Oculus tears off the game toy label, wants to become a new entrance to the meta universe

Games, productivity, and social networking all in one catch

Oculus is just a game toy? If everyone still thinks so, it will inevitably be a bit out of date.

Three days ago (7.23), Oculus officially released and started to push Oculus Quest v31. This version will allow developers to enable experimental Passthrough APIs to build some mixed reality experiences and provide them to users.

In collaboration, v31 will allow users to display the virtual remote colleagues or friends Friends group collaborative team, but at the same time can access a physical keyboard and a physical desk. In terms of games, it will incorporate the excitement of the virtual world into the comfort and familiarity of the real world, such as the zombies hiding in the corner of the living room.

At the social level, users can not only participate in your virtual content, but also interact with family, friends, and pets in the same room, thereby creating a sense of social presence in the same room.

This change will bring Oculus closer to the “immersive experience” that it pursues for a seamless connection between the virtual world and the real world, making natural group socialization a higher frequency activity in VR, blurring the boundary between digital and physical .

This coincides with Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s idea of ​​building a meta-universe company two days ago.

Transformed into a “Meta Universe” company

Facebook’s true attitude towards VR is not only to build a device, but also to try to make money on the device by selling it at a high price. Rather, it wants to provide a great experience and allow as many people as possible to experience it.

Therefore, Facebook eyeing the front of the goal far more than third of an acre , but farther broader sea stars –Metaverse (yuan universe).

Oculus tears off the game toy label, wants to become a new entrance to the meta universe

Two days ago, Zuckerberg was interviewed by the media about his vision for the meta-universe, the challenges of managing this virtual world, and the gender imbalance in VR today. This is also the first time he has systematically explained the exploration path of Facebook’s “meta universe”.

Tracing back to the source, the reason why Facebook can step into the meta-universe is inseparable from a successful transaction. In July 2014, Facebook announced the acquisition of Oculus for US$2 billion and won the Metaverse entry.

Over the past six years, the ambitious Facebook has been reshaping Oculus and nurturing it into a Facebook-scale company.

In the face of the chaos in the virtual reality industry, Oculus has lived up to expectations and dominated the VR equipment market with a market share of 79%. But VR is definitely not Facebook’s ambition, Metaverse is the ultimate goal.

“Meta Universe is not only related to VR, but also closely related to computing platforms such as PCs, mobile devices and game consoles. Meta Universe is a persistent, synchronized environment, which may look like a hybrid of the social platforms we see today. The game is part of the content but not the whole.” Zuckerberg described it.

Oculus tears off the game toy label, wants to become a new entrance to the meta universe

He believes that Metaverse will help people experience a sense of presence, which is much more natural than previous interaction methods.

He mentioned that Facebook’s heavy investment in VR and AR is based on the simultaneous appearance of mobile phones with Facebook to some extent. They did not really play an important role in shaping these platforms. So, now they want to help build the next generation of computing platforms and experiences, so that people can stay in a more natural way together .

To create a virtual world, it is not enough to just build things that people like to use. It must also create opportunities and a healthy ecosystem.

He believes that in the future, millions of people will participate in this virtual world and create content, whether it is experience, space, virtual goods, virtual clothing, or work to help plan and introduce people into the space and ensure its safety.

This will be a huge economy, and it will eventually become a reality. Achieving it requires a rising tide to raise many ships. Facebook hopes that its products can also become one of the forces driving the rising tide of sea water.

Regarding the gender imbalance in VR, Zuckerberg said that Facebook has been paying attention to and building a healthy and vibrant community. Provide people with easier-to-use tools to shield other people, so as to keep the space safe and to accommodate everyone who wants to join the space.

Zuckerberg said that Facebook hopes to participate in the construction of the meta-universe, even at the expense of winning people’s support.

He believes that the best vision for Metaverse is that it is not established by a particular company, but it must be interoperable and portable.

Just as W3C helps to develop standards around a series of important Internet protocols and how people build networks, Metaverse also needs these standards to define how developers and creators build experiences, allowing people to use their avatars, their Digital products and interaction with friends can be seamlessly transferred between all these different experiences.

In this regard , Facebook is cooperating with Microsoft and other companies to form a consortium called XR to solve related problems.

He said that the goal is to build a “highly interoperable” virtual world, so they want social systems to be as cheap and unified as possible, to ensure that they can run anywhere, and can communicate with each other across different platforms.

