Old Shanghai Goes “New World”, Famous Painter Zhong Haihong’s NFT Works Sold at Tspace

NFT use cases and people’s imagination for it are increasing day by day, under the many different opinions, what will be the development of this new industry windfall?

Digital art, games, domain names …… NFT use cases and people’s imagination about it are growing day by day, how will the new windfall of this industry develop under all the different opinions? This time, change baking meow take you to observe ????

Old Shanghai Goes "New World", Famous Painter Zhong Haihong's NFT Works Sold at Tspace


One night in a certain year I had said to be the star in his life he did not become my galaxy

The moonlight is like water once day and night like your face instantly has been separated from each other

Countless mechanical nights people revel in the era of information rather than watch a show of life and death forget the moon of a thousand years of love

When I woke up from my dream, it was always in front of my window.

Suddenly a sea breeze Zhaoge covered the moonlight and sank into another world

–Oil painting “Su Yue” monologue of the girl in the painting

New World” is a series of oil paintings created by the famous oil painting artist Mr. Zhong Haihong over a period of nearly ten years, “Su Yue” is one of the series, the other three are “Breeze”, “Afternoon” and “Seaside”. The other three paintings are “Breeze”, “Afternoon” and “Seaside”. This series of oil paintings outlines the changes of Shanghai with beautiful and delicate brushstrokes, presenting a strong sense of alternation of times.

Old Shanghai Goes "New World", Famous Painter Zhong Haihong's NFT Works Sold at Tspace

(New World Oil Painting Series “Afternoon”)

Baked Meow’s level of art appreciation is entirely due to the kind guidance of Mr. Zhong Haihong. After all, Mr. Zhong Haihong’s oil paintings have been widely collected by domestic and foreign art institutions, groups and private collectors, such as Japan Yiwenge-Corporation, Shanghai Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association, and the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto.

Why did Baked Meow know Mr. Zhong Haihong? It started with his first “touch of the chain”.

Old Time Meets New Era
In the early morning of June 12, Tspace, a digital asset trading platform that had just finished its version iteration, put up the “New World” series of NFTs, four works, one NFT for each, and the auction officially began.

The whole bidding process was very intense and exciting.

The first was “Moon”, which started at 200 FC and sold for 40 times more, reaching 8,000 FC.

The bidders for “By the Sea” were not to be outdone. According to the Tspace auction rules, each time a bidder updates his or her bid, the auction is extended by ten minutes. The fierce competition between the bidders extended the end of the auction by more than four hours.

In the end, the “New World” series sold for a total of 11,688 FC, setting a record for the Tsapce NFT series and the highest sale of a single piece in the history of the collection.

Digitizing traditional oil paintings and casting them into NFT (Non-Homogenized Digital Assets) through blockchain technology and auctioning them online is a new exploration of oil painting art by Mr. Zhong Haihong.

The successful auction of the “New World” series of NFTs caused a lot of shock in traditional art circles, but for those who know Mr. Zhong Haihong well, this was all expected.

Old Shanghai goes to “New World”
Mr. Zhong Haihong was born in 1962 in Shanghai, a time of material scarcity and heroes in the 1960s, when there was always an air of resilience.

Old Shanghai Goes "New World", Famous Painter Zhong Haihong's NFT Works Sold at Tspace

(Shanghai Department Store in the 60s)

After graduating from the Department of Art and Design of Shanghai Light Industry College, Mr. Zhong Haihong continued his studies in the Department of Oil Painting at the School of Fine Arts of Shanghai University and the Department of Easel Painting at the School of Fine Arts of Shanghai University. As a graduate student of the Painting Department of Shanghai University, Mr. Zhong is also a contracted artist of Shanghai Center “Walking with the Masters”, a contracted painter of HIART Gallery in Toronto, Canada, a member of the Oil Painting Society of Toronto, a researcher of the Education Committee of the Academy of Fine Arts and a member of the Board of Directors of Xu Beihong Art Research Society. Mr. Zhong Haihong was also awarded the honorary title of “Chinese Calligraphy and Art 100”.

Mr. Zhong Haihong has long been engaged in the creation of figure oil paintings and abstract paintings, and his works have been described by collectors as “bright and clear colors, soft and imaginative images, and novel compositions, showing a quiet and seductive musical flavor.

He has published books such as “Landscape Sketching Technique and Appreciation”, “Color Basics”, “Paper Sculpture”, “Hand Painting Creative Tutorial”, etc. He has also held several solo art exhibitions, such as the 2002 painting and pottery exhibition in Shanghai; he has won many awards at home and abroad – the National University Art Education Master Teacher Award, the 2nd Hanmo Chonghua He has won many awards at home and abroad – the Gold Medal of the 2nd National Calligraphy and Painting Art Competition, the Gold Medal of the 6th Golden Tripod Award National Calligraphy and Art Competition, etc. In May 2021, the exhibition “Rhythm of the Sea – Zhong Haihong’s New World Series Oil Paintings” was highly evaluated, affirmed and collected by friends and peers at home and abroad.

The NFT work “Su Yue” in this auction was also selected for the “Sun and Moon in China” Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan painting exhibition in 2020, contributing to the widespread attention of Chinese traditional culture and art at home and abroad.

Talking about the inspiration and original intention of “Su Yue” and the “Xin Tian Di” series, Mr. Zhong Haihong recalls his childhood, when he was a young boy, running through the stone alleyways of Shanghai, running to the old Shanghai buildings that left a deep impression on him – the Shikumen. With stone as the door and wood as the fan, Shikumen has a long history, accompanying the growth of several generations and witnessing the changes and development of old Shanghai.

As the years go by, the old and the new change, today’s Shikumen has been greatly changed, with flowing water, coffee fragrance, tall buildings in the distance, and traffic, and the painter’s colorful brushwork to the new city.

In the work “Moon”, the main color is purple and gray, and the brush is used quickly on the canvas with a yellow background, so that the colors of the picture vaguely penetrate the background color and have a sense of layering, and the characters and lights are surrounded by gray, and the brightness is enhanced to show the mood of the painting, reflecting the leisurely and unspeakable, wonderfully subtle feelings in the heart of the young girl in the painting.

Times have changed, years have lapsed, and the beauty of the world has changed. The people in the new era are rich in life and rich in the spiritual world, which is why the series is named “New World”.

Mr. Zhong Haihong not only paints himself, but also has many students under his tutelage. He often teaches his students that painting must first have feelings, and that true feelings in the brush are the prerequisite for accomplishing works.

This is how he taught his students, and this is how he demanded of himself. The New World series of works coalesce Mr. Zhong Haihong’s sincere love for his hometown, his heartfelt praise for the new era, and also engrave his memories of his childhood.

Mr. Zhong Haihong’s teacher, the famous Chinese-American painter Mr. Zhao Weiliang, once commented on his works: “Most of the realistic oil paintings nowadays pursue a photographic style and lack artistic individuality, as if they were painted by the same person. He loves to travel, sketching in life, capturing the people and scenes of life’s ups and downs. Like a brilliant sunset afterglow, seemingly simple picture that is the silent dialogue between the spirit and the soul, it can be said that Haihong is a poetic painter, but also the highest state of art, congratulations to him.”

The collision of digital and oil
Mr. Zhong Haihong first learned about NFT and blockchain technology through a report in Shanghai Wen Wei Po.

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