OKX staged a blockbuster Premier League battle: Crypto cross-border sports entered the heat


On April 10, the Premier League will usher in a key battle for the championship-Manchester City, sponsored by OKX, will face Liverpool at home. At present, Manchester City ranks first with 73 points, and Liverpool ranks second with 72 points.There is no doubt that if Manchester City wins, its top position will be further consolidated, and it is expected to accelerate its win of the Premier League title this season, so this first battle has attracted the attention of fans around the world.

However, unlike previous traditional football events, this Premier League Championship is not a “pure” football event, because this may be the first time that encryption elements have been incorporated into the Premier League Championship. Perhaps this is the case. This game has whetted the appetite of the football and crypto circles, and everyone is looking forward to the exciting matchup this Sunday.

Let’s first look at Manchester City. In early March, the Premier League giant football club announced a partnership with the crypto trading platform OKX (formerly OKEx) and signed a sponsorship agreement. Manchester City’s men’s football team, women’s football team and e-sports team are all covered in In the scope of this cooperation, this is also the first cryptocurrency trading platform to appear at the Etihad Airways Stadium, and OKX has also become Manchester City’s only sponsor in the blockchain industry. It has to be said that although this cooperation deal is OKX’s first foray into football sponsorship, as an “established” crypto brand, its greatness is impressive in the industry, because Manchester City is one of the top football clubs in the UK and Europe. In addition to winning the Premier League three times in the past four seasons, Manchester City are equally powerful in Europe and are currently in contention for the late stages of the Champions League and FA Cup.

On the other hand, Liverpool, which is currently 1 point behind Manchester City, has also recently begun to try to enter the encryption industry, but its performance does not seem to be as good as Manchester City, which is supported by OKX. In fact, Liverpool seems to be following the footsteps of Manchester City in trying to cooperate with the crypto industry. Just two weeks after OKX and Manchester City reached a cooperation, Liverpool Football Club announced the launch of a partnership with Sotheby’s Metaverse, an NFT platform owned by the well-known auction house Sotheby’s. NFTs.However, this attempt has not achieved the expected results, so far 95% of NFTs have not been sold, and only 1.125 million pounds have been received.

Football cross-border testing water, how much does it affect the encryption industry?

Football is the largest sport in the world. According to the latest data from the World Population Review, there are 3.5 billion football fans worldwide, and 250 million people in more than 200 countries are engaged in football. From this point of view, the cooperation between the encrypted trading platform and the football industry can indeed inject more fresh vitality into this emerging field. The combination of OKX and Manchester City is the best portrayal.

Take OKX as an example. This world-renowned digital asset trading platform mainly provides global users with bitcoin, litecoin, ether and other digital assets currency and derivatives trading services, and is also the world’s leading digital currency exchange. and a decentralized financial ecosystem. OKX is using blockchain technology to reshape the financial ecosystem and provide some of the most diverse and complex products, solutions and trading tools on the market. Not only that, OKX and Manchester City are leaders in their respective fields, Manchester City won their 28th major title last season, and OKX has continued to lead the industry in crypto asset trading for several years.

It is worth mentioning that Manchester City is also one of the Premier League football clubs with the closest relationship with Chinese football and domestic fans. In 2002, the main player of the Chinese national team, Sun Jihai, joined the Premier League team Manchester City. He played 130 times in the Premier League and became the first Chinese player to score in the Premier League. During his 6 years in Manchester City, Sun Jihai conquered the Manchester City fans with his defensive and dedicated attitude. Even if Sun Jihai was seriously injured in 2004, Manchester City still offered him a contract extension. The 6-year Manchester City career has made Sun Jihai firmly in the main position, and in September 2015, he became Manchester City’s Chinese ambassador, and he became the first Chinese player to be inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame. From Sun Jihai’s experience, it can be seen that Manchester City is very cautious in choosing partners and focuses on long-term development. It is reported that OKX has a wide range of cooperation with Manchester City. It not only displays various advertisements in stadiums, but also provides a series of exclusive club experiences for OKX customers around the world. In the future, they will jointly explore more innovative projects.


