On the necessary thinking under the interpretation of Osasion DC agreement

What is certain is that when interpreting the content of the DC agreement, we cannot ignore the source of the information.

With the recent gradual layout of Osasion Ousai project news, combined with Twitter and other content for combing and learning, the Community United Foundation Compilation Team has also sorted out and compiled the content released by Osasion Ousai to facilitate the learning and understanding of community partners. There are a few issues that need to be solved first, that is, the value of the DC protocol that you do not know? What is the DC protocol? Where did the DC protocol come from? What kind of problems can the DC protocol solve?

Taking the above questions into today’s content, first of all, according to the information context of channels such as Twitter, it is clear that the full name of the DC protocol is the Democratic Calibration Unlimited Parabolic Regression Protocol (Democratic Calibration Unlimited Parabolic Regression Protocol), or DC protocol for short. Regarding the content of the DC agreement resolution, you can understand the interpretation of the Chinese version of the DC agreement.

What is certain is that when interpreting the content of the DC agreement, we cannot ignore the source of the information. The content of this agreement should initially come from the content of the 2.0 version of the white paper, and will be released in the Q4 quarter of the Osasion development path according to the plan. Therefore, without mentioning the issue of the development path that has not yet been disclosed, there are currently no more than 500 rows of node data in the Troy network. Even if all the preconditions are met, it will be disclosed in October-December according to time calculations. So, why would some of the content be disclosed in advance? According to the agreement information, we know that one of the factors that triggered the activation of the DC agreement is approaching. Therefore, it can be concluded that in the development process of actual data, the corresponding mechanism will be triggered when the variable factors and actual design change. Combined with the relevant conditions for the triggering of the DC protocol content, the main reason is that MPOS encourages the mining pool to fall below the limit observation value and is close to the DC protocol trigger value. Therefore, it is possible for the DC protocol to meet with node users in advance.

Through the summary of the above information, the most real feeling is that the core of Osasion’s complex system design is the user. Whether it is mining, providing liquidity or market mechanisms, everything seems to have a closer relationship with users. Simply put, the node activates the data. The governance side relies on the community and node users, and its design involves a wide range of fields and the system is complicated. At present, it is really not possible to understand the whole Osasion OSA overnight. After finishing sorting out the information of various channels, let’s take a look at the actual content. Regarding the content of the DC protocol, it is mainly necessary to understand the role of the DC protocol, trigger conditions and unique highlights. To clarify the above three points, it is much more convenient to understand the DC protocol and understand its in-depth meaning.

The first is the role of the DC protocol. It can be seen from the triggering conditions of the agreement that the first point can be fully answered by answering the second point. To activate the DC protocol, first, activate the node miner to the 125th 250th node, which completes the distribution of 500 columns of conjugate arrays. After completing the first-level base-building sequence, turn on the second-level core base-building, and start the DC agreement. Second, the contract is automatically activated when the unmined balance of the incentive mining pool reaches a fixed value (≤1010000.00000000UORA). The two trigger conditions are independent operating conditions, which are conditional contract binding. Once the contract is triggered, the DC protocol is activated to determine the qualification of all sleeping nodes to retrieve the liquidity pledge state. 

The world of coins-on the necessary thinking under the interpretation of Osasion DC agreement

The above content clearly clarifies the core content of the agreement. Once sorted out, it mainly involves three sections. After the content is fully interpreted, the significance of the DC agreement is self-evident. But there is also a question here, that is, why the limit value of the second condition is 1.01 million? Although there is no source basis, we boldly contacted the block synchronization node election, because the number of eligible votes for the block synchronization node election is also 101, but the relationship is not yet known, and the direction determination may come from the node status determination on.

The first section is about activating the contract conditions of the DC agreement, behind which you have to delve into the issue. According to condition one, the node miner is activated to the 125th 250th node, which is triggered after the 500-column conjugate array is distributed. In other words, the MPOS incentive mining pool balance has always been higher than 1.01 million UORA. In principle, the DC agreement will not be triggered in advance, and the agreement will also be met with you in the 2.0 white paper announcement.

However, three clear messages are released here. One is that the threshold for clear pledge liquidity has always existed and was designed very early. Secondly, the DC protocol is also divided into active and passive condition triggers, and its meaning is worthy of in-depth study. Furthermore, according to existing data, this DC protocol is activated under passive conditions, which should be regarded as one of the incentive mechanisms. Without this agreement, subsequent dormant nodes may lose their guarantee and incentives, so there will be corresponding restrictions. Therefore, we are not surprised by the appearance of the DC protocol.

500 columns are triggered automatically, indicating that the DC protocol has been designed to complete the nesting of smart contracts in the early data model. According to the early data model, behind the activation of the mass node is the dormant node that continues to multiply, which incentivizes the mining pool to serve as UORA’s liquidity provider. The total supply is lacking in liquidity, and even leads to inversion, but UORA staking amount as M1 based on the actual liquidity Multiplier, UORA does not have the possibility of upside-down, so the mechanism will have the possibility of incentivizing the mining pool to clear. This is very important. In other words, when the incentive mining pool is not enough to pay a staking pledge income, the incentive mining pool will enter the accumulation period. When the cumulative amount of the incentive pool is greater than the total amount of UORA that should be motivated for the dormant node on the day, a staking pledge will be initiated to limit the inflation rate to maintain a low level, and at the same time prevent the possibility of unfairness and slack. . Therefore, staking pledges to release mines, either on a day-by-day basis or a time-by-time basis. This is the ingenuity of the two. All this is also determined by community-based nodes, and the market mechanism is left to the market. This is also the core of Bayesian decentralized distribution.

