OEC Super Node Yang Shusen: Blockchain Technology, Build the Trust Foundation of Metaverse

In the traditional meta universe, the operating company can delete users arbitrarily, access any information, change the rules of the world, and print unlimited currency for itself. So obviously, you cannot let a company control the metaverse-otherwise it will take everything you have, change your identity, or even delete you. If your assets are on the blockchain, no one or company can take them from you. If your identity is on the blockchain, you cannot be deleted.

In 2021, with the listing of Roblox, the first stock of the meta universe, and this concept of the future derived from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” gradually became known.

Metaverse has become the hottest track in the investment circle, but building such a grand, high-degree-of-freedom, and highly fantasy virtual world requires AI, content creation engines, content ecology, network communication technology, Solutions in different fields such as AR/VR ecology and blockchain are jointly completed.

Among them, as the underlying technology to build the Metaverse, blockchain technology has the characteristics of security, decentralization, and incentives. Through blockchain technology, ledger and personal information can be kept on the chain forever. Bitcoin as we know it is the earliest public chain (public blockchain). The OEC super node is a global public chain that was launched in July 2021. It has a meta-universe layout and has many various applications in NFT, social networking, and chain games. “Only a few hundred lines of code are needed to operate a financial product or operate a meta-universe world.”

The following is the live speech of OEC super node Yang Shusen:

OEC Super Node Yang Shusen: Blockchain Technology, Build the Trust Foundation of Metaverse

What is a public chain? Public chain is a kind of blockchain. For example, Bitcoin was born in 2009, it is the earliest public chain. Bitcoin has more than 10,000 nodes in the world, and each node contains all the data on this chain. As long as the more than 10,000 nodes in the world can keep the next one and all the rest are destroyed, its data is also safe. of.

This involves the history of the blockchain. At the beginning, Bitcoin only had the function of a ledger to record transfers and payments on the chain. After the emergence of Ethereum in 2014, everyone wondered if they could build content and applications on the blockchain. Therefore, in 2017, a new generation of blockchain began to develop in full swing, and developers around the world can perform calculations and develop applications on public chains such as Ethereum.

What is the difference between the applications on the chain and the applications we touch on mobile phones and computers? For example, it is a ledger, and its security is very high. As long as your nodes are not completely destroyed, even if there are only a few remaining in the world, you can still ensure that your data cannot be tampered with; there is also decentralization, no one can If you want to delete all data such as your identity and information, everything will remain on the chain; at the same time, more importantly, its incentive model and its economic system. This year’s fire NFT is an original concept derived from the blockchain.

We can look back on history and find that the development of blockchain is getting faster and faster, and the ecology is getting more and more vigorous. So starting from 2017, the market is still at a relatively primitive stage, and everyone is fighting over the technical level and technical route. By 2019, it has slowly become an ecological dispute. In the blockchain, it may only need a few hundred lines of code to process tens or tens of billions of dollars in transactions. This greatly saves costs, and there is no error, because the code runs on the chain, and everyone’s assets are very, very secure.

On a macro level, what is the specific combination of our blockchain and meta-universe? The traditional meta-universe, whether it is Facebook or a giant company, is actually a centralized entity with profit at its core. For example, this meta-universe can be made very obvious. In Metaverse, controlled by a centralized company, most of its revenue is used as the profit of this enterprise. There are very, very few users and developers who participate in the construction of this meta-universe.

A movie “Out of Control Players” was launched some time ago, which tells the story of players fighting against Meta Universe. This company can control Metaverse, delete user data arbitrarily, control user assets, and have unlimited rights. There is no way to guarantee the security of user assets, information, and identity. At this time, blockchain is needed, which may be the only better solution. Because once the blockchain is combined with the metaverse, the user’s identity, assets, data, and information are all uploaded to the chain, and no one can change it. Of course, the chain here refers to the public chain.

Going back to the question just now, public chains are the largest type of blockchain, and the corresponding ones are alliance chains and private chains. Of course, this is mainly to see, if anyone can freely join a blockchain, become its bookkeeper, and become its node, this chain is a public chain.