Undoubtedly, the cross-border test of football and the combination with the encryption market have begun to burst out more energy, and “football + encryption” is likely to become the next new outlet. Throughout City’s glorious history, the team has always embraced community consensus and inclusion as its core values ​​and has produced a number of successful players under the club’s banner. OKX has been committed to building the world’s top encrypted ecological infrastructure services, and promoting blockchain and encrypted digital assets into the lives of hundreds of millions of users around the world, which resonates strongly with Manchester City’s mission.

As Roel De Vries, Chief Football Operating Officer of Manchester City Club said, OKX became the official partner of Manchester City Club because the values ​​of both sides are highly consistent. OKX and Manchester City have the same broadness and inclusiveness, so they are looking forward to becoming a partner. Then continue to work together. Jay Hao, CEO of OKX agrees, saying: “It is a pleasure to partner with Manchester City, one of the most loved and successful teams in the world. Football and the crypto industry have some things in common, such as openness and inclusiveness. OKX will make its debut in the Premier League as Manchester City’s sole blockchain sponsor, paying tribute to the community spirit we share with the football world.”

The encrypted trading platform is out of the circle, and the scope of ecological empowerment continues to expand

With OKX becoming the only blockchain sponsor of Manchester City, it means that the top encrypted trading platform is trying to get out of the circle and further expand the scope of ecological empowerment. Frankly speaking, one of the problems plaguing the development of the encryption industry today is that the user group is limited to a “small circle”, like “ecological islands”, and it is difficult to capture resources and users in other fields.

It is undeniable that the football market has its own resource advantages. Compared with basketball, the size of football fans is definitely a “big witch”, so there is huge potential in expanding encryption use case scenarios. The cooperation between OKX and Manchester City, the Premier League giant, will not only allow football fans at home and abroad to further understand the emerging crypto market, but also allow many crypto users to explore more use cases outside the field. The purpose of “interoperability of users in the field”: on the one hand, it brings a large number of users in football and even the wider sports market into the OKX ecosystem, bringing a steady stream of incremental users to OKX; on the other hand, Many encrypted products and services in the OKX ecosystem can also be delivered to “outside the circle” to reach a wider user audience and community, and ultimately achieve mutual benefits between the two ecosystems of sports and encryption.

We know that OKX has more than 20 million users in 200 countries and regions around the world. It is the world’s leading digital asset service platform. If these users are “diverted” to football and even the wider sports market, it will undoubtedly increase To better promote the industry, let more people understand and explore the encryption industry. Of course, the football market will actually bring more fresh blood to the crypto circle, and more users will be attracted to the cryptocurrency trading platform, which will help the platform to further expand the user base and achieve a win-win situation.

In fact, OKX has been exploring more possibilities for “out of the circle”. For example, its NFT market has launched many football NFT projects. Fans can easily access Sorare, Wrapped Stikers and Stryking, and in addition to ETH The Ouyi NFT market also provides various payment options such as OKB, OKT and USDT, which greatly improves the convenience of football NFT acquisition and lower transaction costs. In the football market, where everything from drinks sold off the pitch to multi-million-dollar broadcast rights fees is quantifiable, these would be perfect scenarios for crypto adoption. In the future, whether it is a professional football league, an individual athlete, or a club, it is possible to obtain corresponding benefits through future sales of digital assets and original sales.


Today, the crypto industry is actively connecting with the physical world and exploring the combination with various real-world scenarios, and the sports market led by football is undoubtedly an important breakthrough. As the core infrastructure of the encrypted ecology, trading platforms are actively deploying in this field, because the integration of “encryption and sports” is likely to become a trend, which not only meets the needs of fans but also integrates active sportsmanship into the field of encryption. It also opens the door to a new world of encryption for more people.

In the future, we are likely to see the formation of a brand-new “encryption + sports” economy, thus shaping a more efficient and reasonable economic business model. In this process, crypto trading platforms, including OKX, are bound to play a greater role.

From this perspective, whatever the outcome of Sunday’s Premier League blockbuster, there are no losers in this game.

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