifestation of ability training and improvement. 


Looking back at Tianmei’s overseas layout as a whole, it can be said that the mobile game field has completely opened up. It has cooperated with many well-known manufacturers and won the Mobile Game Awards as the best developer of the year. This is the best proof, and it also declares that the international market is very important for Chinese manufacturers’ mobile games. Recognition of research and development capabilities. 

Now Tianmei is intensively preparing for the development of cross-platform 3A games, because in addition to mobile games, domestic manufacturers also need to make their own voices in the international market of consoles and PC games to prove that China’s game development technology has been at the top , Can truly be recognized by a large number of players in the global market. 

In a sense, the globalization layout is the process of Tianmei’s cultivation of technical skills. From mobile games to cross-platform 3A layout, Tianmei builds an international brand and moves towards the vision of “improving the quality of entertainment for global players”. Stopping, the influence and contribution of Chinese manufacturers in the international game market will not stop. 

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