OKEx will launch the encrypted game Iluvium (ILV) on September 7

According to the official announcement of OKEx, OKEx has launched Iluvium (ILV). The platform will open ILV/USDT market trading at 18:00 on September 7 (HKT), and at 18:00 on September 9 (HKT) Open withdrawals.

Public information, Illuvium is based on Ethernet Square network construction GameFi open world game. The game’s native currency, ILV, is the project’s governance token and will be rewarded to players who earn features through the game. Illuvium uses the Ethereum 2-layer scaling solution Immutable X to significantly reduce the gas cost required to trade NFTs. Like other popular GameFi games, gamers fully own their Illuvials and can trade NFTs on the secondary market.

As of press time, ILV is quoting 525.16USDT.


Project Introduction

Illuvium is a decentralized RPG (role-playing game) adventure and NFT collection game based on Ethereum. The core mechanism is that players capture beasts through monsters and upgrades, and cast them to generate NFTs, and then trade them in the market for profit. . The game is currently under development and is expected to be launched on Immutable X at the end of the third quarter or the fourth quarter of 2021.

Build the perfect team

It is reported that Illuvium uses science fiction as the background of the game, and assumes that all players are survivors of an interstellar spacecraft that crashed into an alien world. The player’s task is to travel to various regions of the world to find and fight the beasts (Illuvial), the winner You can capture beasts, upgrade your level, and then enter more dangerous areas or fight with other players to win rarer beasts and cast them into NFTs; but if the player fails, they will lose their beasts or NFTs.

There are more than 100 beasts in the alien world of Illuvium, with different attack powers and different rarities. However, the attack power of each beast is related to its rarity. The rarer the beast, the stronger the attack power. Each beast has 2 basic attributes: affinity, occupation type.

Financing process

A total of 43 million US dollars in financing was obtained.

On March 12, Illuvium announced the completion of a USD 5 million seed round of financing. The seed round is divided into two rounds. The first round of investors bought 500,000 ILV tokens at a price of 1 USD; the second round of investors purchased 3 USD Buy 1.5 million ILV tokens for a total of 5 million U.S. dollars at an average cost of approximately 2.5 U.S. dollars.

From March 30th to April 2nd, Illuvium raised US$38 million through LBP on Balancer and sold 1 million ILV tokens at an average price of about US$38.

Game mode: adventure and competitive battle

  • Adventure: Players explore various areas in the Illuvium game, trying to find and capture beasts.
  • Competitive battle: Players can find other players to battle, and the system will randomly match opponents with similar skills. In addition, unrelated players can watch the game and place bets on the winner or loser.

Economic model

Illuvium’s token is referred to as ILV, with a total of 10 million and a total circulation of 634,776 (2021.09.06). The initial distribution plan is as follows:


Token role

  • Governance, currency holders can participate in all Illuvium on-chain governance proposals.
  • Users who pledge ILV can get a share of game revenue (Illuvium Vault). Since the game is not yet online, the proportion of the share has not yet been determined.
  • Game incentives, users participating in game competitions, completing tasks and daily challenges, will be rewarded with ILV tokens.

In addition, the project announced on Twitter that it would extend the ILV token lock-up period of the team’s executives by two years without adjusting the lock-up agreement of the other 90 core contributors. This also means that the tokens of the team executives will be linearly unlocked from March 31, 2022, for 36 months instead of the original 12 months. This part of the extended lock-up tokens will account for the total tokens Of less than 14%.

route map

Illuvium will be in closed beta before October 2021, and the public beta will be released in December 2021. The full version is also expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2021. The mobile terminal is expected to be carried out after the PC is released, around 2022.

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