Passive triggering, because the incentive mining pool is not enough to support continuous bet liquidity expenditures, that is, the incentive mining pool’s unmined balance is ≤1010000.00000000UORA. Since it is a passive trigger, it means that the initiative is completely controlled by the market built by the community nodes, which is determined by all Osasion Osai people, and the meaning is combined with the previous paragraph. In this part, we focus on the beneficiaries. The sleeping nodes within the first 500 columns of the Troy mesh conjugate array are all beneficiaries. After calculating the data, we find that this is also one of the incentives for early evangelists. For early node users, its revenue has already exceeded 600 UORA. If you start again after 500 ranks, theoretically no limit period is set. Estimates on the same timeline will probably reach 1200UORA-1500UORA. According to the 200% staking fixed limit calculation, the early nodes have exceeded 300%, and 500 ranks will be predicted. Estimated to exceed 1200%. Here, everyone may feel a bit pity. However, it is worth noting that Osasion’s mobile pool is not the issuance of virtual data on the chain, but the actual asset data. As much as you enter the incentive mining pool, there will be as many in the future, not more or less. Therefore, the early design of pledged liquidity income actually only cares about two data, one is to promote the establishment of the dynamic proportion of community activation nodes, and the other is the liquidity cycle of continuous pledge.

The world of coins-on the necessary thinking under the interpretation of Osasion DC agreement

The second section is about the stratification of Osasion’s economic model. At this stage, due to the limited information disclosed, we can only sort out and make bold guesses based on the known information. At present, according to the content of the document, it is clearly known that the economic model is divided into three layers, and each layer of the agreement is divided into a fixed model and a non-fixed model. The non-fixed model is one of the five contracts that are nested in the underlying economic model and waiting to be activated. It is not yet possible to judge based on the basic information. Whether the five contract protocols are all nested in the same model as the DC protocol or are they separate Nested in different levels of models. If they are all nested on one level, it means that there are at least four passive contracts that we cannot know for the time being, and they will not be made public at this stage. It can be judged from the interpretation of the contents of the opening two paragraphs of the DC agreement that other contracts should be passive or protective contracts like the DC agreement. As long as the relevant conditions are not touched, we cannot know in advance, because all mechanisms release this in advance. The establishment of the community and the promotion of nodes does not seem to be beneficial.

The third section is the snooping brought by node status authentication. The difference between dormant nodes and community-based nodes is whether they have used contract stamps as the basis. At the same time, the revenue data recorded by the node account will also be used as a verification and record of the node status. Simply put, in terms of the information that has been disclosed, the node status authentication will be divided into three states. When the node is activated, it successfully enters the MPOS terminal to complete the certification of qualified miners. The status displayed at this time is: activated, obtained UORA pledged liquidity income (sleeping node) and also obtained AUC mining rights certification. The second state: miner. The intervention of the DC protocol will bring about the judgment of the node status, and this judgment collects the income of the node staking pledged liquidity UORA. For the judgment of whether a node can continue to obtain liquidity income, according to the standard of the DC protocol, the node that meets the state change will change from the active state to the miner, and will no longer obtain the staking pledge income in the future, and it will be transformed into the acquisition of AUC mining volume. Identity is the consensus miner. Along with the activation of the Troy network data node, after 500 columns, the mechanism of only distributing 250 columns upwards will be activated. The nodes whose AUC output has been assigned permission (qualified miners) will be successfully converted to node status, that is, the miners have completed the historical mission of AUC and UORA one-coin dual mining, and they have successfully transformed into super-consensus users after a long period of development and education. The third state: node (user).

The world of coins-on the necessary thinking under the interpretation of Osasion DC agreement

It is also recommended that the community pay attention to this main line. What is the core of the Osasion process? What are you concerned about? Secondly, the layer by layer of the node status, its inherent meaning and the initial intention and important mission of the project, whether there is an inevitable connection between the two, the difficulty of consensus is the difficulty and easy point.

Finally, a summary of this article, the rigor of the internal condition setting of the DC protocol and the deep logic based on respect for objective facts. This also gives some thoughts to all users and communities of Osasion. Osasion is derived from users. Objectively focusing on the growth of node users and the mining of AUC is far more valuable than focusing on the rise of speculative and profitable economy. At the same time, I also remind us again that Osasion is essentially determined by node users, even if it is speculation, it is also determined by all Osasion Osai people. The DC protocol that arrived in advance verifies everything.

Every AUC is precious. At present, at least 524 nodes are required to be activated for a node to obtain an AUC. According to Osasion’s original vision, if each AUC retains a user, history will be rewritten, and each node will convert a consensus person and achieve brilliant results. At present, the amount of AUC produced is 4,827,607.75,1964,10 AUC, which only accounts for 3.51% of the total amount of produced. There is still a long way to go. At the experimental end, we must uphold a scientific and pragmatic attitude. In the verification of the ecosystem, we should also rationally treat the risks of the industry and the uncertainty of the future of Osasion’s experiments, respect the market, maintain the original intention, and forge ahead. Row.

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