As mentioned earlier, the traditional metaverse has relatively large assets including user identity information risks. At this time, it must be combined with a blockchain. Many people will think that the public chain is still relatively wild and early. The company’s mass is to do application project development on the public chain. The mass is definitely not comparable to giant companies like Facebook. Why do you think they have vitality? Let’s look back. Blockchain has been on the edge of the world since its birth in 2009. However, some consensus and recognition have been gradually gained over the years. It also shows that everyone recognizes the importance of blockchain, which means that there will be infinite and broad development in the future. space. Then the combination of blockchain and Metaverse can effectively ensure the security of user assets.

On the blockchain, the most important thing is not its visual experience. The visual experience is only a kind of product technology. It is not such a scarce resource. What is more important is how you attract more people in the meta-universe. Building your meta-universe, and how your data ensures its security, this piece can only be ensured by the blockchain. There is a proof of rights and interests on the blockchain, which can be contributed to developers and applications. As long as you put in your energy and time, you can get rewards and incentives. This greatly stimulates everyone to join the public chain ecology and join The enthusiasm to go into the meta universe.

At the same time, the user’s assets and identity and other information data are placed on the chain and cannot be deleted. For example, our own accounts or even corporate accounts on social media may be deleted or modified by the operating company at any time, resulting in All kinds of large or small losses, in fact, this is very unreasonable. But on the blockchain, this spirit of freedom and its underlying technical architecture ensure your safety, all these concerns will not exist.

OEC Super Node Yang Shusen: Blockchain Technology, Build the Trust Foundation of Metaverse

This is the hottest blockchain native chain tour of the blockchain this year. Although its daily turnover and its revenue have surpassed the top domestic game such as King Glory, its operation interface and its gameplay are still relatively simple. ,easier. That means that blockchain gaming can be said to be the foundation of the meta-universe, and it is still in a relatively early form, but it also indicates infinite possibilities in the future. The fire of such games also proves that the characteristics of the blockchain, its economic model and ecological incentive model, its vigorous vitality is endless, and its future is bright.

The most important thing about the OEC chain is that all its nodes come from the community. Anyone can mortgage a certain amount of proof of rights or general tokens to campaign to become a node. The node is the bookkeeper to store all the information of this chain, although it is only online. In 4 months, we have produced more than 500 applications, with a capital scale of US$2 billion, and we still have a lot of them on the chain. Although we started late, we are still very representative of digital financial products and meta-universe products.

OEC Super Node Yang Shusen: Blockchain Technology, Build the Trust Foundation of Metaverse

Next, Celestial will be shown to you, our OEC chain is the most representative and the largest meta-universe. This is the interstellar meta-universe. Any player can enter a certain planet and build their own house on this planet, which is also called NFT. This NFT may be a house, may be a weapon prop, or it may be obtained after you defeat all the monsters on the planet. Of various trophies. Anyone can freely explore the world on countless planets, build them, and carry out a variety of production activities, and can get benefits from them. For example, they can sell various props they produce to other players. This is the proof of blockchain rights and interests. The greatness.

Including that you can build your own spacecraft, you can design your own spacecraft with various details, and the designed spacecraft can be sold to other users, so that you can gain value for the time and energy you contribute to this ecology and the meta universe. Obtaining financial rewards and gaining a kind of income is actually a very viable and fair model. We see the game screen, the screen of the interstellar meta-universe is not too long from the traditional game. For example, Axie looks like the screen of the traditional game ten or twenty years ago, but the game on OEC has only a few differences from the traditional end game now. In 2017, we can see that the picture is still completely 3D, which is very good.

In order to support more developers to come to the OEC chain for decentralized meta-universe development, we still provide developers and project parties with support from many resource channels, including financial support, product technical support, and community communities. Resources, marketing promotion, help you to attract domestic and foreign investment, capital, assist in project incubation, we are very complete one-stop incubation services, and we welcome all kinds of developers and project parties to come to us. Decentralized application creation on a public chain.

Including we also hold a Hackathon every year, these are donations from our public chain users, hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, the current amount of funds is not high, but it can be seen that users are very enthusiastic and willing to spend money for Participate in the ecology of the public chain and make contributions, and grow up with the ecology together.

The above is the sharing of the public chain OEC, thank you all.

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