He believes that it will cost tens of billions of dollars to define VR and AR in the overall vision of Metaverse, but it will also release hundreds of billions of dollars or more of value accordingly.

The meta universe is a direction, not a single entity company. If a more interoperable system can be successfully constructed with collective efforts and can be remotely transmitted between different levels, then it should all be a meta-universe. What needs to be pointed out is that each company should not have its own meta universe.

It will probably be the most important chapter after the mobile Internet, and it will also be the future of Facebook. Companies need to redouble their efforts in this area.

If it succeeds, maybe in five or seven years, people will see Facebook as a meta-universe company, not a mobile Internet company.

Not an application, but a platform

There is nothing wrong with Oculus being the Metaverse hardware entry.

However, a single piece of hardware is far from enough for Facebook to build Meta Universe. In Facebook’s arsenal, there are VR hardware, games, and VR social platforms.

In the past few years, Facebook has frequently acquired VR game studios, including Ready at Dawn, Sanzaru Games, Beat Games, Downpour Interactive and other studios under its command. These game companies have contributed to accelerating the construction of VR game content ecology.

Currently, Facebook is testing a VR social platform called “Facebook Horizon”. The platform allows users to create in a virtual world, similar to “Roblox” and “Minecraft.”

In fact, Facebook has previously announced a VR activity platform-Oculus Venues. Its overall style is very similar to Horizon.

According to Meaghan Fitzgerald, director of product marketing at Facebook Reality Labs, Horizon is unique in that players can use the editor to create their own spaces and games to expand their world.

This is an ever-expanding universe, where people form communities, gather together, and explore space together.

Regarding Horizon, Zuckerberg said: “For Facebook, Facebook Horizon is currently the top priority, and it will play an important role in helping to build a broader meta-universe across VR/AR.”

This platform can be said to be the most advanced form of Facebook in the Metaverse field, and it is also the closest exploration of the virtual world that Zuckerberg is looking forward to.

Oculus tears off the game toy label, wants to become a new entrance to the meta universe

In Horizon, players can create worlds and play with friends.

On the other hand, Facebook is building an avatar system, which involves services such as social networking, gaming, and productivity work. It comes from life and is higher than life.

Facebook wants to make Horizon a platform rather than an application. This also means that the performers on stage are not Facebook, but ordinary users. These users will build a variety of different things on the platform, thus building a social structure that spans different levels of virtual reality.

In addition to self-developed VR social platforms, Facebook also directly used its “money capability” to acquire platform development companies.

On June 5, 2021, Facebook officially announced that it had acquired Unit 2 Games, the developer of the UGC platform “Crayta”, but did not disclose transaction details such as the transaction amount.

“Crayta” is a free game creation platform based on the Unreal 4 engine. It provides a simple interface without code and supports users to publish their finished games in the “Crayta” community.

For example, it is specially designed for the lightweight features of the cloud gaming platform. In “Crayta”, players only need to link to other users to share their game access rights.

Facebook has taken a fancy to the potential of “Crayta” in cloud creation, and plans to integrate the creation tools of “Crayta” into the Facebook Gaming cloud platform, and the cloud streaming technology of “Crayta” will also be applied to Facebook Gaming, making Cloud creation is easier to use.

For this acquisition, Facebook Gaming vice president Vivek Sharma said: “By combining us with the Unit 2 Games team and technology, we will be able to create content more easily than ever. In the future, Facebook users will not need to code in a few minutes. You can create your own work.”

A new chapter in the Internet

From the acquisition of Oculus, to the establishment of Facebook Horizon, to now officially announced to join the Metaverse track.

Facebook is working step by step and is ready to go. It seems that only when the time is right, it will be able to explode huge energy that is enough to subvert the Internet world again.

Zuckerberg once said, I just think there are a lot of things here, so that a large number of economic opportunities can be created in one way, so that millions of people around the world can engage in creative work they really like, build experiences and virtual objects. , Art, or anything else that inspires them more than any work they feel today.

He said, I really look forward to being able to play a role in the new chapter of the Internet.

Nowadays, there are endless products of Meta Universe on the market, but there are very few products with real vitality and immersion. Not to mention the real meta-universe products with the highest quality and conform to all the conceptual features of the meta-universe.

It is still unknown how far the meta universe is, but the fact that lies ahead is that the technology giant All in enters the venue, and capital plays a carnival song.

Mankind is already at a crossroads, and the digital future is a foregone conclusion.

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